Jiang Yanping, Hunan: Seduces more than 40 leaders, pregnant 4 years after he was in prison, and now the child is 20 years old

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"There is no man she can’t settle!" This sentence was widely circulated in Hunan before 1999. No one dared to grab the project with Jiang Yanping in Hunan because no one grabbed her, as long as Jiang Yanping watched it.The projects will definitely get it.

Which of this Jiang Yanping is the person who has such a huge energy?

Jiang Yanping’s head is not small. During her peak, her sphere of influence in Hunan Province can be described by one hand;

At the age of 37, she was officially from the deputy department level to control all the factory with many oil and water in Hunan Province, but her degree was only graduated from junior high school.

This does not mean that she is a powerful person and can be appreciated by her superior leaders, but because she is good at "falling in love" with more than 40 leaders;

Even if you are put into the detention center, you can seduce to the deputy director’s pregnancy, and you can rely on your body to be unhappy all the way.

If it wasn’t for a report by an old revolutionary colleague, I am afraid she is still at ease outside the prison and continues the people in Hunan Province to carry out various rights and color transactions.

Jiang Yanping was born in an ordinary worker family in Hunan Province. Although the conditions at home are not wealthy, Jiang Yanping has not made much bitter.

It was only at that time that young people who did not work in the city after graduation were going to the countryside to cut in line, and Jiang Yanping was no exception.

So after graduating from junior high school, the seventeen -year -old Jiang Yanping followed the large army to the countryside and became an ordinary ethical youth. He went to the ground with the farmers in the village every day.

Where did Jiang Yanping live this kind of bitter day?I couldn’t stand it in a few days. I tried to go back to the city, but I had no way to do the door at home. Jiang Yanping could only find a way by himself.

Thinking about it, Jiang Yanping found that the only thing that could be used was her young appearance.

Jiang Yanping is pretty beautiful, and there are many pursuers of the same age, but these people are almost educated to cut into the villagers. They are like Jiang Yanping.

And she will only be with someone who can solve her problem.After careful selection, Jiang Yanping turned his gaze into a male leader in the village commune.

Although the leader was 31 years older than Jiang Yanping or even older than her father, the benefits were real.

After being together, Jiang Yanping rarely worked on the ground and lived a relaxed life.

The most important thing is that the male leader got her place to enter the city in the second year, making Jiang Yanping a female worker in a factory in Xiangtan City. Jiang Yanping finally got rid of the life of the sun and rain every day.

However, some shortcuts cannot be left. As long as there is the first time, there will be the second time. The privileges obtained by the betrayal of the body make Jiang Yanping can not quit at all;

She is no longer willing to live a down -to -earth life as before, and just wants to use her body to get greater benefits.

After entering the Xiangtan Factory, Jiang Yanping silently looked for opportunities, took the initiative to recommend himself to receive the leaders who came to the factory to inspect, and pursued the leader, insisting on the other person’s married identity.

Because of the high -profile behavior, all the factory people who did what Jiang Yanping knew that she became a "underground lover" with a bright light.

Since then, Jiang Yanping’s unscrupulous abuse of the privilege brought by the mistress regardless of other people’s unscrupulous eyes.

It ’s just that the mistress is not a long -term plan. Jiang Yanping is still young. It is impossible to not get married for a lifetime. After being selected, Jiang Yanping married a honest pharmacist.

However, marriage does not mean that the two people are still entangled with the leadership. Under Jiang Yanping’s means, the leader had never forgotten her before, and transferred her to a small management of the mall near herself.

It was just that the leader didn’t know that when he was working in the mall, Jiang Yanping was unwilling to be lonely. He got a deputy director of the company in the mall, and became the manager of the mall with the help of the deputy director.

Since the leadership of the mall, she must be responsible for the performance of the mall. Although Jiang Yanping has never done business and does not know how to manage the leadership, Jiang Yanping is not worried about improving his performance.

Because Jiang Yanping used her own secret weapon -young body and appearance, she often invited some public leaders to visit the malls with the past contacts;

During the visit, these leaders went to the hotel and what was done in the hotel.

In this way, the performance of the shopping malls managed by Jiang Yanping is getting better and better, the turnover has increased significantly, and the turnover has doubled the turnover.

Jiang Yanping was racking her efforts. Her position rose again and again, and was promoted to the party committee secretary and deputy general manager of the local sixth construction company. She was already a deputy department -level cadre. At this time, she was only 37 years old.

For so many years, Jiang Yanping has welcomed countless big characters, and not everyone is coveted to Jiang Yanping’s beauty;

However, Jiang Yanping’s long -sleeved dance is particularly good at inspecting words. If you ca n’t buy it with beauty, you can use money. Since ancient times, the wealth is moving.

