Li Zifeng Guanxuan is about to be a dad, sharing his wife during pregnancy, and the man proposed Zhang Tianai ten years ago

On May 21, the actor model Li Zifeng shared a video, and the official announced that he would mention the new role of life and is about to upgrade to be a father.The video is the letter he wrote to the child.

Later, his wife Lin Zi forwarded and said: From now on, a family of three!

In July last year, when his official announced that he was married, the Weibo name was also called Li Zi "Peak". I do not know when it had been renamed Li Zi "Feng", but the difference was not much.

Judging from the exposed video, Lin Zi has now reached the third trimester.

Many female celebrities are pregnant with fat belly, but Lin Zi is fat. With a little more way, she feels strenuous and feels that it is not easy for the fat man to experience the fat man.

Lin seeds during pregnancy have experienced frequent pregnancy, and they cannot take medicine when they have a cold. They can only carry their own willpower.

However, occasionally, Lin Zi bouncing and seemed to be as light as swallows.

I have to say that Lin Zi was judged as two people when she was married after pregnancy.However, Li Zifeng said sweetly that when the child would call his father and mother, Lin Zi would return to his former beauty.

Li Zifeng also accompanied his wife to do a birth check, and recorded the growth and change of the fetus with Lin Zi.

The two had already taken a photo of pregnancy. Li Zifeng listened to the child’s voice across his stomach. Presumably, he must be a gentle loving father.

The highlights of the shooting of the photo were exposed. We saw that the whole person was swollen in the late stages of Lin Seed.

But Li Zifeng still said that Lin Zi is the most beautiful model and the best actor.

The two bought a lot of baby supplies, including books and toys, etc., and they were ready.

At first glance, Li Zifeng’s name is at first glance. Many people may not know who it is, but he has played a lot of classic characters, such as Yan Xiaoyi of "Qing Yu Nian", Gu Yuan of "Breaking the Sky", "Sea Muyun CloudMu Yunhan in "Remember", Rosen in "Cooking Women’s Detective" and so on.

Li Zifeng’s ex -girlfriend is even more famous. Zhang Tian’ai, who has recently been "breaking through the wind", has reached the point of talking about marriage.

In 2012, Li Zifeng proposed to Zhang Tianai in Bali. The woman even put on the ring and nestled happily in Li Zifeng’s arms.The two also left a lot of sweet photos.But as everyone saw it, it ended with a breakup.

Now Li Zifeng is about to be a dad, and Zhang Tianai has not had a relationship for many years, hoping that she can find her own fate as soon as possible.Recently, Zhang Tianai appeared in the show, and she was so thin that she was thin. She hoped that her sister would eat more and take care of herself.

In addition, she returned to Li Zifeng’s wife Lin Zi. Her original name was Fan Lingzi. She graduated from the 2013 level of the Beijing Film Academy’s performance department."Team", "Burning" and "Two Doubt" and so on.

On June 1st last year, Li Zifeng proposed to him successfully. On July 17th, a romantic and beautiful wedding was held.

Both of them are handsome and handsome women, and they are very eye -catching.

Now Li Zifeng and Lin Zi are about to usher in the crystallization of love, blessing children to be born safely.

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