Journey to the West: Since Tang Seng’s meat has a strange effect, what would happen if he eats the fetus he had fallen in his daughter country?

As we all know, I have a daughter -in -law and loves people. Since the last time I asked the question of our two strange things, and I was successfully answered, I was compared with me.

After asking me why I did n’t catch the monkey brother as a mount last time, I smiled again on this day, and asked me as half -sighing and ridiculed:

"Yang Jiaofeng, I asked you, if you eat Tang Seng’s meat, can you really grow old?"

It is certain that the book "Journey to the West" is very clear. As long as you eat Tang Seng meat, you can live forever, but unfortunately, there is no monster on the way to take the scriptures.Unexpectedly, as soon as my daughter -in -law’s eyes turned around, I suddenly raised a question:

"Then why do no monsters eat the fetus where the Tang monk fell in the daughter’s country?

As soon as this remark, I was shocked at the time. It was indeed a woman. The old men couldn’t raise such a strange problem.So, how do you answer this question?

Yang Jiaofeng talks about the West Journey series of articles No. 329: Tang Seng had fallen abandoned in his daughter’s country. What would happen if the monsters had eaten their fetus?


As we all know, although "Journey to the West" mainly tells the story of the Tang monk’s apprenticeship Xitian, in fact, there is also a dark line running from beginning to end.

And this dark line is the problem of longevity that emphasizes the emphasis on the entire book.Sun Wukong jumped out of the comfort circle and was dedicated to studying art. The starting point was not for the seventy -two changes, or the clouds, but to seek long -lived survival.

That’s why when the ancestor of Bodhi asked him what he wanted to learn, Sun Wukong said in a word:

"Is it like that like that?"

After Sun Wukong succeeded, because of the problem of immortality, he made a big trouble and got the opportunity to go to Tianting to be a Ma Ma Wen:

"My old grandson is out of the Three Realms, and it is no longer under the jurisdiction of the five elements.

Later, it was because of destroying the largest renewal event in Temple, that is, eating the peach conference that can be lived and immortal, and was unbearable by Tianting, and was eventually pressed under the Mountain of the Five Elements by Rulai Buddha.

On the road to scripture, the reason why Tang monks and apprentices increased a lot of calamities, in the final analysis, still cannot be separated from the problem of immortality.Because the fairy heard that the Tang monk meat could be alive, and the Yuan Yang of the Tang monk was more able to cultivate the Taiyi Jinxian.Because of this, one by one was endless, and it launched an impact on Tang Seng meat.

Of course, if you eat Tang Seng meat, you can say that you can never live old, and it is not when you get the scriptures from the beginning, but from the mouth of the bone essence:

"He was originally an incarnation of Jin Chanzi, the original body of the tenth practice. Someone ate him a piece of meat and lived longevity."

So, Tang Seng’s meat is so precious, does it have such a against the sky?


Regarding the efficacy of Tang Seng’s meat, no one has questioned, such as the King of Silver Horn!

At that time, King Golden Horn asked the King of Yinjiao to take people to patrol the mountain, and the doubt of the silver horn looked, and asked the elder brother, what day today, why go to the mountains?

King Jinjiao told him that I heard that Tang Seng and his group had four people, and one horse was going to our site, but he could not let them go.The King of Yinjiao is still puzzled. If you want to eat a monk, how can you not catch it, why do you have to eat this Dongtu Datang?It ’s not easy to get here. Let them go, I’ m too lazy to move!

King Jinding was angry as soon as he heard the second brother. He dumped him a portrait and told him that this Tang monk was a good person in the ten -generation practice. Yuan Yang did not leak at all.Essence

After listening to King Yinjiao, he raised objections at the time:

"If you eat his meat, you can extend your life. What do we fight, what do we work, what are the dragons and tigers, and what are the female and male?"

The king of Yinjiao said is not fake at all. In the world of the west, if you want to live a life, the most common, the most basic and the slowest is the cultivation of himself.If you want to achieve longevity at the fastest speed, you must use other foods, such as the mother’s peach, the fairy Dan of the Laojun, and the ginseng fruit of Zhen Yuanzi.

The doubt about the king of Yinjiao’s meat was not all unreasonable. At the beginning of Wuzhuang, Sun Wukong overturned the ginseng fruit tree, and went to Penglaixian Island for help. Shouxing was envious of Yuanzi Town’s ginseng fruit tree:

"He can get it easier, and we can live with Tianqi. We must also raise essence, refine qi, save God, reconcile the dragon and tiger, and capture the ridge. I don’t know how much it costs."


