KID confinement of confinement about the cannon milk refined statement: the monitor can testify

Kid recognized the live broadcast of the main milk sperm during the period of the Xu Weien period. Afterwards, he also revealed that when he was confinement in the woman, he sent a message "Is there a free room?" So far, the milk sperm has posted a statement on the 11th., Clarify that there is no stealing room during the confinement.","

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▲ Kid milk ejaculation reveals the old feelings.

Milk essence has the title of "live version of Barbie", which has accumulated a lot of popularity. It was announced in 2017 that she was married and pregnant, which surprised many people. She served as UP live broadcast for 2 years.People pursue, she said, "Because of the filming, everyone opened a group to make friends. After joining the group, he started to ask me."

Afterwards, the male host was found by the milk sisters that it was KID. After KID, he recognized, "The matter four years ago did have happened and never denied it.At the beginning, the relationship with Xiao En really only knew and Xiao En, and at the time, I did explain to Xiao En at the time. Later, Xiao En and I had a stable relationship with Xiaoen, and I kept moving towards the common goal. "

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▲ The milk and kid burst out of the old feelings.

Xu Weien also carried the old love Kid afterwards. "He just made a mistake for a while, and he changed it. I hope everyone will give us time and space!" The storm has a series of storms.No one mentioned on the show, and there is no breaking the news by itself. Please do not catch the wind and catch the shadow of the outside world. Please also give her the original tranquility of her family.Please pay more attention to their efforts in their work, "

Full text of milk sperm declaration

The news incident was written in 2014-2015. At that time, KID and Ven did not make a public relationship. Why did the Primary Three say?The real emotional situation is only KID and Venn know that if the milk sperm has accidentally became a third party, the milk sperm expressed a lot of apologies here, and I also thanked Wein’s high -air understanding.In addition, the news was written in the confinement center incident. The gentleman accompanied every day. The milk sperm took pictures every day in the fan group.Born in 2017, ask the outside world to give the child privacy and space. This incident has nothing to do with the child. In addition, the milk sperm did not mention which artist on the show.Also give her original tranquility.The news of the breaking news is that he can only say that the milk is interested in the friends of the honey -belly sword.Please pay more attention to their efforts in their work, not private feelings, and thank the outside world for their concern.

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