It’s too difficult to get pregnant

It’s too difficult to get pregnant.

The process of pregnancy made me feel that this child was not growing up slowly, but was fermented. The whole process would make this carrier also emit a smell that does not belong to me.

The most obvious is bad breath.I think this is a natural mechanism. In order to protect themselves, children will secrete some liquid during pregnancy and cause bad breath.I don’t even want to open my mouth to talk, let alone quarrel with others.If I start to quarrel with others, they may turn around and leave me, because my bad breath is still because of my emotional fluctuations.

Followed by underarm odor.When sweating in the summer, even if I just turned over, I felt stunned. I don’t know if I am in the subway or at home.Sometimes, I will doubt whether my videos and photos have odor, because even after uploading will feel like this.If you really have this function, I may consider buying.

From the bottom up, followed by the area of the small garden, the places in this community cannot be spared.My secretions are already a lot.Sometimes I think, is it leaking urine?Not only wet, but also smell.After pregnancy, I often boo, but I don’t know if this is because my belly becomes larger or because my exhaust volume increases, making the area around my feet and feet stinky.I started to urinate in the toilet, but I found that it was not because he was urinating outside, but because my urine flowed into the toilet.With the progress of pregnancy, my exhaust volume has also increased, which reminds me of the prototype of the iron arm A Tongmu, which may be a pregnant woman.

The third is foot odor.If I did not appear on the sports rankings today, and I did not mention the top three in the chat, I would feel that there was a problem with this system.Regardless of age, it will make me return to puberty.Every time I walked to the door, my mother stopped me, let me drag my shoes into the corridor, and then go in.

The neighbors knew that I was pregnant, and every time I said "stinky baby, stinky baby".This is not a nickname, but really a stinky baby.

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