It is called a fetus killer, and pregnant women do n’t touch it. Beware of fetal malformations

Now people pay more and more attention to preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy. Some people say that they are not so particular about, it doesn’t matter. The older generation has not seen how to maintain it. The children are not still born!The one -sidedness of this is to pay attention to all aspects during pregnancy. If you don’t pay attention to accidents, it is irreversible, and regret is too late.Some pregnant mothers may have good constitution, good luck, and taboo foods. Some pregnant mothers are weak in their physical fitness, their fetuses are not stable, or they are in early pregnancy. They do not pay attention to diet. They really happen.Well, "it" is called "fetal killer", and pregnant women don’t touch it again, beware of the fetal malformations!

Ginkgo: Ginkgo fruit ginkgo contains trace hydrocyanic acid, which is toxic. It is very easy for pregnant women to cause the baby’s nerves after eating more ginkgo.When eating these foods that affect nerves at that time, it is easy to cause fetal malformations.

Crab: Crab is cold, and the heterogeneous protein contained in it can directly or indirectly activate the immune cells in the pregnant mother’s body, causing the release of chemical media, and it is easy to cause symptoms of allergies in the whole body, including diarrhea, intestinal spasm, and even stimulating uterine contraction.EssenceIf the pregnant mother is not allergic, it is also possible to take a bite of crabs, but if you eat a lot, it is easy to cause other adverse reactions, which is very dangerous for the fetus.

Town potatoes: Potatoes contain alkaloids. The longer the more potato biological alkali content, the higher the content of the potato.Too much consumption of this potatoes can affect the normal development of the fetus and cause fetal malformation.Of course, the individuals of people are very different, and not everyone will have abnormalities after eating, but pregnant women still do not eat it, especially do not eat potatoes that are stored for a long time.

际 实: 荸 上 is actually the horseshoe that we often say. This kind of food can be eaten directly as a fruit, or it can be used as vegetables. Many people prefer this kind of food.However, pregnant moms can’t pouting. No matter how much I like to eat coriander before pregnancy, I must restrain themselves after pregnancy.This kind of food is cold and profitable, and it has the danger of promoting uterine contraction and causing miscarriage.

"It" is called a "fetal killer". Don’t touch the pregnant woman, beware of the fetal deformity!

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