It is also beautiful during pregnancy, and the collection of skin care products during pregnancy!Those skin care products they have used

Cherry tomatoes received some private messages from many babies during this time. How can I find good skin care products about the time during pregnancy and lactation?I also hope that the babies are not because they do n’t answer you, because they have n’t entered this stage, so there is no way to answer the baby experience, but the cherry tomatoes have recently talked about this topic with girlfriends who are breastfeeding. As a result,This girlfriend Barabara said a lot about it. Zhuoming mother had some recommendations and experiences on skin care products, so cherry tomatoes sorted out this article. I hope that the babies who have been consulted before can refer to it.

As a senior mice, girlfriend K, from pregnancy to now breastfeeding, has been in hibernation and skin care products. Skin care products only choose basic hydration and moisturizing.Well, she feels safe and does not have an impact on the baby.For Xiao K’s biggest change, the biggest change of baby is that you can’t smell the fragrance. Before pregnancy, Xiao K is a perfume madness. I like to buy perfumes the most.It is strange that the smell of perfume is dizzy and breathless, so most of the cosmetics now choose cosmetics to choose without fragrance or fragrance.

Or the old rules first introduce the skin quality of the small K: when the sequelae of the mice → dry sensitive muscle

The above products have only recorded the remaining food at home. Some products are also suitable for breastfeeding sensitive muscles, because if you use the bottle after use, you will not share it.These products only represent Xiao K’s preferences and experiences. Everyone’s skin and feelings are different, so for reference only ~

KIEHL’s Kieyan Special Effects High -Human Moisturizing Noodle Gel

KIEHL’s Cobe’s toner

Kiehl’s Cream Cream

Kiehl’s Kieyan’s Fengrun Moisturizer Essence Milk

Kiehl’s special effects high -moisturizing noodle gel, toner, cream, rich moisturizing water condensed essence: small K has been used from pregnancy to the present set, mixed with Fresh during pregnancy, all series of Fresh series, but it feels moisturizing effect when it is used.This set is better, so that this set has been repurchasing.The main components of the high moisturizing series are corner sharks, almond oil, vitamin E and avocado oil.The cleansing is a translucent gel -shaped, 150ml of large capacity, pushing it out in the palm of the hand, the foam is not many but very delicate and delicate.It; toner is a milky gel texture, which is thicker than ordinary lotion. It can be absorbed by lightly, which is very moisturizing. The cream is his star product. The milky white texture is relatively thin.After using the skin, you can keep it all day long; the essence milk is a translucent white color gel texture. After opening it, it will become small water beads.Proper

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden 21 days of Effect Cream

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden New Generation Time and Space Capsule Essence

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden Eye Eye Eye Eye

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Jamaden’s 21 -day Effect Cream, the New Year Space -Time Capsule Essence, Macross Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye: It is a relatively low -key and cost -effective brand in European and American brands. A few years ago, cherry tomatoes used vitamin C whitening capsules andThe grape seed mask feels pretty good. Xiao K said that she was really itchy recently and saw that the thousands of people pushed it. They couldn’t help chopping their hands. As a result, they still bought the comments and only bought the space -time capsule.The ingredients contain vitamin A fat, which is proven to be used in medicine to cause fetal malformations. Although the skin absorption is limited, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy.K still has a puppet in his heart, so don’t use it first. If the breastfeeding mother sees this article written by cherry tomatoes, buy it before weaning. The non -pregnancy and lactating relatives are recommended.The 21 -day show cream is a bit like the texture of yogurt. The taste is strange. It is definitely not the kind of smelling, but it is very moist; time and space face glue and eye glue are oily.With the soft and tender faces of Xianxiaoxi frost.Xiao K said that she likes the form of the capsule. It is very convenient to use a small one, but it may not be used for a small one at a time for the small face, so it is recommended to use a needle to squeeze out the required amount once, and then leave the rest.Put it up and use it next time, so that you can keep it fresh ~

MUJI Gentle Facial Washing Milk

MUJI high moisturizing and moisturizing lotion

MUJI Gently facial cleanser, high moisturizing and moisturizing lotion: It is said that it is a skin care product designed for sensitive muscles. It must be tried.Add, no spice, no color, no mineral oil.The facial cleanser does not have much taste. The foam is rich, but it feels tight after washing the face and may not be suitable for dry skin.The lotion is a sticky texture, but after shooting several times, I don’t feel very moisturizing and I will not buy it anymore.

