It is easy to lose hair after pregnancy. What is so "bald"?

The dense black long straight that is proud of before pregnancy

After pregnancy, it fell more and more

In the end, the loss of nutrition

Still hormones are chaotic

How to maintain hair during pregnancy

Don’t let the hair from saying goodbye from here

Today, Xiaoai answers you

What is the cause of hair loss during pregnancy?

1. Hormone changes in the body

During pregnancy, hair loss is not because of the gender of the fetus, but because after pregnancy, the hormone secretion of the pregnant mother changes, resulting in the acceleration of metabolism in the body, so this will occur.This is also a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, so pregnant women do not need to care too much.

2. Washing method

Many pregnant women may make a common error when washing their hair, that is, they like to scratch the scalp. In fact, it is very harmful to the scalp, and some pregnant women may still roll their hair with a towel after washing their hair.This is very damaged.

3. mental stress

Even if you are not pregnant, if the mental state is not good and the pressure is too high, hair loss may be lost.Therefore, it is also critical to maintain good sleep quality and mental state during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother’s psychological pressure is too large, it may cause neurological disorders, insufficient blood supply to the scalp, and cause hair loss.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must adjust their emotions and create a good sleeping environment for themselves to ensure a good mental state.

4. Balanced nutrition

01. Lack of protein

We all know that protein is the material foundation of life. If it lacks protein, the body will be prone to fatigue, decreased resistance, edema, and hair to dry, and even fall off.

In addition, the main component of the hair is keratin, so if the body lacks protein, the hair will also lead to sparseness and hair loss.

If the body is obviously lacking protein, the hair growth will slow down, and it will easily fall off and the hair will become worse, such as thinning, dryness, and lighter color.

02. Lack of folic acid

Folic acid, as the essential substance for the growth and reproduction of the body, participates in the synthesis of many important substances in the body of protein, DNA, hemoglobin, has an important role in cell division and growth.The hair follicles have many wool nipple cells, and hair nipple cells play the main corner in the development and growth of the hair follicles.

Therefore, the lack of folic acid in the human body can lead to the division and proliferation of hair nipple cells, which will cause hair follicles to develop poor or even close, which will eventually lead to hair loss.

How to care for hair while breastfeeding?

Nutritional balance

During pregnancy, hair loss is closely related to the lack of nutrition. The protein and folic acid supplements mentioned above are essential. It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose chicken, fish, shrimp, etc. with high high -quality protein content. Daily milk and eggs are essential.If you do not absorb well, you can choose nutritional supplements to add additional supplements.

Folic acid supplements can choose green leafy vegetables. However, the absorption rate of the human body is not high. Therefore, it is recommended that it can meet the demand by supplementing folic acid additives.

During pregnancy, breastfeeding nutrition supplements can choose love and love, supplement the high -quality bioprotein of animals and plants while supplementing 400 μg of activated folic acid to meet the needs of folic acid during pregnancy. Active folic acid is not affected by folic acid metabolism and can be directly absorbed by the human body.On the basis of combining the characteristics of Chinese mothers and the relevant research and guidelines of the Chinese Nutrition Society, Aiwei Ai supplement 16 kinds of nutrients that Chinese mothers are prone to lack. In the case of daily diet, nutritional intake is more balanced and sufficient.


Keep your mood happy.During pregnancy and postpartum hair loss is not a disease, don’t be nervous.This is just a process of metabolism.Relax and avoid vicious circulation.Good emotions are more conducive to sleep. If mothers during pregnancy and lactation, if they can ensure sleeping 7-8 hours a day, it is also conducive to the health of the scalp and relieve the symptoms of hair loss.

In terms of hair care skills

① Shampoo.Don’t shampoo frequently.It is difficult to accurately determine how long it should be washed hair, so this is grasped according to personal circumstances.But one thing is not recommended to wash it a day whether it is dry or oily.

② Blow hair.Do not blow all the time when blowing, usually 70 % or 80 % of them.

③ Comb hair.You can often comb your hair to stimulate the scalp, thereby promoting blood circulation, which is conducive to the metabolism of the hair.Use your fingers as a comb can also have the same effect.

④ Reduce the number of hair blowing.The safety of the potion or dyeing cream of the hair cannot be guaranteed, and the hair that has been dyed lacks water and luster at the same time.If you want to dye your hair, the interval time of each dyeing hair is extended.Do not do your hair frequently.

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