It is the first meat in summer, removing dampness and heat, and replenishing internal and external!People who are hot and sleepy, eat more people who love sweating more

According to family doctors

In the summer, it is too difficult to eat mouth meat!

Although the price of pork has fallen recently, the wallet is still unbearable. Besides, the old hens of the cattle and sheep, when you hear the name, make people hot. If you eat too much in summer, you are afraid of "pouring oil on the fire" ……

More importantly, the hot appetite is missing, and the meat is really difficult to swallow.

Do you eat and eat in summer?

In fact, there is a kind of meat particularly suitable for summer, which is not only affordable, but also a good health effect.

Eat this meat hot in the sky,

Nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing deficiency and nourishing the stomach!

This meat is duck meat!

Why is it particularly suitable for duck meat in summer?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the duck is sweet, flat, and slightly cold, and enters the stomach and kidney meridians.

Wang Mengying, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, praised that the duck meat "nourishes the yin of the five internal organs, the heat of the deficiency and labor, nourishing blood and water, nourishing the stomach and reinforcement."

In simple terms, duck meat can not only replenish, but also have the effect of relieve heat and heat.

In addition, we also said on it that it is easy to get hot and hot.

Therefore, the sweet and cool duck is the most suitable meat in summer.

However, there are some precautions for eating duck meat, and you must figure it out before eating.


Two types of people eat special supplements, four types of people are better not to touch

1. Two types are suitable for eating duck meat

People with humid heat and heat in the body are suitable for eating duck meat, especially people with low fever, weakness, loss of appetite, dry pharyngeal dry mouth, less constipation, low urine, spleen deficiency edema, and self -sweat and sweating.

2. Four categories are not suitable for eating duck meat or duck soup

Menstrual pain;

Cold caused by cold, diarrhea, abdominal pain, backache;

Patients with gastric ulcers or gastric bleeding, duck soup can stimulate gastric acid secretion;

Duck meat contains more protein, and patients with acute nephritis or acute, chronic renal insufficiency or uremia will increase the condition.

"Choose Ducks"

What kind of ducks to eat?Look at your physique!

As the saying goes, "The tender duck is wet and poisonous, and the old duck nourishes yin."

In other words, people who are affected by summer dampness are more suitable for eating duck, while old ducks are suitable for nourishing yin, and most people are suitable for eating.

What is summer dampness?

In summer, hot and rainy, people often suffer from wet evil and spleen, and therefore appears signs such as fatigue, fatigue, suffering from bloating and upset, and less diarrhea. It is called summer dampness.

In addition, "eating male ducks in summer and eating female ducks in autumn", because the male duck is slightly cold, it is more suitable for eating in the summer.

"Cooking Tips"

I don’t understand these two things, the ducks are boiled.

1. How to remove the fishy smell?

Many people are unwilling to eat ducks. There is a very important reason -the fishy smell is heavy.

Give everyone a few tricks to remove the fishy smell–

① The smell of Yangya is relatively heavy, try not to.You can use water ducks or ducks. If you are stewed soup, water duck is more suitable.

② Dry duck blood completely when killing duck.

③ Remove the two meat beans at the end of the duck.

(If you are not killed duck yourself, you can ask the staff in the market to help) help)

④ Wash the ducks several times with water, put it in the pot, add water without the duck, and add cooking wine, green onion, ginger, and a small amount of pepper and salt.Then boil the heat, skim the foam in the pot, and turn to low heat for about 30 minutes.

2. Cooking duck soup is the easiest to make this mistake

Many people always think that the longer the soup is cooked, the more nutritious soup is.

However, the soup is too long, and the purine and fat content in the soup are very high, which can easily cause high blood pressure and gout.

If green vegetables are added to the soup, the nutrients in the vegetables will be lost for too long, and the content of potassium and oxalate in the soup will increase the risk of kidney stones for a long time.

Suggestion: The meat soup is about 1 hour, and the maximum is not more than 2 hours; the fish soup time is controlled within 1 hour.