Outeli large grape water activity moisturizing spray: 100%pure natural organic grape water, extracted through the new type of distillation of "low pressure, low temperature", retains a large amount of active ingredients in natural organic grape water, which can reduce skin sensitivity by 61.5%.Nowadays, the grape water is hot in the refrigerator and sprayed it in the refrigerator. It is so refreshing, very comfortable, and very gentle.

Dr. Chengye Labolabo Pores shrink: Cooperating with the tortured mask of Snow Show, some babies commented that this one really has the effect of shrinking pores, and it does not contain the mild alcohol. Xia K quickly buy it.Contains natural lactic acid ingredients, which can soften black and white heads in the pores and remove aging keratin. The taste of a citrus and mint is very refreshing. It is also very comfortable to apply the cleaning mask in the refrigerator.Effect.Because it contains ingredients such as spicy mint, camphor, be careful not to let the baby’s mouth and the skin be exposed to the skin when breastfeeding. It is irritating.

There is no alcohol, the texture is relatively light, easy to apply, easy to absorb, not sticky, but for the small dry skin of the small K, the moisturizing properties are slightly not enough. It must be used with the essence, and a bottle of 40g is used quickly.~

Apricot nucleus and other ingredients can moisturize and moisturize the skin.I felt a bit thick and a little white when I just painted the face, but it was absorbed when I patted it lightly. The moisturizing effect was not bad. It was not dry or oily all day. Sometimes it felt good to put it in the isolation.(Some babies privately said that this frost ingredients are not very good. Use cautiously. Xiao K checked the ingredients again. There are 6 preservatives added, but they are all added in a safe dose.You can choose to use it yourself. There is also an ingredients for retinol palmate, which is a ester formed by retinol (vitamin A) and palm acid (a saturated fatty acid, which is the main component of palm oil).The oxidation effect, retinol is a vitamin A, which is ignored by the little K. The same problem as Arden. It is not recommended to use pregnant women for insurance.Sometimes the research is not so thorough, but it is safe to feel that it does not contain fragrance. You have to study hard in the future ~)

FRESH Water Lills Nourishing Live Eye Cream: Contains water lilies extract rich in polyphenols, the essence of canteen extract, can continue to replenish moisture for 24 hours, improve dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is not greasy and refreshing, but it will be a bit mud.

HABA sharkane exquisite beauty oil and whitening beauty oil: It is also the essence oil pushed by 10,000 people, which is suitable for sensitive muscles. It is said that pregnant women can also use it. The ingredients are the corner shark anxle with a purity of 99.9%, which can soften the keratin and strengthen the moisturizing.Although it is oily, it is easy to absorb and not greasy. It is used in the frost. The skin is very soft and moist. Although a small bottle is only 15ml, it is really useful.See the introduction that this anti -stretch marks are also very useful, and the mothers of pregnancy can try it.

Bedma makeup remover powder: Very gentle makeup remover, using a lot of bottles, pink is mainly targeted at sensitive muscles, dryness and neutral skin, colorless and tasteless, it feels like toner water. It is very refreshing.enough.Introduction it is a combination of makeup removal, Shu Min, hydration, and clean skin. It does not need to use facial cleanser after using this makeup removal, but the small K is still used to washing the facial cleanser., Forever home.

Lily Bell Lili Bell Cotton: Little K has already used N bags, and I have used MUJI Cotton pads during the period, but it is still the best use of fine velvet cotton, no bleach and allergies, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thicknessJust, it is soft and not softened. It does n’t hurt if it is used for a lot of cheap.

MAMA KIDS Redna Pure Fruit Fruit Sunscreen Isolation During the pregnancy: I still want to find this one to find this. This is the actual series of Mamakids.Oil, there is a faint aroma of roses, light and easy to push, has a color moisturizing effect, sunscreen value spf33, PA ++, if you just want to have a good look and sunscreen, just apply this.

naturaglace moisturizing sunscreen concealer foundation

naturaglace long and thick mascara

naturaglace clear moisturizing oil control powder

naturaglace long -lasting speed dry eye liquid

naturaglace three -color gradient blush

naturaglace three -color eyebrow powder

naturaglace three -color eye shadow plate

Naturaglace moisturizing sunscreen concealer, clear moisturizing oil powder, long thick mascara, long -lasting fast dry eye liquid, three -color gradient blush, three -color eyebrow powder, three -color eye shadow plate: Japanese niche makeup brand, pure natural natural natural makeup brand, pure natural natural naturally natural naturally naturally naturalMineral materials and organic plant components are suitable for pregnancy and lactation. Although the texture is not as good as the big -name makeup, it can be achieved without adding and makeup.The long and thick effect of the paste is average, but the light makeup is sufficient and dry; the eyeliner pen tip is very soft, not very good, but the color is dark enough;The beads and light texture, sweeping the cheeks with a brush is very good; the eyebrow powder is also very recommended, the three -color gradient, in line with the changes of the eyebrows from deep to shallow, make the eyebrow shape very natural and can also be used as a nasal shadow; three -color eye shadow plates are used for the three -color eye shadow plate;The most important thing is BE1 earth color, versatile, and also bought PB1 pink purple. Occasionally it is used with clothes, which is better.

