It is a sign of having boys and women. Is my dream really born with a daughter?

Is the baby in the belly a boy or a girl? This is a problem that every expectant mother will think more than once.Today I will talk about my baby dream.Whether it is a baby or a female baby, it is a baby’s dear baby!

Xiaobian often dreamed of in 5 months. Two dreams remembered very clearly after waking up.

One was a fire phoenix appeared in my dream.The dream is like this: I go back to my mother’s house by myself, and the houses around are well. Like a field -shaped community, every place is figured.I walked on the street alone, and saw a phoenix flying in the sky in the distance, then flew down, stood in front of me, beckoning to me, it bent my index finger and called me past.I didn’t pass it. It didn’t take long for it to burn the house, all around, and our family had to send people under the fence.Later, I woke up. I woke up. At that time, it was more than three o’clock in the middle of the night. I got up to the toilet and couldn’t sleep. I felt a nightmare.Then I checked it with my mobile phone and dreamed what the Phoenix meant.It is said on the Internet that she has a daughter and has a wealth of life.In the past, the emperor was a dragon and the queen was a phoenix, so the daughter born in the future must be rich and expensive.Later, I told my husband that I dreamed of Phoenix. He said that the dream was not allowed?

There was a dream that I had a daughter directly, and I saw it, and the glasses were watery.I don’t remember the others. Why did this dream tell me this time that I had a daughter.I told my husband again, my husband said that you want to have a daughter and want to be crazy.When I was in love with my husband, I said that I like my daughter, and I can have a daughter in the future.

Later, I told my girlfriend that she told me that the average dream will not be so direct.How could she see it for you? She said she dreamed of a little green snake and then became pregnant.Some people say that dreaming of snake is pregnant, and she dreamed of a little green snake, it is estimated that it was a girl.Now she looks like a girl, a big round, and I am a small pointed.I don’t know if I am a boy or a girl. There are no features in the later period. It is born in 3 months. The fetal movement is much more than before, but they are all jumping, and sometimes I feel like.I really don’t know what he was doing in his stomach. Sometimes he was wake up at night. You have to give me a reminder. I am going to start stocking.Double Eleven is coming, and my mother will buy it for you.Give me some reminders.

Will other mothers have a baby dream?Do you feel accurate?

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