Li Xiang once wanted to give birth to a child due to "pregnancy drama vomiting"!When a pregnant woman is pregnant, the family needs to do so

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Qing Yan, who was just married, said that she was 8 weeks pregnant now. I did not expect that her pregnancy response was so strong. It was just what to eat and vomiting.The method is now hospitalized.

Qing Han said that others didn’t feel much to react. In a blink of an eye, the child was born. How to get pregnant is so difficult? Now it is just like a year!

When I heard Qing Han said so, I remembered that the host Li Xiang once had a previous interview program to share her experience during pregnancy. She said that she was a "pregnancy drama vomiting".When I came out, I vomited blood, and the feeling of vomiting was too painful.

One day, Li Xiang said to her husband Wang Yuelun very seriously, "Let’s divorce! I really don’t want to have children anymore!" Wang Yuelun said in surprise: "Are you nervous?" Li Xiang said, "Because I don’t want to have children to have childrenIt’s too painful, I may not want to have children for a lifetime! "

Because she vomited too much and dizzy, Li Xiang lived in the hospital for more than a month and made a bit of drip every day. She had the idea of giving up marriage and children because of pregnancy drama vomiting. For this reason, her parents came to persuade her to be strong.After four months, the reaction is small, so you must give birth to the child.

After her daughter Wang Shiling was born, Li Xiang talked about the reaction during pregnancy, and she could still feel the pain she experienced at the time. She said that her madness is called "pregnancy drama vomiting", which is very serious.Posterior pregnancy reaction.

When pregnant women are pregnant for five to ten weeks, nausea and vomiting occur frequently, and they cannot eat. If it is excluded from vomiting caused by other diseases, the weight is alleviated than 5%before pregnancy.Treatment is called pregnancy drama vomiting.

According to medical data, during our country, during pregnancy, the incidence of "pregnancy drama" is about 0.5%to 2%, and the treatment of "pregnancy drama vomiting" is mainly to maintain the balance of body fluid and metabolism. Some pregnant women ""Very serious" during pregnancy, such as drowsiness, blurred consciousness, and even coma.

"Pregnancy drama vomiting" is generally relieved by about 4 months of pregnancy, and some pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions will continue until they are about to be fast.

After understanding the severity of "pregnancy drama vomiting", we understood the response of her early pregnancy that Li Xiang said.

In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant women will have obvious pregnancy reactions. For example, they can’t smell a bit of odor. What to eat and vomit, they are nauseous when they see some food.

Especially when brushing her teeth in the morning, most pregnant women have a feeling of vomiting. These are actually a common pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. Pregnant women who encounter "pregnancy drama vomiting" will be very painful during pregnancy.Essence

Speaking of the reaction of "pregnancy drama vomiting", some mothers in the parenting group said that they had experienced it when they were pregnant. One of them said:

"It’s really not Li Xiangjiao. I really want to die uncomfortably. Everyone has a different constitution. Some people are pregnant like no one. Some people are not good at it.Writing the trash can! Even drinking saliva, seeing no one pleasing to the eye, vomiting blood, there is no way to get a hanging bottle in hospital every day. "

Another mother who had experienced "pregnancy drama" and could not keep her child said, "I understand her feelings too much! Because in the early pregnancy, I couldn’t bear it, and the vomiting was dark. In the endI still haven’t been able to cook it for three months. The pregnant woman is no longer adult. Looking at the pregnant woman, after the family discusses it, she can only kill the child. "

Some family members do not understand the "pregnancy drama" and feel that pregnant women will respond. Such a big response is really too aggressive:

There is a pregnant woman, and she said, "When I am pregnant with my son! I vomit, I can’t eat anything, I lie down, but my mother -in -law thinks that I am too lazy and always lie down.There are so many, without you like this, you are coquettish! "

Another pregnant woman said: "I was 29 years old, and my son was hospitalized in the early stage of pregnancy. Later, when I was swollen to 42 yards, I usually wore 35, and the fetus compressed the ureter.Squatting can urinate. At night, the feet are cramping. When you are born, you feel that your waist is broken. Didn’t you change to a little concern?

