It’s not good to get pregnant as soon as you get married. The main reasons are 5 points.

Modern young people are usually married late. When they are not married, parents are desperately urging their marriage; after marriage, parents have begun to give birth to their children.It seems that the child is in a woman’s pocket, and the parents can give birth as soon as they urge them.In my country’s wedding customs, it is generally in the cave’s candle night, and some red dates and peanuts will be placed under the quilt of the wedding bed. The meaning is to have noble children early.Parents hope that their children can conceive their children as fast as possible. It is best to get pregnant when they are in cave.But is this really good?Xiaobian feels not necessarily.Why do you say that?There are 5 main points:

1. It is inevitable to drink and smoke at the wedding night, which is not good for fertility

Both men and women on the wedding night, drinking is inevitable.The banquets in many places will also ask the groom to pass through. After drinking this circle, men must be drunk.If the same room at this time, the quality of the sperm will be affected.Even after a new wedding night, newlywed couples often have some human relationships, and drinking is inevitable.Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that everyone is better to avoid new wedding honeymoon periods.

2. Without sufficient preparation, it is also unfavorable to pregnancy

Nowadays, they pay attention to eugenics. Generally, the first three months before pregnancy, it is best to supplement folic acid to prevent the fetus from deformity.Men also have to quit smoking and drinking to exercise to provide high -quality sperm.If you are pregnant as soon as you get married, neither the men and women are prepared, and they are not good for the fetus.

3. Psychological factors

Many young men and women are not qualitative when they are just married. Some are even a child, and they are not ready to be parents.If you have a child soon, that is, the older children bring a small child, it is difficult to bring the child well.Instead, it is better to learn more about husbands and wives and be prepared to be a parent. This is better.

4. High proportion of abortion

We often see on TV that women are pregnant, but the child has a miscarriage due to a passion with her husband.Because in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is very unstable, and it is easy to cause miscarriage because of some external factors, and sexual life is resolutely prohibited.However, it is very difficult for the newlywed couple to completely prohibit.Therefore, in order to avoid such misfortunes, it is best not to get pregnant during this period.

5. The running between husband and wife

We often say that love is easy to get along, and men and women will hide before they get married and show our best side to each other.But after getting married, everyone will show the real side.Many couples want to divorce because they have problems after getting along with each other.However, if there is a child, the divorce will be a great harm to the child.Therefore, both the couple are not as good as the two parties to get along for a while, and then have children after the emotional running -in, so that the marriage is more stable and the happiness index is higher.

Xiaobian thinks that after a couple gets married, it is best to have a child for a year and a half. What do you think?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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