Knowing after pregnancy

1. frequent urination

When I first prepared for pregnancy, I was tested almost every day a few days before the holiday. Every time I had a bars, and then I was completely died. Until one day, I had to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning every day.I never had it before, and I tested it again. As a result, there were two bars, and the excitement could not be expressed in words.However, the frequent urination came, and I asked many pregnant mothers. Pregnancy would lead to frequent urination, but many people started in the middle and late stages, and there were fewer people who started frequently in the early stage.

2. The checkup is to pass the five levels and six generals

The first level after pregnancy is to go to the hospital to check if there is a fetal heart after 6 weeks. This is the first level to confirm whether the fetus is healthy. My first level encountered a effusion in the palace, that is, in the uterus bleeding.Monatopurosis is getting larger and larger.The effusion did not disappear until the third month’s fetus grew up.

After finally passing the first level, the second level is to build files. The archives are about 9 cylinders. Various checks. The test results have a dozen pages of paper. The value of 6 pages of paper is not high or partial.Low, when you line up to see the doctor why Baidu checked why, it was frightened.As a result, the doctor said that after pregnancy, the hormone changes are large and the problem is not big, that is, the iron deficiency anemia. From some, there is a long road to iron supplementation.

The third level is NT examination. About 12 weeks, the fetus is still small. I will swim everywhere in the stomach and do it for 3 hours. During this time, I was caught by the hospital to drink water, walking activities, and I went in the second time I went in.successfully passed.This inspection is mainly to screen the Tang family syndrome to screen Tang’s.

The fourth level is Tang Si. The purpose is to detect the risk of the baby suffering from the Tang family syndrome. There are three types of ordinary, non -invasive, and sheep.Wear the results about half a month.The process of waiting for the result is the most suffering.

The fifth level is four -dimensional. At this time, you can take the baby’s first photo. It mainly detects the development of fetal organs, the fetal heart color Doppler ultrasound, etc. The main test of the fetal growth and development is good.

The sixth level is an empty candy screen. If the test results are exceeded, it is necessary to perform sugar control. It is a very difficult process. It is necessary to control the diet and measure blood sugar every day.

Next is the third trimester. As the fetus continues to develop and the nutrition of the mother’s body is increasing, pregnant mothers will be deficient in calcium and calcium, and cramps will occur at night. As the belly becomes larger and larger, there will be problems such as back pain.The bigger the fetus, the harder the pregnant mother will be. When you eat a little, you will take your stomach, sit back pain for a long time, lie down for a long time, and you will have edema. You can really realize that it is not easy to be a mother.

I wish each pregnant mother for an easy pregnancy test, and there is a happy pregnancy!Intersection

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