It is said that "sour girls", know the baby’s gender during pregnancy. Are these three experiences reliable?

Lingling has been married for 5 years. Now her daughter is more than three years old and she is pregnant with a second child again, so she is ready to let her mother -in -law move from her hometown to facilitate picking up her daughter to kindergarten.The fetus can have a son, and always ask Lingling if there are any symptoms. For example, Lingling wanted to eat oranges that day, and her mother -in -law said, "Orange is sour, sour girl, you will have a son in the second child." Lingling wants to eat sour one day.Spicy powder, I want to eat a large bowl, my mother -in -law nodded again: "The second child must have a son, yes!"

Originally, Lingling felt that the second child didn’t matter whether it was a boy and a girl, but now I listened to my mother -in -law every day, and she was more and more concerned about the gender of the second child.What are the differences, and the "sour girls" often said in the past are not reliable.

Let’s analyze it first, why is Bao Ma cared about the gender of the baby in the early days of pregnancy?

1. Because of curiosity.

Many women do not have the thoughts of men and women themselves, but they still can’t help but want to know the sex of the baby, mainly because curiosity is too strong.Is it true? "Many Baoma was curious about whether she was pregnant with a boy or a girl, and when she began to pay attention to the boy and girl, she felt different, so she began to verify these conjectures one by one.

Many women do not focus on men and women, but they still want to know the sex of the baby. It is mainly curious. For exampleReally ", many Baoma is curious about whether he is pregnant or girl, so he will pay more attention to the difference between the feeling of the boy and the girl, and test these views one by one.

2. Because of personal gender preferences.

Many women like girls around them, so they will prepare various pink clothing and supplies for their babies during pregnancy.Women who like boys will prepare blue baby products.Because parents have a preference for the sex of the baby, it will also cause Baoma to want to know the sex of the baby during pregnancy. This is a humanistic.

3. Because of various pressures.

Like Lingling in the above case, because her mother -in -law is young and female, she starts to care about the gender of the second child. Some Baoma also wants to have a girl because of the pressure of the psychological economy because the first child is a boy, and she will also be in the gender of the fetus.The reason why Baoma cares about the fetus when she is pregnant with a second child is psychological pressure on the one hand, on the one hand, economic pressure and social pressure.It is recommended that Baoma relax the mentality, the child’s health is the most critical.

We talked about why Bao Ma cares about the gender of the fetus. Below, let’s take a look at the physiological difference between Bao Ma’s early days when his son and his daughter.Of course, these may not be scientifically tested, it is just a kind of experience of people who came.

1. After the last menstruation, the pregnancy time is different.

When you learn to be pregnant and go to the hospital for examination, the doctor generally ask the last vacation time. This is mainly used to judge the baby’s due date, but many Baoma will also judge the baby’s gender based on this.Some Baoma believes that when you are pregnant, you can find pregnancy in the past few days.When Huai Nao Bao was postponed for more than ten days when the next holiday was postponed, and the phenomenon of bed bleeding will appear when Huai Nanbao.

2. Early pregnancy preference for food.

In the past, people often said that sour girls. Once Baoma started to like sour things after pregnancy, it is the sign of a boy. If you like spicy food, it is a sign of a girl.In fact, there is no scientific basis in this regard. Each person’s constitution is different, and the food preferences after pregnancy will also be different.

Many Baoma who has given birth to children will indeed have differences in diet in the early stages of pregnancy.But there are many main reasons, not as simple as sour girls.So don’t be overly superstitious, adjust your mindset, and wait until the final surprise.

3. Different pregnancy vomiting reactions in early pregnancy.

There is another saying during pregnancy. It is probably that when she is pregnant with a girl, it will vomit hard in the early pregnancy, and it is often pregnant with boys who do not vomit.However, this statement is also an experience of people who came over. I feel that there is no scientific basis. Most parents will have pregnancy vomiting in the early days of pregnancy. For example, when you smell some smell, you will feel nauseous.It can be lighter, but these phenomena will be relieved in the second trimester, and the appetite will become better.

Today’s topic: Did you feel these feelings when you were pregnant?

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