Special sunscreen on the face

Annea sunbon newborn sunscreen

ANeeper’s face -to -face sunscreen: The small golden bottle that had been bought before has been black. This year, I bought it for a dedicated face this year.The sunscreen index SPF50+PA ++++, adds an angelica ingredient to make the sunscreen more moisturizing, the cream texture, which is heavier than the small gold bottle, but it is easy to absorb and has the effect of whitening., But Xiao K is still used to unload it with Bedma.This is a combination of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. It is not recommended to use pregnant women in chemical ingredients. Little K also uses outdoor activities. Pregnant women recommend using new blue bottle, pure physical sunscreen, except for newborns, babies, babies, babies, babiesBoth and pregnant women can use it with confidence.

Mama & Kids pregnant women baby sunscreen: Needless to say, this brand is one of the best -selling maternal and baby brands in Japan. This sunscreen does not contain any spice and chemical additives. It is very gentle.Can be used with confidence, and no makeup removal. The sunscreen index is SPF23 PA ++. The lotion texture is very easy to absorb. The small K bought a 200ml large bottle, which is mainly used to apply the body.

Japanese -protein muscle double eyelid sticker: The age of the skin is really flawed. The double eyelids of the little K have loosened the inner doubles of the eyelids.Finding this double eyelid patch is really super invisible. The invisible effect of Dachen is also good, but it is darker than this color. This color is particularly suitable for small K, and it is suitable for plain face. The effect of eye shadow is not good.This viscosity is not very good. If you get sweaty and sweat, you can easily drop it with your hands. A pack of 30 pairs is not very useful, but you can ignore these disadvantages in the invisible portion.Repurchase.

Koji Dolly Wink

kiss me

Ali House Drawing

Shiseido love magic mirror eyeliner pen pen

Koji Dolly Wink, KISS Me, Drawing of Ali House, Shiseido Love Magic Mirror Eyeline Pen: The requirements of Little K on the eyeliner pen are good painting and unloading. I bought the bobbi brown eyeliner before it is really smooth.But removing makeup for a long time, and was abandoned by Xiao K.These four models are very easy to unload. It is easy to remove with Bedma very easily. Of course, the cost of unloading is that the waterproof effect is average, and it is easy to dizzy.Except for the love magic mirror to rotate the tail and end the water, the other three models are altered liquid -type, and shake it before the painting.KISS ME’s nib is the slender, and the color saturation is okay, and it is very good to paint (the love mirror must master the rotation strength to avoid too much water)

Forever ALOE LIPS Eternal aloe lip balm: I used this lip balm many years ago. Basic lips were used to get up in the morning before going to bed, so I kept it at home.Lipstick contains 100%stable aloe vera gel and other plant ingredients. The disadvantage is that the texture is too soft and uses it fast, and you must not twist out the lipsticks.

Karen Murrell Lipstick: Little K search for lipsticks available to pregnant women during pregnancy. This jumps out. It is said to be able to eat natural plant ingredients.6″, 7″, 8″colors, 6″are pink pink, fresh and tender, suitable for plain face, very natural and beautiful; 7″gorgeous rose pink, color popularity in Korean dramas, very fashion; 8; 8; 8; 8; 8″Orange red suitable for all skin tones, bright colors, showing skin tone.The color saturation is very high, but it is better to apply lipstick before applying this.

Nailmatic Kids Children’s special nail polish: Little K has always insisted on not applying nail polish during pregnancy. Now it is too ugly to wear sandals without applying nail polish, so I think that children’s nail polish should be safe and non -toxic.The nail polish of this brand is rich in color and has a sequin. It does not use any organic solvents, no formaldehyde, no giant phenol, non -BPA, no collar phenol, no fragrance to add.Go, do not need to remove nail oil, do not cause secondary damage to your nails, but it is troublesome. If you take a bath every day, apply it every day.

