It is also a pregnant woman. Sun Yan saw the audience nervous, but Yang Ying was ridiculous in help


Due to the needs of the plot, we can often see the characters played by actresses in the drama.The acting skills made the audience look nervous to follow, and the poor acting was like a diseaseless moaning, which made the audience look embarrassed. At this time, they could see the acting skills of all actresses.

Acting skills -Sun Yan

Sun Yan can be said to be a "maternal professional". The role of Zhen Huan, who played in "Zhen Huan", has still impressed the audience. In this drama, she has been pregnant four times and has experienced miscarriage twice. It may be due to Sun YanAt that time, I had experienced pregnancy and childbirth. The expressions and actions of playing pregnant women were in place. In the play in the play, because of the big month, she often hugged her belly with her hands when walking.Profit, it looks very realistic.

However, the most classic in the image of the pregnant woman played by Sun Yan is her difficulty in her in "The Biography of the Moon". The Yueyue played by Sun Yan is a person who has experienced many or more difficulties and finally moved towards the pinnacle of life.Eyebrows, she kept shouting "protecting children and keeping children". Her expression and shouting made people feel the painful heart and lung pain.EssenceSome female colleagues praised Sun Yan’s acting skills. She smiled and said, "It really burst out, I poured three breaths, ah ~ ah ~ ah ~."

Even Director Zheng Xiaolong praised her acting skills while telling the plot. "Yueyue gave birth to a child, she must be difficult to give birth, and she is still premature, because Yueyue was killed."

Emoticons and embarrassing acting -Yang Ying

Performing women have good acting skills, of course, there are also acting skills. Baby’s acting skills in "A Wind and Snowy Moon" need to be improved. In this film, Yang Ying, who is only 24 years old, bravely tried the show of pregnant women.It may be the reason why there is no experience. Her performance is a expression package at hand. The play is about the plot of the heroine who is about to produce parking for help when driving. She opened her mouth and made a sharp cry.He shouted "Help, is there anyone", his expression is embarrassed, his teeth are gritted, and the audience’s evaluation of this performance is mostly too hard, making people unable to feel the current isolation and pain of pregnant women.

However, in the next second, the camera turned around. In front of the camera, the heroine was wearing pants to have children on the side of the car. The audience couldn’t help asking, "How can we wear a pair of pants to give birth to the child? What is this operation!"It can only be said that this low -level wearing lens made the exaggerated performance worse. Yang Ying was very shocked by this. I did not expect that such a small detail was discovered by the audience. "Actually, I also want to know.At that time, the director made me do so. "

In addition, there are many shots of pregnant women in film and television drama.

In "Parenting Love", there is a show in the pregnant woman played by Mei Ting, which directly stuffs a pillow in. As she speaks, her belly shows the original shape.Essence

In the TV series "The Palace Lock Heart Jade", the fake Prince Zhu’s daughter -in -law was about to give birth. When it was helped by Eight Brother and Qingchuan, the white lane hidden in the clothes was exposed, although the expression and action of the pregnant womanThey are all in place, but the conspicuous wearing shots have made the audience play directly.

Some people may feel that actresses who have really given birth to children can play the role of pregnant women, but actresses who have never given birth to children in the entertainment industry are also vivid and realistic. In the final analysis, there is a gap between acting skills.

Not only that, there are many TV dramas. There are also pregnant women who can’t look directly at the lens. When they wear pants, they have children, and they are directly exposed to the pillow.

These low -level wearing lenses are simply treating the audience as fools. If you want to have a good drama that has been well received and can stand by the audience, not only the actors’ acting skills are online, but the crew’s preparations must be in place.

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