The most hateful thing is that with the increase of age, Jiang Yanping realized that men always like young girls, and their charm is gradually declining;

So some young women are also used to satisfy the terrible desires of those big leaders.

In this way, Jiang Yanping formed a complex relationship network, and because of someone behind him, Jiang Yanping acted very arrogantly;

The projects are not allowed to compete in other companies, and they have also publicly received bribes. In just a few years, the stolen money stored in just a few years is as many as tens of millions of yuan.

You must know that this was in the 1990s. At that time, the purchasing power of tens of millions of yuan at that time was not the same as it is now.

In fact, many people are not used to Jiang Yanping’s approach, but Jiang Yanping’s backstage is too hard.

Because there are too many male leaders, if Jiang Yanping has a problem, these leaders will also be implicated and move their whole body, so these leaders have become Jiang Yanping’s amulets.

Therefore, although many people tried to report to reveal Jiang Yanping, they couldn’t get it in the end, and even folded themselves in. No one dared to continue trying over time.

But there are always people who are not curved in the world, and the wicked people have received themselves.

This person is Chen Rongjie. Chen Rongjie is jealous and hateful, and he can’t hold a little sand in his eyes.

Chen Rongjie, who had retired in 1981, came to Changsha to settle. He personally experienced the process of Jiang Yanping’s power to dance and embezzle the wealth of public.

Although he was an ordinary retired elderly man, Chen Rongjie immediately started to investigate. Because of his unscrupulous, Jiang Yanping and others never covered them. Chen Rongjie quickly mastered a lot of substantial evidence.

However, in the case of conclusive evidence, Chen Rongjie couldn’t make Jiang Yanping’s rope, because his report did not work at all;

At first Chen Rongjie’s report letter was published in the local newspaper, which indeed attracted some of the attention, but soon there was no context;

This publicly published report letter did not have any impact on Jiang Yanping.

Chen Rongjie was not discouraged, and wrote to the highest prosecution letter, with some material evidence, this report was quickly responded;

However, as a cadre of Hunan Province, Jiang Yanping was finally handled by Hunan. Each time these evidences and letters were transferred back to Hunan Province, Jiang Yanping’s umbrella was put on hold.

Jiang Yanping knew all the actions of Chen Rongjie, but she didn’t care about it at all. In Jiang Yanping’s view, Chen Rongjie reported that he was tantamount to touching the stones with eggs;

Chen Rongjie is broken, and there will be no problems with this stone;

Jiang Yanping even dared to publicly clamor at the company’s employee conference, "People who sue me in black are not self -motivated, there are my people there, don’t think they can knock me down."

Chen Rongjie’s persistence made Jiang Yanping annoyed. She and the forces behind her decided to show Chen Rongjie in a little color.

One night, Chen Rongjie, who was over seventy years old, walked on the road as usual, but did not expect a motorcycle behind him to hit him straight and escaped quickly. Chen Rongjie’s head broke his blood and lost consciousness on the spot.

After more than ten minutes, Chen Rongjie struggled to hold up, but Chen Rongjie, who was hit hard, laughed;

He understood that Jiang Yanping and the forces behind him did to himself in private, showing that they were afraid of themselves. These people still had scruples, and they had poked their pain points.

The injuries on his body did not let Chen Rongjie stop. He continued to report to his superiors. This time, Chen Rongjie directly sent the evidence to the high -level central level;

The power behind Jiang Yanping was finally beyond its reach. After a series of investigations and evidence collection, Jiang Yanping arrested.

During this period, Chen Rongjie continued to attack. He was hit by a car on the road. He was attacked by a wolf tooth stick while walking in the park.

But all this did not shrink the anti -corruption fighter. It can be said that without Chen Rongjie’s insistence, Jiang Yanping will never be rope.

In September 1999, Jiang Yanping was officially arrested by the relevant departments and was quickly transferred to a detention center under Changsha.

Jiang Yanping’s heart has been known for her own crimes. In recent years, she has done too many violations of laws and disciplines;

Not only did he take bribes by herself, but to maintain improper relationship with many male leaders for a long time, she also opened the door to relatives and arranged for the relatives and friends they trusted to be important positions;

Most of her relatives have made a profit.

If these crimes are cleared, I am afraid that Jiang Yanping will not escape a death penalty, so Jiang Yanping in the detention center has been trying to help himself.

There are dozens of male leaders who have had an improper relationship with Jiang Yanping, most of which are high -weight people.

Now that Jiang Yanping is arrested, she has become a key breakthrough in this complex relationship network. As long as Jiang Yanping truthfully states her criminal facts, these people will inevitably be held accountable.

