IVF, but the doctor asked me to take contraceptives?

Expert profile: Ye Hong, professor, a second -level chief physician, a master’s tutor, and a scholar to the United States.The Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology and Research Office of the Obstetrics and Gynecology and Gynecology Department of the First Clinical Medical College of the Three Gorges University & Yichang Central People’s Hospital, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department, and director of reproductive center.Standing Committee member of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of the China Wirers and Gynecology, Deputy Chairman of the Hubei Medical Association Reproductive Medicine Branch, and Deputy Chairman of the Hubei Female Physician Association.He has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology diseases, female reproductive endocrine diseases and infertility; good at palace, laparoscopic surgery and various auxiliary reproductive pregnancy techniques.He successively led the obstetrics, reproductive medicine, and gynecological department of the hospital to obtain the "Hubei Provincial Key Specialty", and led the department to win the 48th national scientific and technological value ranking in 2018.

In the reproductive infertility clinic, patients often have such questions: "Doctor, I want children to come to you, why do I still prescribe my contraceptive pills?" In fact, many infertile patients will use the test tube cycle of infertility.To short -acting contraceptives.Below, let’s talk about the "pregnancy aid" role of contraceptives in infertility.

1. What is short -acting oral contraceptive pill

Short -acting oral contraceptives are compound drugs made of estrogen and progesterone. By inhibiting ovulation, changing the endometrium environment, changing the characteristics of cervical mucus, preventing sperm penetration, and resisting to bed,EssenceThe reason why it is called "short -acting" is because the drugs are very fast in the body and need to be taken every day. Under the correct use, contraception is more than 99%, which is a safe, efficient and convenient contraceptive method.The common drugs commonly used in outpatients include You Siyue, You Siming, Da Ying-35 and so on.

2. The role of short -acting oral contraceptives in infertility

Adjust the menstrual cycle

Testable therapy has high time for the time of menstrual cycle. For example, many examinations or treatments start from the third day of menstruation, and some medication starts from the 21st day of menstruation. For people with irregular menstruation or people with ovulation disorders, menstruation cannot be predictedTime may not be able to distinguish whether bleeding is menstrual or drug influence.If you take oral contraceptives in advance, the menstrual cycle is under control. Avoid embarrassment because of the "big aunt" or repeatedly running for treatment for treatment and treatment due to abnormal bleeding.

Prevention of physiological cysts

When some expectant mothers are preparing to promote ovulation, they cannot promote the treatment because of the lutein cysts (a physiological cyst). In order to avoid such physiological cysts, oral contraceptives are generally used for pre -treatment.The growth of cycle follicles is to avoid the occurrence of luteal atrophy, lutein, and unluteable follicular cysts and affect subsequent treatment.

Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome

Some expectant mothers have to choose to assist reproductive pregnancy for "polycystic ovary syndrome".For polycystic patients, in addition to adjusting the menstrual cycle, oral contraceptives can also restore ovulation, reduce androgen, and improve high LH.A considerable part of the polycystic patients can recover naturally after ovulation after oral contraceptives.

Inhibit advantageous follicles growth

In the normal menstrual cycle, women have only one advantageous follicles per cycle.For some patients with advancement of follicles, the application of short -acting contraceptives can inhibit the secretion of gonad hormone, thereby inhibiting the growth of the superior follicles, which enables most follicles to grow simultaneously, and help get multiple eggs after promoting.

3. Precautions for oral contraceptive pills Due to different personal promotion plans, not everyone needs to use it. Do not take it at will to affect the entire IVF cycle.Short -acting oral contraceptives have a short metabolic time in the body, and most of them need continuous medication, leakage can cause abnormal bleeding.Drug dosage and number of days of medication follow the doctor’s advice. If the dosage control is not controlled well, it may excessively suppress the ovaries, causing the ovarian reaction difference to the drug.There are smoking, venous thrombosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatoid diseases, severe liver dysfunction or family history of breast cancer, please actively inform the doctor to weigh it before deciding whether to use the medicine.

At present, reproductive experts at home and abroad have reached a consensus, and the short -acting contraceptive treatment before test tubes has no adverse effects on the baby’s development.I wish you all your early pregnancy!

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