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women will have different degrees of pregnancy reactions. Some reactions are strong, and some are slightly uncomfortable. No matter what, this time is when pregnant women need their family care most.

If a pregnant woman with a "pregnancy drama vomiting" reaction, the family may wish to help pregnant women relieve from diet, psychological and other aspects.

1. Dietary

① The diet of pregnant women should be slightly highly nutritious and easy to digest. It can help pregnant women eat less meals. Pregnant women avoid eating fried, greasy, heavy flavors or spicy foods, because these foods will increase pregnancy dramavomit.

② Prepare some suitable snacks for pregnant women. Do not let pregnant women empty stomachs. They can eat a little biscuits or steamed buns between the two meals or when the pregnant woman wants to vomit.

③ Avoid things with relatively large smells of pregnant women, such as the smell of oil fume.

④ In order to prevent pregnant women from dehydrating, pregnant women should ensure that pregnant women consume a certain amount of liquid, so that pregnant women can eat some watermelon, raw pear, and sugar cane. It can make sugarcane juice and put a few slices of ginger slices.

Pregnant women should eat appropriately after vomiting, and the diet is mainly light and easy to digest. It should also be rich in protein and carbohydrates, which can eat a small amount.

⑤ Pregnant women with very serious pregnancy can contain a piece of ginger in their mouth to achieve the purpose of temporary relief. Family people can accompany pregnant women to do some appropriate exercise outdoors, which can also reduce pregnancy vomiting reactions.

2. Psychological aspect

① Although the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women is normal, if the "pregnancy drama vomiting" is encountered, especially the pregnancy of the tires, it will cause a poor psychological pressure and fear of anxiety. This state will affect the pregnant womanPsychology is not good for the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

At this time, family members must not blame pregnant women to be delicate. Instead, they must enlighten pregnant women to help pregnant women eliminate their concerns, encourage pregnant women to overcome the adverse reactions caused by "pregnancy drama vomiting", help pregnant women to establish confidence, and then overcome anxiety.

② If the pregnant woman needs to infusion because the response is too strong, the family should accompany the pregnant woman carefully and care about the reaction of the pregnant woman at all times to help overcome the fear and worry.

③ Encourage pregnant women to eat appropriately after the break after pregnancy, and treat eating as a relaxed and pleasant enjoyment rather than burden to ensure the baby’s nutrition.

④ When pregnant women are severe in pregnancy, some will be sensitive to the surrounding environment. Therefore, keep it clean and tidy at home, without odor, try to keep the family quiet, work hard, and reduce the unpleasant scenes and odors within the sight of pregnant women.

In fact, after listening to Li Xiang’s pregnancy experience, mothers with similar pregnancy vomiting experience are deeply touched, but those who do not understand or have not experienced may feel that pregnancy vomiting is normal, nothing, it is really not so simple.

After ten years of marriage, a mother succeeded in conceiving her child. From pregnancy to birth, she lost more than ten pounds in weight two weeks before pregnancy. If she couldn’t eat something, she vomited yellow bile and bloodshot when she opened her mouth.In the first four months, he was hospitalized. He was basically inseparable from the toilet. He couldn’t eat anything.

As a result, during the hospitalization period, the high fever was 40.5 ° C during the puerbarium. Experts of the whole hospital would consult. Many medicines were allergic and could not be used. It was difficult to find an imported medicine and saved her life. At that time, she felt so close to death.helpless.

Moms are not easy to conceive in October. Even if they experience various pain during pregnancy, they never regret this experience after giving birth.

Mom is the greatest. Sometimes pregnant women are really not arrogant, but because each person has different constitutions, and the strength of pregnancy reactions is different.

Moms have a strong pregnancy response, experienced in October, and experienced the baby can give birth to the baby smoothly. Some mothers even have dangerous situations such as major bleeding and amniotic fluid embolism.

Therefore, during pregnancy during pregnancy, the family must pay more attention to them, take care of them, and be considerate of this feeling of pregnant women, help pregnant women to eliminate various concerns, keep pregnant women feel happy, and avoid irritability and emotional excitement.

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