So the detention center started a game. The interrogators tried to pry open Jiang Yanping’s mouth, trying to use Jiang Yanping to play the Internet in Hunan Province.

The forces behind Jiang Yanping worked hard to rescue Jiang Yanping, at least let Jiang Yanping shut up.

At this time, Jiang Yanping was still lucky, thinking that the power behind her must be able to escape herself;

After Jiang Yanping’s old leader came to the detention center to visit her, Jiang Yanping directly found the backbone, and the two talked about it.

This old leader came with the task. He had to stabilize Jiang Yanping. After a brief conversation, Jiang Yanping reached an agreement with the power behind him;

The old leaders and others provided Jiang Yanping’s way to escape from birth, while Jiang Yanping could not provide anyone.

In fact, the way to keep Jiang Yanping’s life is very simple, that is, letting her conceive her child. According to my country’s laws, the criminals in pregnancy cannot be executed during pregnancy.

For a period of time, Jiang Yanping was silent on the surface. In the face of the interrogation, she kept her liability and took all responsibilities to herself.

In the back, Jiang Yanping re -filed the old industry and worked on his old industry. He silently observed the staff in the detention center every day, trying to find the person with the weakest willpower, and had a relationship with it.

After all, Jiang Yanping was the veteran who climbed out of the man’s pile, and soon she determined her goal.

This person is Wan Jiang, deputy director of the detention center and prison doctor. In front of Wanjiang, Jiang Yanping showed a simple and innocent look. She insisted that she was innocent and had not violated any law.

In fact, as long as he can understand his mind, Jiang Yanping has been locked in the detention center, and it is impossible to be really innocent.

But Wanjiang had been fascinated by Jiang Yanping at that time.Because it is high for a long time, although it is nearly forty years old, Jiang Yanping has excellent maintenance.

Coupled with the relationship behind him, the network often sent things to Jiang Yanping, who was in the detention center. Jiang Yanping also lived very moisturizing in the detention center. He was not stunned because of this and could also seduce Wanjiang in beautiful fashion.

It didn’t take long for Wanjiang to break through the bottom line and had a relationship with Jiang Yanping. After that, the two people often grinded their ears, and they borrowed the opportunity of interrogation in the office almost every week.

After overcome Wanjiang, Jiang Yanping was not satisfied. She wanted to corrode more staff members of the detention center.

But not everyone can’t move the way like Wanjiang, and the supervision of the detention center is strict. It was not long before Jiang Yanping and Wanjiang’s private relationship were broken.

He was not restless in the prison, and he could even pull the deputy director of the detention center off the water. It can be seen that Jiang Yanping’s ability is not small.

This incident was even greater, which directly attracted the attention of the above. This time, Jiang Yanping was transferred to Hainan Island to completely isolate it with the relationship behind him.

Jiang Yanping finally understood that she had to confess from the wide and resisting the strict road, so she did not hide it anymore, and explained her crimes in 151.

It also gave a list of sex trading, with more than 40 officials on the list.

Because it involved a wide range of officials and many officials involved, the case was a sensation in that year, and Jiang Yanping became the female greedy of the famous Sanxiang.

In fact, Jiang Yanping’s father was an upright person and did not know about her daughter’s criminal behavior.

At the time of the incident, her father was being treated in the hospital. After learning that her daughter’s actions were done, she was anxious and did not come up in one breath.

On July 21, 2001, Jiang Yanping was detained in the court for trial. The court sentenced Jiang Yanping to death. After hearing the results, Jiang Yanping was paralyzed to the ground. Finally, he was dragged down to court.

For this result, Jiang Yanping did not want to die. She thought that the list she had handed in was a major performance performance and asked to be punished lightly.

In the end, the Supreme People’s Court ruled that Jiang Yanping’s major merits were established and have been changed from death to death.

Another important reason to reduce the sentence was that Jiang Yanping was pregnant. After being detained in the detention center for four years, Jiang Yanping still had a child as a child.

It is now 2023. At that time, the child was almost 20 years old. He was born with his mother in such an unbearable situation. The child was carrying the sin of his mother from birth.

In addition to this child, Jiang Yanping originally had a son. The pressure of public opinion after Jiang Yanping was arrested that year made the child unbearable, and he could only give up all the domestic escape from abroad;

However, I also lived in abroad. After a car accident, I had no money to treat, and returned to the country to make a living.

As for Jiang Yanping, her end is better than many people think. After the death of the death to death, Jiang Yanping was subtracted again in a few years because of his good performance during the prison.

In 2005, it became a period of 18 years in prison, but I am afraid that it has been released from prison and re -people.

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