But in any case, the effect of Tang Seng’s meat has the effect of peach and ginseng fruit, it still spreads in the Three Realms.

Since Tang Seng’s meat is so precious and can live a long -term life, why don’t you take a sip immediately after the monsters on the road to scripture are not invincible?

In fact, this is the difference between everyone’s confusion and immortality. Eat peaches, ginseng fruit, or Tang Seng meat.It can only promote you to stop aging, forever youth, and when Taishang Laojun becomes an old man, you can do it, so it always looks like this.The red baby still learned to live and practice, so he has been practicing, so he can delay aging and maintain children.

However, they can always maintain this appearance, which does not mean that they will not die!

For Taishang Laojun, it is easy to say that as long as you walk carefully yourself, don’t have any psychological diseases, less gas, and healthy. As long as you do not do anything wrong, you will not die.

For this monster like red children, there are more things to pay attention to. Although they can’t find him, they can’t prevent the greater fairy or old monster to find faults.Think about it, the red children dare to slavery those land gods, why didn’t they encounter resistance?

It’s simple, because the land mountain god is very clear, the result of resistance is very serious and will lose life.Similarly, when he encounters the millennium old demon, the thousand -year -old gods, the red children are also afraid. It is the so -called century -old practice.

The red child is a better monster, because he does not want to raise essence, refine qi, and save God every day.Other monsters, there is no ability and backing of the red baby, they can only rely on skills.


In summary, the monsters are not to try something to taste, but for the sake of life.

If Tang Seng’s meat has an immortal effect, it is not possible to rolle the monsters at all.If the Tang monk really provoked the monk, wouldn’t he take a sip of himself, wouldn’t he have grasped Dawei Tianlong. Who can kill him?

Therefore, those monsters are also very smart. Eating Tang Seng meat is to grow up, and it is not possible to make their lives out of life. Isn’t this a paradox?

Because the premise of the monsters to eat Tang Seng meat is that after eating, they can also avoid the blows of the big monsters or fairy and survive.This also explains why every time they caught the Tang monk, they worked out or not to eat, and they had to catch Sun Wukong.

In the final analysis, the reason lies in this. After all, the living monk in his hand is more likely to let Sun Wukong surrender the mouse than the dead Tang monk.Only by killing Sun Wukong’s threat, can you truly achieve his purpose, that is, he is not old.Otherwise, your front feet have just stabbed Tang Seng, and the back foot was killed by Sun Wukong with a stick.

Some people say, no, these are all you guessing. If you eat Tang Seng’s meat with heart, maybe you will have strange effects.

Hey, no one has eaten Tang Seng’s meat in Journey to the West, and Tang Seng’s mother has eaten:

"Then take a little finger on the left foot and bite it with your mouth, think of remembering."

I care about her chewing, and whether there is a swallow of blood and water. Even if this kind of way of eating is counted, it has achieved longevity.

"Later, after all, Ms. Yin made self -contributions. Xuanzang returned to Jinshan Temple to repay Elder Ming."


So, on the way to get the scriptures, who else may have eaten Tang Seng meat?

Some people say that it must be the golden -winged Big Pengbird, because in the Lion Camel country, he proposed the correct way to eat Tang Seng’s meat:

"This is a rare thing in Shangbang. When you have to wait for the leisurely time, take him out, complete the cleanliness, guess the order, and you can use it carefully."

In fact, this kind of statement is not right. You must know that the premise of the big Pengbird’s proposal is that the lion essence is about to hold the Tang monk.If he doesn’t say that, then as a lion essence of carnivores, it is estimated that he will swallow half of his head by swallowing the monk.

After all, the Tang monk meat mentioned by Dapeng Bird has to guess the wine order. This view is fake.Even if Lingshan really ate Jin Chanzi’s first ninth generation, it is impossible for this way of eating. At least the Buddhas, the Bodhisattva, won’t you drink Jin Chanzi’s meat and drink a wine order?

You know, the Dapeng bird saved the Tang monk. The Buddha of the Rulai Buddha did not count the people who had eaten the entire Lion Camel country. He also said that he would have a tribute in the future and let him eat first.

Since Dapeng Bird has never eaten Tang Seng meat, who is most likely to eat Tang Seng meat on the road to scriptures?

That’s right, it is my daughter -in -law mentioned by my daughter -in -law, because there, Tang Seng had fallen into his own flesh, that is, the fetus:

"His two pains are difficult to ban, and his stomach is getting big. When he touches his hands, he seems to have blood mass, and the bones and bones that are unable to move."

