It’s a girl, hurry up in another year and strive to have a boy

Zhang Shu left his hometown to work in a different place. During his work, he met his wife Xiaolan.Both stayed in the city where the work was after marriage.Through the two people worked together, they bought a house in this city and settled.Soon, Xiao Lan was pregnant. Fortunately, Xiao Lan was in good health and had no great response. Therefore, Xiao Lan insisted on going to work until the due date was fell to the vacation.

When Xiao Lan gave birth to a child, her mother -in -law came from the parents’ hometown.Xiao Lan’s mother also came.When her mother -in -law saw was a granddaughter, she quickly said that she regenerated in a year and fought for a boy.Xiao Lan was a little uncomfortable when he heard it.But just giving birth to a child, the body is relatively weak, and I don’t think too much about my mother -in -law.During the confinement, her mother was there, Xiao Lan still had a good life. The mother’s meticulous care allowed Xiao Lan, who was born, and recovered quickly.Soon the full moon, Xiao Lan proposed to celebrate a full -month wine for her daughter.Who knows that my mother -in -law came: "Give birth to a girl, and according to our customs, there is no full moon wine." Xiao Lan and Zhang Shu did not listen to her mother -in -law, invited Xiao Lan’s parents and sisters, and there were several important.Friends, set up four tables at the hotel to celebrate the arrival of this little life together.

The confinement period passed, and my mother went home.Leave my mother -in -law to take care of her mother at home.Xiao Lan, who had not lived with her mother -in -law alone, suddenly discovered how depression and uncomfortable getting along with her mother -in -law.When my mother took care of it, her mother bought food and cook. Now her mother goes home. Zhang Shu gives 3,000 yuan a month to her mother -in -law and asked her to buy food and cook to take care of Xiao Lan.At the beginning, my mother -in -law went out very early every day. It was until 11 noon to hold the vegetables. I just stir -fry a green vegetable at noon and stir -fry a little bit of meat. The vegetables are a large bowl, and the meat is put in a rice bowl and a small bowl.Mother -in -law and daughter -in -law ate.Due to being unfamiliar with her mother -in -law, Xiao Lan eats a little vegetables every time.But the child has to eat milk, Xiao Lan eats so much, and the child’s milk is obviously insufficient.In order not to bother her mother -in -law, Xiao Lan ordered some takeaway to send it, such as chicken soup, fish soup, cuttlefish soup, etc.Sometimes I buy some fruits on the Internet.Every time Xiao Lan invited her mother -in -law to eat with her, her mother -in -law refused Xiao Lan’s kindness with a cold face.After a few times, my mother -in -law didn’t eat, and Xiao Lan was too lazy to call.After cooking, my mother -in -law went out to visit, and it was until 5 pm to come back to prepare for dinner.Because Zhang Shu is going to eat, the meals should be more abundant.But most of the tastes are mainly Zhang Shu’s preferences.Although I asked my mother -in -law to take care of the children and Xiao Lan at home, the clothes were washed by Xiao Lan.Xiao Lan felt that her mother -in -law was not important.Xiao Lan had a little word for her mother -in -law, but did not show it.Later, the child was a bit cough, but her mother -in -law talked about Xiao Lan. She sued in front of Zhangshu: "I don’t eat the meals I make, and take takeaway every time. Can this takeaway be nutritious? Isn’t this? Let the child cough.. I have a good food and good food every day, and I am not as good as eating. "As soon as Zhang Shu heard her mother’s words, she also condemned Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan had grievances because of her mother -in -law’s meals. Now her husband has come to blame her. TheyThe mother of the mother is an uncle, one is an elder or an uncle.Thinking that my mother -in -law stayed in her house and didn’t help any busy, it was better to bring their children alone.Thinking about it, Xiao Lan still did not have the courage to put forward this idea.

However, one afternoon, Xiao Lan was washing clothes for the child. The child suddenly woke up. He cried, and happened to be going back to the mother -in -law. Xiao Lan still had soap bubbles in his hands.EssenceHolding the child, shaking hard, and shouting at the child: "Don’t cry, don’t cry." Listening to the mother -in -law’s anger, the child’s crying was even greater.Girl’s movie, say that let you not cry, and then cry, let your mother give birth to a fat boy next year, throw you away. "Hearing this sentence, Xiao Lan did not play in one place," What happened,I am not an old sow. If you shout, you will give birth to your daughter, so I won’t be regenerated. "When I heard Xiao Lan’s words, my mother -in -law threw the child into Xiao Lan’s arms and said," Lao TzuDon’t wait "to go to the room to clear things.When Zhang Shu returned, the family was cold. The daughter -in -law and the child were sleeping in the bedroom and walked to the mother’s room. The mother’s things were packed and clear. She couldn’t stand the daughter -in -law. She was going home and immediately sent her to the train station."When Zhang Shu heard his mother’s words, he didn’t ask why the reason, rushed into the bedroom, and asked Xiao Lan’s collar and asked: What do you make a moth, my mother threw my dad alone to help you bring your children,What kind of anger do you give her? "Xiao Lan laughed:" I give you a mother, who do you give it? "It turned out that Xiao Lan was going to work for a while to watch the baby at all times.I installed a camera next to the bedside table. Because she hadn’t went to work yet, Xiao Lan hadn’t told Zhang Shu yet. Zhang Shu watched his mother shaking the child vigorously, listening to his mother’s anger roar, and never instantly didn’t stop.say.

My mother -in -law was sent to the train back to her hometown overnight. Without her mother -in -law shaking at home, Xiao Lan felt that it was easy. Every day, she arranged for her own three meals a day to bring a good child.It also squeezes time to learn, and is familiar with the work business delayed due to maternity leave.Half a child, Xiao Lan sent the child to the early education center near the unit.The child played with the teacher and his companions at the morning education center during the day. At night, Xiao Lan took the child himself. Although his life was tight and busy, he was full of happiness!

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