Itching is unbearable during pregnancy?You can handle this way

For women who are pregnant, they are very sad during pregnancy, because various discomfort will occur during pregnancy, such as common skin itching, itching of the whole body, itching of the belly, breast itching, etc.

What causes itching during pregnancy?

1. Hormonal impact

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body begins to change hormone levels, the skin will be sensitive, it is easy to start with rash and itching. In severe cases, it will affect the daily routine and mood.

Suggestion: Wearing cotton -based, avoid friction and static electricity in chemical fiber clothing, forming an external environment to stimulate the skin.

2. Seasonal impact

In different seasons, pregnant mothers will have different skin problems

Due to sweating in summer, it is prone to problems such as eczema or skin folliculitis

In winter, it will be reduced due to sebum secretion, and it is easy to dry out winter eczema or lack of fatty eczema.

Suggestion: Pay attention to the care and maintenance methods of different skin in different seasons.Bathing in summer, moisturizing in autumn, anti -freezing and applying fat -containing skin care products in winter and spring.

3. Food and drug allergies

After pregnant mothers eat spicy foods such as pepper, ginger and garlic, or contacting certain types of cosmetics, itching and rash will appear

Suggestion: Avoid allergic foods in diet, and seafood intake should be appropriate because it will increase itching of the skin.

Eat less spicy and irritating foods such as peppers, ginger and garlic, and severe itching. Pregnant women need to treat symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

4. Abnormal blood sugar and bile acid

If itching is unbearable, restless, and unable to sleep at night, it is easy to catch it consciously, the skin is damaged, and the skin is infected. It is likely that it is not simply dry and itching. Pay attention to pregnancy with cholecosteen stasis syndrome and diabetes.

Suggestions: The above situation can be seen in dermatology, obstetrics and traditional Chinese medicine department, blood test combination and total bile acid.

5. Pathogenic infection

If it is unbearable between the fingers and the slots of the toe, the skin is blistered with small water, but it will temporarily relieve itching and flow water to grab the skin. Pay attention to the infection of pathogens such as insect mites.

Suggestions: Infection of pathogenic bacteria, pregnant mothers should go to the dermatology department for diagnosis and treatment.

Simple summary: Eat more foods containing collagen fibers, do not frequently clean the skin, take a bath without high water temperature, control weight, do not scratch the skin with your hands, and rub the skin to relieve itching symptoms.

Is itchy skin during pregnancy?

30%of women will cause itching or other types of skin diseases during pregnancy.

It does not seem to affect the fetus, but you must not take it lightly!

For the sake of caution, we still have to report to the doctor’s office to let professional doctors diagnose.

Although there are many causes of skin itching during pregnancy, in addition to exercising more exercise and ensuring sufficient sleep, they usually have a reasonable meal to avoid allergens.

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Source: Guangdong Health

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