Knowing this knowledge point can avoid postpartum hemorrhage #D pregnancy knowledge

What’s wrong with bleeding from familiarity with children?

What is going on with bleeding?Does anyone get pregnant? If you have a child or a cesarean section, find acquaintances. I know which doctor, which director, and I find me to know acquaintances.The more such acquaintances, you must pay attention.

This is a circulating one. I do n’t talk about which hospital. I know the dean and the dean entrusted. When I say this must be taken care of, the director of the obstetrics and gynecology has to take care of it.Just do a caesarean section.In fact, it is smooth, but after the cesarean section is done, the relationship is not allowed, and this stomach pain.

Does anyone know?After the cesarean section is done, the doctor will press your belly.Does the nurse know that this is the relationship?Whoever dares to offend her, she dare not press it.As a result, the face was pale the next day.

what happened?Blood in the stomach was accumulated.Why do you press your belly?I am afraid that this blood can not come out in the uterus.What does the uterus come out?Lotten to the uterine contraction.However, the blood accumulated in the uterus and the uterus was bigger, similar to blowing a balloon, and then there was no elasticity after the balloon was blowing too large.Do you have a balloon?When the balloon is blowing, when you relax, is the balloon that is not as small as the original elasticity.

In this reason, it is pressed out if there is blood, and if you have blood, you press it out. The uterus always keeps shrinking, and it is not easy to accumulate blood in the uterus.The accumulation of blood can accumulate thousands of milliliters. Don’t underestimate this, do not let it be touched, and the blood accumulation has accumulated more than 2,000 milliliters. When the pressure is pressed, he snores out of the bleeding.Why?Rescue the bleeding, and the end is okay.

So what do I want to say?After giving birth to a child, whether it is born or cut, especially the absence of the stomach is particularly painful.Even if you know the relationship between people, you ca n’t press it, and you can stick to your teeth and persist, right.Has anyone pressed his stomach?Does your stomach hurt?Is it for you?

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