Li Xiaolu and Tianxin were playing at the beach. Jia Nailiang was suspicious of peers.

Recently, Li Xiaolu shared a small video played with his daughter Tianxin on the seaside on his personal social platform, and wrote "picking pearls to pick up shells, your wish finally reached."

The mother and daughter played very joyfully by the sea, but a detail attracted the attention of netizens. It was suspected that Jia Nailiang also appeared in the picture. Is it a family of three?Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu cited the remarriage conjecture.

In the picture, Li Xiaolu wore a goose yellow suspender puff skirt, and his long hair was simply bundled. I saw her walking on a beach, turned her head and looked back at the camera with a smile on her face.In the sun, the whole person is gentle and bright, and I have to say that she is 39 years old. She is very good in state, completely like a girl in the flower season.

Tianxin is wearing the same white short sleeves with the same color as the mother’s color system with goose yellow shorts, holding the ball head and holding the seaside with her mother. You can see that Xiao Tianxin’s height is a lot higher than before.The shoulders were on the shoulder.

In the video, careful netizens found that Li Xiaolu hit a mosaic in the waves, which is very similar to the angle of the seaside surfing posted a few days ago by Jia Nailiang.

A few days ago, Jia Nailiang also took a surf video on the social platform on the social platform, and wrote the text "10,000 beautiful futures, not to the present of flying." You can see from the discourse that the mood is really not good!

The dates of the two on the seaside videos are so similar, and the seaside buildings are very similar. The hidden mosaic in Li Xiaolu’s video really has to let the public associate.

Everyone appeared to comment "Jia Nailiang also went to the sea" "Ja Nailiang behind the mosaic?" Such a long -lost family of three travels, netizens also shouted, "I hope you remarry, a happy family", "The family of three goes to the sea is really happy""It’s all good", it seems that netizens hope that they will break their hearts!

Some netizens even said that Li Xiaolu was pregnant?Leave a message "I feel pregnant" and "Strong".

Li Xiaolu still shared a bunch of flowers on the 2nd. Is the two really signs of reunification?

Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang have announced their divorce since the "Night Square Gate" storm. After the divorce, Tianxin has always lived with her mother. The family of three is rarely in the same frame. How sweet the once happy family has made the public.It makes people express that it is difficult.

Jia Nailiang, who has been divorced for nearly four years, has never had emotional trends, and Li Xiaolu’s love rumor some time ago is only a oolong, and there is no new relationship. In this case, everyone is looking forward to it.At the beginning, the family of three regained the success.

If they can really reunite, it is better, but whether they can eventually be together in the end, I hope they can give Sweet Xin more love and accompany your daughter to grow up happily. Do you expect them to reunite?

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