KLAANE Koulan Quinning Golden Chicken Monova Vitamin B Anti -hairless hair washing water, ulcer oil -controlled fluffy fluffy shampoo: Little K after giving birth to the baby, the hair is particularly soft, it is soft, and it is too uncomfortable to stick to the scalp on the scalp a day without washing your hair a day.It has been used by Green Deya, Zi Lu, Awaron, etc., but the effects are average. When many friends recommend this, I bought these two models.It’s really good, that is, the fragrance is a bit strong, and the conditioner is needed after washing. The taste of the urtica is relatively fresh, but the oil -controlled fluffy effect is not introduced as good as it can be maintained.series.

AUSSIE Kangaroo is rich in fluffy shampoo: Little K uses this shampoo is also recommended by Internet celebrities. There is no silicon, mild and irritating, contains wild black cherry skin ingredients, which can make the hair rich and fluffy and calm the oil control.This shampoo has a kind of fruit sugar that it tastes very sweet. Although the effect of controlling the fluffy oil control is average, the process of shampooing is very pleasant and enough.

Sukin moisturizer and remove hair washing water and conditioner: The moisturizing repair series bought during pregnancy, natural without silicon, transparent low bubble type, foam is not very dense, because it is silicon without astringency, you need to use conditioner.Very amazing effect.

Shiseido is free to wash water: Little K is prepared for confinement. After using the hair to dry it, it is greasy, but if you eat hot pot or smoke, use this to reduce the taste.Because it was in the summer, I could n’t bear the sweaty hair of the confinement, and I washed my hair with ginger and worn leaves. It felt comfortable without being cold.

Hope Q10 firm LPP hair mask: Xiao K remembers that the hair division recommended many years ago, the family has been hoarding at home, 1000ml large bottle, it is too durable, I can use the heating cap every week.In minutes, the hair is smooth and luster after rinse, which is especially suitable for the hair after dyeing.

Flower Cape air bangs 3D setting spray: I have bought a lot of styling before, and I have a good try to buy this bottle first, mainly spray bangs, buy green and casual type, a strong alcohol flavor, spray spray, sprayThere is a little hard, and the fluffy feeling is there, but it can’t be maintained for a few hours. It may be the best and lasting effect of purple 3D three -dimensional shaping, but because the alcohol taste is too large, it is not prepared for the time being.

Goat SOAP BODY WASH goat milk shower gel: Little K looks for the shower gel that pregnant women can use, and find this. The ingredients are mainly Australian farm, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, rice oil, palm oil, etc.It does not contain essential oil chemical products without dulate sulfate, animal fat, not phosphate, a faint milk flavor, the texture between glue and emulsion, it is very moist and comfortable, and the foaming power is also goodIt is easy to clean and clean the skin.

Victoria’s Secret Victoria’s secret body milk: Little K has always been unable to love body milk, even if you buy very refreshing, you feel that the body has a burden and does not like painting. This is brought back by my friend to the United States.The front adjustment is a sweet fruity fragrance. The rear tone is a strong floral fragrance. The fragrance is very long -lasting, but I have been idle

EVE’s Glow Coffee Fruits: See Introduction to this matte, which can remove the stretch marks decisively. A strong coffee flavor, matte like a slag of coffee, grinding on the body is thicker, SABON is very thick, this feels this feeling, this feelingIt is thicker than SABON. The effect of removing tattoos has not been seen yet, but after washing, it is too smooth and tender, because I don’t like to apply body milk. This is very moisturizing after washing.I can’t help but touch myself, but because I have no addition, I have to use it within one month after opening the can. For Xiao K, it is very easy. I can’t buy it every day every day.

OH BABY Silk Essence Body Fruits: Freshly rated the scrub, which stimulates the desire to try the little K, but after use, I doubt whether I bought a fake, and it should not be after confirmation again.The paste is very thick, the particles are more delicate. What I like is no flavor and no taste, but there is no smooth and tender feeling after use, and it may not be moisturized. Maybe everyone likes different feelings. I can only say that it is not suitable for me., I still recommend EVE’s Glow and Sabon. Sabon is somewhat fragrant. The lactating small K thinks it is more suitable for EVE’s Glow.

Okay.Thanks to your girlfriend’s experience sharing here. Finally, you have to thank your dear Bao Bao moms who can watch these sharing patiently. If the babies have other questions, you can leave a message.Ha ~ Favorite babies remember to pay attention to praise. Ha ~

S21 Double Breast Pump-Aurora Pink