Liaocheng women got married early, but the child was not pregnant after two miscarriage. Director:

Ms. Xu of Liaocheng has a very early menstrual period. She has become more mature than her peers since she was a child. At the age of 21, Ms. Xu got married.When the child was in the child, he finally chose a miscarriage.

When Ms. Xu was 26 years old, she also wanted to live a more stable life. The family was bland, as long as happiness.In this case, the couple began to prepare for new pregnancy. What the couple did not expect is that they could not go to the child anyway.At that time, I thought it was a weak body or not to the children. Ms. Xu’s husband also bought her some nourishing and conditioning nutritional products, but in the past half a year, Ms. Xu couldn’t get pregnant as expected.

The couple started to worry at this time, especially Ms. Xu seemed to be almost 30. If they are not children now, it will only be more difficult to ask the child after the age of 30.In order to successfully ask the couple in the children to come to Jinan for inspection, I took the clinic.After detailed consultation and examination of the two, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Xu had premature ovarian failure.

This is a common disease of women infertility. It will have a great impact on women’s physical and mental health. There are many factors that induce premature ovarian menstruation clinically.Only by inducing factors can prevent the occurrence of the disease from the root cause. The common factors that induce premature aging and amenorrhea are mainly: psychological factors, virus infections, immune diseases, genetic factors, etc.Increasing lifestyle, eating habits, etc., have a certain relationship.

Premature ovarian failure will directly threaten a person’s health, and at the same time, the ovary will also affect women’s emotions.As the saying goes, the ovary is a woman’s life. The ovarian failure will cause a big problem with female physiological functions.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the correct treatment method is used in time, the probability of premature ovarian failure is very high.There are many treatment methods for premature ovarian failure, such as surgical therapy, estrogen therapy, immunotherapy, and the most common combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine.In addition, premature ovarian failure can be treated by inducing follicle development.

Regarding the treatment of premature ovarian failure, of course, you need to choose from each person’s situation.What the patient needs to do after the diagnosis is to go to a regular hospital to choose a suitable effect to achieve the effect.In addition, the correct ovarian maintenance in life is also extremely important. Patients can also choose some food therapy to try when they are treated with doctors. Eating more foods with high protein content can also help improve menopausal symptoms.

I carried out comprehensive conditioning for Ms. Xu’s situation. First, she used estrogen to stimulate follicle development, which indirectly affected ovarian function.In this process, cooperating with the hospital’s characteristic preparations for conditioning can better improve the quality of the follicles. In the end, I finally conducted a promotional treatment. The first time I promoted the cycle, the lady was successful.

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