It is recommended to eat more foods in the knee joint joint

Hurrying and jogging is a way for many people to choose, but not everyone is suitable.Some people have knee pain due to improper exercise, which is difficult to walk.Li Yanruo, deputy chief physician of the Sports Medical Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, reminded that knee joint pain is a common symptom of orthopedic surgery, which may be caused by excessive strain, or it may be damaged by the knee joint.

What to do if the knee unwell

The knee joint is a load -bearing joint for the lower limbs. If the knee is discomfort during exercise, you must stop exercise in time to do a related examination to see what the damage is, and deal with it in time.Because there are a lot of anatomical structures in the knee, it is difficult for you to judge. It is recommended to see it as soon as possible to let the doctor judge which structure is injured.

Different structures are injured, and the recovery time is not the same as processing.If it is relatively superficial and slightly damage, it may be possible to rest for one or two weeks or two or three weeks.However, if you have damage such as a half-moon plate or ligament or even cartilage, and the degree of damage is more severe, the rest time may be a little longer or even 4-5 weeks.Like severe ligament breaks, minimally invasive surgical treatment is also required.

Because the probability of osteoporosis in the elderly, the bone toughness is poor and crispy, and the qi and blood are not as many as young people, the knee wear increases, and it is easy to bring problems such as knee pain and flexion difficulties.Many young people also cause knee discomfort due to improper exercise and trauma.Due to insufficient power support, it is easy to increase the chance of knee strain, at this time, wearing the right knee pad can effectively protect the knee joint.

To eat the knee joint

In addition to proper exercise and reduction of weight -bearing exercise, you can also protect your knees through diet.

Calcium is inseparable from bone growth.You can eat more foods with high calcium content in daily life, such as milk, eggs, peanuts, kelp, shrimp skin, soybeans, nuts, etc. If you are serious, you can replenish calcium tablets under the guidance of a doctor.

Eating foods rich in protein and collagen can also keep knee.Such as fish, eggs, meat, beef hills, pig ears, fish skin, phoenix claws, trotters, etc. These foods can supplement protein, calcium, and can grow cartilage and joint lubrica, making bones and joints betterCalcium metabolism is performed to protect the knee.

In addition, it is recommended that you eat less foods with high oxa acid and salty foods. These foods can easily cause calcium loss, reduce calcium absorption, and is not conducive to bone growth.(All media reporter Zhang Qingmei correspondent Zhang Cancheng and Wang Xue)

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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