It is good for exercise during pregnancy, but it is appropriate to master it


A moderate scientific movement during pregnancy is beneficial

Many pregnant mothers started as they were pregnant, because they knew that there was a lively life in her stomach, so she began to become careful, and began to pay attention to diet hygiene, strengthen nutritional supplements, eat and drink every day, and people were attentive.

But it is precisely because of this caution that many pregnant mothers ignore the important thing during pregnancy -pregnancy exercise.

Recently, star Tang Yixin has a photo of her swimming during pregnancy, and Chen Yihan ran 5 kilometers during pregnancy, and a mother who had 8 weeks of pregnancy ran the marathon with a ball 8 weeks last year.

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It caused a lot of heated discussions from pregnant mothers, and couldn’t help asking: Is it really possible to exercise during pregnancy?Will it not cause abortion?

This matter is really unclear, and the exercise during pregnancy varies from person to person. Let me share it with you today.

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Whether during pregnancy or after delivery, our doctors generally recommend that expectant mothers to exercise appropriately.

Because proper exercise is not only conducive to blood circulation metabolism, but also for the healthy growth of the fetus.

Overall, it is not suitable for severe exercise during pregnancy, and you don’t need to exercise more muscles through exercise.

However, it is necessary to strengthen existing muscles and need to improve bone density and bone strength, especially the stability training of the pelvis, and enhance the strength and endurance of the hip and pelvic floor muscles.

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What are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?


Relieve back pain and reduce edema

As we all know, after all, having a child is an individual work, and the increasing uterus and fatness of the body can easily change the entire body’s center of gravity of the pregnant mother.

Coupled with the relaxation of ligaments during pregnancy secretion during pregnancy and long -term adverse posture, it greatly increases the burden on the back muscles, so many pregnant mothers will have back pain during pregnancy.

Proper massage and exercise and gymnastics training can accelerate the blood circulation of the waist and back muscles and relieve the soreness of the back and back.


Control blood sugar and weight

Proper exercise can help pregnant mothers control blood sugar, consume excess calories, control weight, prevent and treat diabetes during gestational, and the most effective non -drug treatment of pregnant sugar mothers during exercise.

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Help childbirth

Proper exercise can enhance cardiopulmonary function, prevent and reduce asthma and panic caused by pregnancy, enhance physical endurance, and prepare for the best smooth delivery.

And muscle contraction exercises during exercise can increase the strength and elasticity of abdominal muscles, back muscles and pelvic muscles.

Studies have shown that if the pregnant mother maintains moderate exercise during pregnancy, the childbirth time can be shortened by 3 hours, and the postpartum recovery speed will be faster and better.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy exercise?

Everything requires a gradual process from 0 to 10, as well as exercise during pregnancy.


The principle of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy should be based on the premise of not feeling fatigue, and the rhythm of exercise is soothing.

Due to the different physical fitness of each person and the physical strength that can accept the body, if the exercise brings physical discomfort, it should be suspended first, and in severe cases, you should rush to the hospital immediately.

It is recommended to pregnant mothers: in the early pregnancy, it mainly focuses on soothing aerobic exercises; indirect exercise, pay attention to hydration to avoid excessive increased body temperature (special attention in the first 12 weeks, avoid exceeding 39.2 ° C)

In the second trimester, you can adjust the amount of exercise according to your own situation; prone motion should be prohibited after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

During the third trimester, the amount of exercise is gradually reduced. At this time, the burden of pregnant mothers increases, and excessive fatigue should be avoided.

Avoid hypoglycemia and avoid exercise for more than 45 minutes, pay attention to monitoring.

When doing aerobic exercise, pay attention to avoid fetal hypoxia. Pregnant mothers with loose joints are prone to injuries. It is recommended to wear joint protective gear.

It is worth noting that many pregnant mothers like to walk and climb the stairs, but many pregnant mothers with insufficient core forces are not suitable for walking, because the pelvis will lean forward and lean back while walking.It is easy to cause lumbar compensation, back pain, and even if the pelvis is unstable, the pelvic displacement may occur.

We often see some pregnant mothers walking more clinically. In the later period, there may be problems such as pubic bone pain, tailbone pain, butt pain and other problems.

It is best to have a rehabilitation division to evaluate it to see if your core force is enough to take 10,000 steps or even 30,000 steps to judge whether your gluteal muscle walking posture is correct?Is it the gluteal muscle to do the engine to step by?Did you go in place?Like duckling, walk with the muscles on the outside. If you go wrong, you will go more and more problems.

Therefore, exercise during pregnancy is good, but we must step by step within your own ability.


Follow the exercise habits before pregnancy

If you usually have sports habits, you can do some exercise according to your physical condition during pregnancy.

Slightly "fierce" can be Pilate, jog or swimming, or you can choose softer exercises, such as pregnant women yoga, walking, up and down stairs, etc.

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Expectant mothers can also do some simple gymnastics, such as stretching, hip rotation, squat, feet rotation, butterfly movement, which is conducive to soothing the tension of whole body muscles.

For swimming, although swimming during pregnancy helps expectant mothers to maintain their body shape and reduce pregnancy reactions, they are not suitable for every pregnant mother. It should be determined by the actual situation and the guidance of the professionals to determine whether it is suitable for swimming activities during pregnancy.Essence

So, what kind of exercise intensity is more suitable for pregnant mothers?

Medium intensity!For example: Aerobic exercise 5 times a week, more than 30 minutes each, the effective exercise time is based on the heart rate of 120 times per minute. This is the standard of the movement of normal people. Pregnant mothers can refer to it.

Middle intensity can also be calculated like this:

The maximum heart rate (220-age) controlled at 60%-70%of the heart rate is medium intensity.

For pregnant mothers, exercise intensity is sufficient and can exercise cardiopulmonary function at the same time.


What should I do if I encounter pseudo -contractions when exercise?

During pregnancy, pseudo -contractions are likely to be encountered, especially in the third trimester, which is a very common phenomenon.

At this time, you should stop exercise first, find a quiet place to rest, adjust your breathing, and wait until you return to calm. If you feel uncomfortable and difficult to relieve, you should go to the hospital immediately.

In addition, the fetal movement, bleeding, and exposure of amniotic fluid should be stopped immediately.

The May Day holiday is coming. I believe that many pregnant mothers plan to travel because of the epidemic, and can properly do some exercise or take a walk with their families.Fatigue, avoid depression.

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