Jiaxing women’s giant cysts in the belly in 17 weeks of pregnancy weigh 5 pounds

This is a picture of expectant mothers around 17 weeks of pregnancy, and this is a picture of Kirin watermelon. This seems to be two pictures that can’t be hit by eight poles. Why should Xiaobian put it together-

That’s how you imagine?

There is a 7 -week pregnant mother’s belly, and there is even such a watermelon -sized cyst!

Recently, Ms. Li, who was pregnant at 17 weeks, went to the obstetrics and gynecology department of Haining Central Hospital.The B -ultrasound shows that the fetus in the uterine cavity of Li is well developed.What is worrying is that this time the B -ultrasound also saw that there was a huge cyst that Ms. Li’s right ovary was about 17 weeks of pregnancy!

What exactly is going on?Is the baby in the belly okay?How to treat such a large cyst?


Xiaobian’s question is as many as you!

Great cysts and fetuses "grab the site"

This situation that occurs during pregnancy is called medicine with ovarian cysts in medicine. Generally speaking, the clinical period of the pregnancy is as short as the clinic within 4 months. There are two reasons:

First, a functional cyst that may occur for hormone changes in the body, will shrink or disappear by itself;

Second, it is not suitable for the original small cyst, because it can be treated in the early stages of pregnancy, because it may stimulate the uterus and easily cause abortion.

What is pregnancy with ovarian cysts?

Generally, there are ovarian cysts before pregnancy, but they did not find it early, and they were discovered during examination after pregnancy.The uterus that gradually increases during pregnancy occupies most of the pelvic cavity. At the same time, pelvic congestion during pregnancy can increase the cyst rapidly.There are cysts in the ovaries, and there are many types in nature. A single type or mixed type, one side or bilateral, cystic or substantial, benign or malignant, among which cystic is more common.

Ms. Li has been pregnant for 17 weeks, and the cysts are particularly huge, which is rare.

As the pregnancy uterus increases, the pelvic "space" is not enough to accommodate such a huge mass. Ms. Li’s cysts have 167 mm × 172 mm × 120 mm size and are squeezed into the abdominal cavity.If you continue to look forward to treatment, it will cause a series of problems:

First, the cysts continue to increase, seizing the "site" of the fetus, which may affect the development of the fetus, abnormal fetal position abnormalities, etc.;

Second, the cyst accidental rupture or reversing causes acute abdomen. The possibility of surgery at any time will also have a different degree of impact on the fetus.

Minimally invasive surgery removes huge cysts

After the deputy chief physician of the gynecological sinking expert of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital fully understood Ms. Li’s condition, he considers the possibility of benign in the cyst.Ms. Li, who was 17 weeks of pregnancy, performed huge ovarian cyst removal under abdominal lens, and was the main knife of Director Shen Heping.Previous and after surgery for protective medication, effectively inhibit contractions and ensure the fetal safety.

Investigation under laparoscopy found that Ms. Li’s right ovarian cystic increased, like the size of Kirin watermelon.If the cysts are broken during surgery and the mucus overflows, it will not only pollute the "internal environment", but also likely form disseminated planting, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Director Shen Heping and assistants first fixed the right ovaries, punctured about 2500 ml of light brown sac, and then peeled out of the entire cyst completely."In fact, it is easier to remove the right ovaries together, but we consider that Ms. Li is relatively lighter, so we can retain her ovarian tissue as much as possible."

Now the cyst is cut, and the growth of the fetus is worry -free.Ms. Li has been discharged home, and Ms. Li, who has recovered smoothly, is preparing to be a new mother.

Growing knowledge with Xiaobian

How to prevent pregnancy with ovarian cysts?

1. Before pregnancy examination, check whether the pelvic organs are abnormal. During the examination, you will find ovarian cysts. If the diameter of the ovarian cyst has exceeded 5 cm, you should be surgery before pregnancy.The current surgery is relatively simple, and the minimally invasive surgery of laparoscopic is both simple damage and small.

2. If ovarian tumors are found, CA125, CA199, and CEA should be checked. These are tumor marks. The purpose is to distinguish whether!If the mass is small and benign, you can get pregnant first.

3. There is generally no feeling when ovarian mass occurs. If there is abdominal pain on one side and even accompanied by nausea and vomiting, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately. It may be that the ovarian cysts are reversed and should be treated immediately.Ovarian necrosis occurs in time delays.When an ovarian cyst is abdominal pain, there is another situation that is rupture, bleeding, and immediately go to the hospital to see a doctor for timely treatment.

4. Do not be afraid if you find that there are campaigns in the ovaries after pregnancy, just observe it closely.

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