In other words, Tang Seng is indeed pregnant, and there is indeed a piece of meat in his stomach, and he will move.The pig Bajie is quite kind. The first thing I think of is to let the monkey brother find a child who is better.However, Tang Seng did not work hard. He asked Sun Wukong to buy a vice abortion medicine, and he had to leave the fetus.


So, where did the fetus in Tang Seng’s belly go in the end?

Because Tang Seng and Zhu Bajie drank the water of the mother -in -law river, they were pregnant, and they thought they could buy supplementary abortion medicine to eat.But a mother -in -law of the daughter country told them that there was only one way to abandon, that is, to find Ruyi Zhenxian, come to fall off the springs, and drink it.

However, this felling spring water is not to beat the fetal spring water. After all, the fetus still exists, but it is just made from the stomach.After drinking the tire, it is a tire after drinking, that is, the fetus melts.At that time, the pig Bajie had a bad diarrhea. He shouted that he had to drink a few more and fell into the spring water, and his wife told him:

"Grandpa, bluff the kill! If you eat this hanging water, you can even get out of your intestines!"

Sure enough, after drinking the baby spring water, the fetus in the pigs and Tang Seng’s belly turned into urine and feces, and it was discharged:

"When there is a meal there, the two abdomen in the abdomen, only listening to the wheels and wheels of the wheel and the intestines. After the intestines were sounded, the nerd couldn’t help but flow.Solution. "

What about that wife, I took two buckets to let the Zhu Bajie and Tang Seng squat on it:

"Subsua, after a few times, I felt the pain, and gradually sold the swelling and turned the blood group."

It was also mentioned just now that the felling spring water not only turned off the fetus, but in fact it would also turn out a part of the Tang Seng’s intestines and stomachs.That is, theoretically, the Tang monk’s bucket is not only a manifestation of the fetus, but also the blood and meat of Tang Seng.

If this wife knows how to refine knowledge, such as steaming and dry spring water, the rest is the orthodox Tang monk meat.


Some people may be doubtful, and they are discharged through the excrement of Tang Seng. Even if it is a bit of Tang Seng meat, it has no effect!

Indeed, such as Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sand monks have eaten peaches and ginseng fruit.Theoretically, their physical body is also an old body. Is it also effective?

Naturally, after all, the three big immortals of Che Chi Guo had drank it, and had no effect. It was also missed by Sun Wukong:

"What holy water there, you eat my drowning urine!"

Of course, the three of their urine may not have any efficacy, but there is a dragon in the Book of Commental Team, and his urine is very valuable:

"If I take the water to pee, the fish in the water will eat Jackie Chan; peeing through the mountains, the grass heads in the mountains will taste the ganoderma lucidum, and the fairy children will take a long life."

However, the words of the little white dragon are also the ingredients of bragging.If the grass can really make Ganoderma lucidum and longevity after picking, the monsters will not start with the Tang monk, but they will go to Xiaobai Dragon.

But to say that Xiaobai Dragon’s urine has no effect, it is not right, at least after King Zhu Ziguo drank it, he immediately cured the disease.Lian pulling urine, pulled out the glutinous rice balls that were eaten three years ago, and the medicine was removed.

Tang Seng’s urine may not have this effect, but in his excrement, there is not still meat, it will always be a bit effective.However, after all, the news of the daughter country was blocked, and the wife also had no idea of knowing the goods. The monster’s salivating Tang monk was in front of her. She even thought about her coffin book:

"That mother -in -law thanked the walker, put the remaining water in the crocks, buried in the back underground, and traveled to the old old:‘ This can of water, also my coffin also! ’”


Back to our topic, if there are monsters eating the fallen fetus falling from the Tang monk, can we achieve longevity?

It was also mentioned just now that the falling spring water not only turned the fetus, but the water was not well mastered, but also the intestines and stomachs would be turned off.Tang Seng could not drink it so much. It was just right, only the fetus was turned off, and his flesh was not turned off at all.

Even if your intestines and stomachs are not melted at all, the fetus growing from his belly is also considered his own flesh.

Even if the fetus in the stomach has no half dime relationship with the Tang monk, it is born by the water of the mother -in -law river, then after eating, even if it cannot be born, it can actually be renewed.

Why do you say that?

Then we have to think about it, why did Ruyi Zhenxian suddenly go to the daughter Guo Zha to occupy the fall springs?