There are many ways to eat ducks. If you can’t cook with your mind, look down-

The 3 ways of eating ducks are most suitable for those who are hot and sweaty and sleepy.

1. Suitable for people with heavy humidity in summer

★ Chen Pi Lian Meat Potal Duck Soup

Materials: 6 grams of Chenpi, 50 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of stir -fry rice, 50 grams of Huaishan, 3 slices of ginger, 250 grams of water duck meat.Method: The ducks are handled first. Wash the barley, lotus seeds, Huaishan, Chenpi, and ginger for later use; then put all the ingredients into the soup pot, add water, boil it with high heat first, then use a small fire for 1 hour, seasoning, then seasoningCan.Comments: This soup can nourish the spleen and stomach, eliminate dampness and diarrhea, and it is especially better to have heavy and rotten stools.

2. Suitable for people who sweat more and can’t sleep

★ Western ginseng pot water duck soup

Materials: 15 ~ 20 grams of American ginseng, 250 grams of water duck meat, 12 grams of longan meat.Method: Slice the American ginseng first, cut the water duck meat for later use; then wash the three soups with water, put it in the clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with a high fire, and then change it to a small fire pot.Comments: This soup is suitable for people with poor sleep quality, weakness, weakness, sweat, and dry mouth.

3. Suitable for people with bad appetite

★ Winter melon fresh lotus leaf pot duck

Materials: 800 pieces of old winter melon, 1/3 of fresh lotus leaves, 80 grams each of lentils, lentils, and barley.Method: Winter melon peel and seeds; soaked with lentils and barley;Laip the clay pot and add 3000 ml (about 12 bowls). After boiling the high heat, change the fire pot for about 1 hour to season.Comments: This soup is clear to heat the heat, quench thirst, nourish yin, and nourish yin, and it is suitable for men, women, and children.

In addition to duck meat, you can also eat these things in summer-

Summer Qingbu

You can also eat these 3 kinds of food

1. Western ginseng

Don’t think that ginseng is exclusive to winter, and you can eat ginseng in summer, and American ginseng is very suitable!

Western ginseng is cool and supplemented, which can help righteousness, reduce fire, live fluid, and remove annoyance.

Hot and more sweat will lose qi, lose the human body’s yin, hurt the virtual fire, and cause symptoms such as fatigue, upset, red urine and red urine.

At this time, you can take 1 to 2 grams of Western ginseng and soak the water for tea.

2. loach

Loach is also known as the "water ginseng" in the summer. It can make up for the qi, quench thirst, and sober.

★ Loach stew tofu

Method: 500 grams of loach, process spare; cut tofu pieces; loach into the pot, add salt, appropriate amount of water, simmer until the five mature, add tofu, and then simmer until the loach is rotten.Comments: It has the function of clearing heat and dampness, which can be cleared.

3. Two leaves

You can also eat these two leaves in hot days- ——

① Mint leaves

Mint leaves are cool, can evacuate wind and heat, Qingli leader.

Usually cook noodles and boil soup, add mint leaves to boil the moment before leaving the pan. It should be matched with lean meat. It is fresh and fresh, or chopped into melon and stir -fry.

If the tongue sores and bad breath, take 3 ~ 6 grams of dry mint or fresh mint boiling slices to cool the moment, and drink from time to time.

② lotus leaf

The lotus leaf is flat, bitter, and has the functions of clearing heat and dampness, promoting Qingyang, cooling blood and stopping bleeding.

Summer trials:

Prevention of heatstroke: 15 grams of fresh lotus leaves, 30 grams of watermelon peel, boiled water to drink.

Summer cold: When dizziness, physical difficulties, low heat, etc., you can use 15 grams of fresh lotus leaf, 15 grams of lentils, 10 grams of tinbroxas to boil water for tea, and take a small amount of frequency.

The urine in the summer is yellow: 15 grams of fresh lotus leaves, 15 grams of fresh bamboo leaves, and boiled water for tea.

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