Itchy nipples, don’t be shy, hurry up and watch!

For all girls, if there is itching of nipples, most friends will choose to close their mouths and do not talk to outsiders. Of course, they will not go to the hospital for examination. In fact, when this kind of problem occurs, we willYou should face it with the right mentality.

This problem will not be taken seriously and ashamed. If you often feel itchy nipples, there are two possibilities, one is external stimulation, and the other is bacterial infection.

Breast development

If the nipple is itchy, it may be that the breast is developing, because the rapid development of breasts can cause the nipple secretion. If it is not cleaned in time, such as no underwear, bathing, etc.) will cause bacteria to breed.Itching and so on.

Therefore, girls who are in the stage of puberty must pay attention to hygiene! It is best to clean the breasts with warm water every day and wear appropriate underwear.

During pregnancy, pregnancy reaction

There will be many small particles in the nipple during pregnancy, which will be fat, which will block the pores, and it will feel uncomfortable, such as itching. These are normal phenomena.

Excessive cleaning

If you rub it too much during bathing, the oil layer on the skin will be destroyed, affecting the normal physiological needs of the skin, and itching causes the nipples.Therefore, there is no need to clean it hard, just feel comfortable.


If your nipple itchy and the skin around the nipples, areolas or breasts appear large and small, it means that you have eczema.If there is pain.It is generally related to heredity, bad lifestyle and mental state.

Breast cancer

If the body not only has itching of the nipples, but also accompanied by isola pain, the nipple burning, the nipples and areolas have pigmental decreased spots, which are eye -catching, and even yellow or bloody secretions may appear at the lesion. ThenIt may be suffering from breast cancer.

Itchy nipples, what are the precautions

1. Successful nutrition, maintaining strong breast muscles and full fat.

2. Sitting on the line, you can’t give up your chest, you should stand up, raise your head, close your abdomen, and go straight.

3. Make a bra with a combined bra for your breasts.Choose a soft and breathable cotton product, and take off your bra before going to bed to avoid the bra out of the nipples and breasts excessively, causing itching.

4, avoid accidental damage.It should be noted that the skin of the breast is very delicate. Do not scratch it with your hands directly when you feel itching.

5. Frequent cleaning breasts, especially nipples.It is not advisable to use soaps or soaps frequently. It can usually clean the breasts with warm water, which can stimulate the blood circulation of the breast and help enhance the elasticity of breast skin tissue.

6. Regular self -examination of breasts, regularly go to the doctor to do the breast department for examination.

The cause of nipple itching is relatively complicated. Some nipple itching is indeed caused by disease reasons. Therefore, when this happens, you must not taboo diseases and do not talk about it.Then, then

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