It’s really not superstition. Can pregnant women participate in the funeral of their loved ones?Netizens experienced a bit scary!

Yesterday, I chatted with my friends about the topic of precautions during pregnancy. My friend suddenly asked me suddenly: Why can’t pregnant people participate in the funeral of loved ones!

This time, I asked me. In my cognition, my loved ones, especially the funeral of my relatives, should go to participate even if you are pregnant. Why is her entry point different from me?I asked her why she had this question. It turned out that her classmate’s sister had just attended the funeral of her loved ones during the days ago. It is said that bad things happened during the period.Her sister was pregnant for two months, and she has always been cautious. After never expected that her loved ones would go to the funeral, they felt uncomfortable when they went home.Later, her relatives told her sister that it might be the cause of the funeral …

I am very confused and surprised. Many people think that this is a superstition in the past. The reason is roughly heavy. The children in the stomach are easily "brought away", so pregnant women are best away.I went to see it online, and many people also said that they had a lot of "spiritual events", so they were even more at a loss.

Look at netizens: If our wife is pregnant, the parents are born, and the husband cannot touch the coffin, and we cannot go down to catch the tomb when the burial, otherwise it is not good for the child.My grandfather died and returned home. I felt that my loved ones were not afraid of anything.The custom of hometown, a mirror on the body … There is a saying that the soul of the child in the pregnant woman’s belly is not solid, and it is easy to be squeezed away by the external spirit.Take the child’s original opportunity in the stomach of a pregnant woman.Of course, this does not necessarily happen. Because of the reason for the law of fate, such a situation requires a lot of necessary conditions. This probability is not high, so most people are not inappropriate, but there is just so coincidental.There was a thing that had happened, so there was such a legend.Many legends are not over -the -hearted, although they are not superstitious, but sometimes they must consider all aspects for their children in their belly.Even before the rocket launch, some bizarre accidents must be considered to make a plan.There is a saying here is the theory of soul.The child’s soul in the stomach is unstable. Do not go to the funeral, because it is full of yin, sadness, pain, and grievances at the funeral. The brain electromagnetic field produces is strong.Coupled with the many ginns of the funeral, it is inevitable that unnecessary consequences are inevitable.So do not participate in pregnant women, including children.Some children have an impact after participating in the participation.When my grandfather was sick, my second child was more than five or six months in my stomach, and it was unclear.When I went to see him, the elders at home would not let me lean too close, just look at it from a distance.After a few days, the grandfather left.When I participated in the funeral, the elders also repeatedly told me not to get close to the coffin, so I didn’t go to hoe.When I entered the soil, I went to the funeral, and I followed the end of the team from a distance. At that time, it was the summer. I returned only a third of the road.There is no discomfort, just too hot, and holding my big treasure.In the end, my two treasures were born in more than seven months.I do n’t know if there is a correlation, but what can be certain is tired. Every day I bring my own big treasure. I am more than one year old. No one helps, and I have to come myself.If the selected days are not clean, the unlucky people will encounter evil spirits, and vomiting, stomach pain, etc. will occur. For safety reasons, it is called pregnant women to try not to attend the wedding and funeral.Especially funerals, unless they are very pro -people, do not participate.Some people think that this is superstition. In fact, no one is sure. In real life, there are indeed such things, so avoid it as much as possible.

In the concept of the older generation, people who are pregnant should not go to the funeral.In fact, let’s take a serious analysis of this. Usually, if someone says that pregnant women are best not to attend the funeral, then the funeral in general, pregnant women should not have the idea of going to.

The experience of netizens seems to be very mysterious, but in fact these mysterious things are just a case. Don’t be scared.The reason why pregnant women cannot participate in weddings and funerals are actually these reasons:

1. Emotional excitement

Aside from all the taboos and superstitions, most people will feel emotional fluctuations deeply when they participate in the funeral. Therefore, from a scientific perspective, the pregnant woman itself is more likely to be emotional because of hormone secretion in the body, especially seeing the relatives.The people left themselves, and they were even more sad and unbearable.

What are the problems of emotional excitement?The most practical and direct is to affect the baby’s health.Early pregnancy: Emotional fluctuations in pregnant mothers, increased adrenal corticosteroid secretion, may lead to abortion or premature birth.If it is extremely disturbed by emotions, if within 7-10 weeks of pregnancy, it is a critical period of embryonic palate and organ development, which will cause malformations such as rabbit lips, cleft palate, and heart defects;In the middle period, the mood of pregnant mothers is too excited, and it is easy to increase blood pressure. Temporary uterine-placental blood circulation disorders occur, which causes the fetus for a temporary hypoxia and affects normal physical and mental development.In the third trimester: If the mental state changes suddenly, such as great joy, great tragedy, fear, sadness, etc., may cause uterine bleeding, early stripping in the placenta, fetus …

2. The space is closed, the air does not circulate

The place where the funeral is held is generally in a relatively closed space. There are many crowded people and the air will not circulate. If the pregnant mother is anemia to participate in the funeral in the dizziness of anemia, coupled with the grief in her heart, there will be dizzy in ten or nine or nine or nine or nine.fall.Therefore, reminding pregnant mothers to whether to participate in the funeral according to their physical conditions. If it is anemia, pregnant women with anemia, hypotension, and hypoglycemia should not go well.

3. Pregnant women cannot be overly fatigue

In the process of participating in the funeral, pregnant women should follow their family members to participate in various rituals, and sometimes even be assigned to do something that can be done. These things may be unfavorable for pregnant women, fatigue or crowded, and may cause injuries to fall injuries.Causes abortion.

Therefore, in all, pregnant women should not participate in the funeral as much as possible. For the thoughts and bidding of loved ones, use other forms to express and pin it.

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