"For the years, a Taoist, named Ruyi Zhenxian, changed the broken hole into Juxian, protecting the fetal spring water, and refused to give me good."

If he is maliciously occupied the spring water and does not allow others to do water, then why did Sun Wukong say that he had no law:

"I’m going to kill all the time, and you have never committed the law.

The only explanation is that Ruyi Zhenxian went to Po’er Cave to protect the falling spring water, which actually got the business license of the heavenly court.

In fact, just look at his appearance. Obviously wearing a work clothes, where is a little down:

"Wearing the star crown flying colorful, wearing golden -wrapped clothes red. Cloud shoes under the foot of the feet are splendid, and the waist is groaning around the waist.The puppet rods are long like python dragons … "


You know, Journey to the West is also particular about the rules. You ca n’t wear clothes casually, and the color cannot be matched casually!

Especially the golden clothes, that was the symbol of the royal family. At that time, Sun Wukong was wearing a yellow robe sent by the unicorn ghost king.

As for the color of the French clothes, the purple is the most powerful. When Lao Tzu, who was transformed by Taishang Laojun, rode a cow to come out of Hangu Pass, it was said to say that purple gas came east.It is red again, which is also the color that the great god is only wearing, and then it is blue, green, white, etc.

Ruyi Zhenxian, the name is "immortal", at least the level of Taiyi Sanxian, just like Sun Wukong.Moreover, the weapons in their hands are Ruyi Gold Hooks, and they belong to the same series as Ruyi Golden Hooping Sticks. They are all from the hands of Taishang Laojun.In other words, if Ruyi Zhenxian was not sent by the Jade Emperor, it was also sent by Taishang Laojun.

Since Ruyi Zhenxian is not illegal to occupy the foothills of the fetal spring water and even hinder Sun Wukong take water, then there is a big secret of this falling spring water. What is this secret?

Let’s see how the foam spring water describes in the book:

"True lead, if you refine the real water, the real water is tone and the real mercury is dry. The true mercury and the real lead have no mother qi, and the spirit sand magic medicine is Xian Dan."

It is very clear here that Luo Qianquan is one of the essential materials for Taishang Laojun to refine Xian Dan, and the principle is exactly the same as that of the Silver Horn King and Shouxing in front.

This is not me (Yang Jiaofeng) guessing, and there are also confirmation in the book. When Sun Wukong landed to Jieyang Mountain where Luo Chiquan was located, there was a description:

"Youhua puts brocade, weeds are blue … Every time I see Fairy Tong’s medicine, I often pay back my salary …"


Xieyangshan is the territory of the daughter country. It can be commonly seen here to pick up medicines. However, no special medicinal materials are seen here.Said, it was the water that had fallen.

You know, life will not be produced for no reason, nor will it disappear for no reason.Just like the shemale in the meat futon, if he wants to get a longevity, naturally there will be a group of children who can’t live long for him to absorb Shouyuan.

The same principle of ginseng fruit trees in Wuzhuangguan is the same. Why does it get 10,000 years before they can mature, because it spends 10,000 years to absorb the surrounding creatures.And Shouyuan is stored in ginseng fruit. If ginseng fruit is completely mature, a little fairy child will be born with a life span of 47,000 years.

But you have eaten this little fairy boy, then his Shouyuan is transplanted to a person who eats him, and he can continue to live 47,000 years:

"If people have a fate, they will live 360 years old when they smell the fruit; eat one for 47,000 years."

Tang Seng’s meat is actually the principle. With the cultivation of Jin Chanzi, each life should have a very high birthday.Unfortunately, every life died early, accumulated ten lives, and naturally accumulated a very high birthday element, and he could not grow old after eating his meat.

The truth of the daughter’s country is the same. Some people even verified that this river connected to the root of ginseng fruit trees.After all, there is no evidence in the book, so we won’t say much, but this river must be full of many creatures.

The Tang Seng forcibly abortion is to force his fetus’s Shouyuan to take away.Then this furnace fairy Dan is refined, and its curative effect is definitely the opportunity to become the Dan King at the Jade Emperor Dan Yuan Conference!

Therefore, after eating the fetus that Tang Seng had fallen in the daughter’s country, we couldn’t guarantee it, but we couldn’t guarantee it, but it was still possible to continue his life.

Of course, when you eat it, you have to clean it. In case of the remaining springs, it is not good. If the meat is not eaten, your intestines will be turned off, so it will be lost.

My name is Yang Jiaofeng. Looking at Journey to the West in a variety of perspectives, you will find different fun. Please pay attention if you like it!

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