Li Guangjie’s wife is pregnant, beasts … the name of this hundred years ago

IntersectionOn the morning of July 3rd, after Li Guangjie announced the good news of marriage, the female friend Zhai Ling forwarded Sui Yumeng Weibo to bless: "Finally announced, congratulations! Pedting you in January." And with the baby’s expression, it made netizens guess whether Sui Yumeng had already had Sui Yumeng had already already been in Sui Yumeng.I was pregnant, and then this Weibo was deleted.Sina Entertainment asked Li Guangjie’s staff to verify, and the other party said: "The artist is unclear."Li Guangjie’s wife is pregnant?

In the early morning of July 3rd, the powerful actor Li Guangjie issued a document to the official news of marriage. Later, Lei Jiayin, Guo Jingfei, Tong Liya Chen Sicheng, and Dong Xuan, such as a group of friends, sent blessings.Today, Li Guangjie, 38, married a post -90s girl as his wife. His wife Sui Yumeng is also an actor in the circle. He has played with Qiao Xin. Although his fame is not great, his face value is okay.

The topic of "Li Guangjie’s Wife’s Pregnancy" has caused heated discussions on the Internet. Some netizens have left a message on the Internet according to their mood.

"Pilitting a certificate today, admitting to pregnancy tomorrow, do artists don’t have to be face? It seems that Li Guangjie is a monkey in a hurry."

"For more than a year, the two sides have been photographed by paparazzi that have been photographed by parents. Even if they are pregnant, they are prepared.

Some netizens said: "If you are pregnant, you will be pregnant, and you don’t get pregnant."

Some netizens said: "Isn’t it normal to get on the car and then make up the ticket?"

"Normally, it is common for Fengzi to marry now. If it is a real blessing," the netizen is Mr. Chen’s future for the rest of his life.

Today, Li Guangjie showed his marriage with his wife Sui Yumeng’s certificate and blessed them to grow old. Even if the two were 10 years old, they did not affect each other like the sea.After the official announcement of the official announcement this time, a bunch of stars in the circle lined up to send blessings to Li Guangjie and Sui Yumeng. Among them, her friend Zhai Ling inadvertently revealed that Li Guangjie’s wife Sui Yumeng was suspected of being pregnant after the 90s.Happy family of three, give birth to a cute baby!Finally dare to ask: How do you think Li Guangjie’s acting skills?How is his wife’s face value?

Li Guangjie’s image is tough with melancholy and has a strong plasticity.

Li Guangjie has the way he has a unique observation of life, and that is photography.His photos have won awards in the "National Geography" Global Photography Contest, and were nicknamed "photographer delayed by acting" by netizens.

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