Issue 226: After abortion, it needs to be given 6 months to pregnancy?Or it is not necessary!

In "The Voice of Mother and Baby" on January 06, we have interpreted 10 documents, follow: abortion, new crowns, outer sub -group sequencing, Mediterranean diet, PM2.5, fatty acid, Zika virus, benzodiazo, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina, vaginaFlora.

PLOS Medicine- [11.613]

① 49,058 babies born after abortion of the mother during the 2008-2016 of Norway, 23707 babies born after artificial abortion, according to their abortion/manual miscarriage to the interval of re-pregnancy, divided into <3 months group (group A), 3-5 month groups (group B), 6-11 months (control group), ≥12 month group (group C); ② Compared with the control group, group A and B after abortionThe risk of children decreased by 15%and 10%; ③ The risk of gestational diabetes in group A after abortion has also been reduced, and the risk of women in group B after artificial abortion decreases greater than the risk of fetal age; ④ Women can be aborted or artificial abortionTry to get pregnant immediately.

【Editor -in -chief】

Guidelines, including WHO, recommend that women have waited at least 6 months after abortion and artificial abortion before they can get pregnant again to avoid complications during pregnancy.But the evidence that supports this proposal is insufficient.Through the analysis of crowd data, women who found that abortion and artificial abortion will not increase premature birth, spontaneous premature birth, less than fetal age, signs of eclampies, gestational diabetes, etc. within 6 months of pregnancy and abortion.The risk of pregnancy ending.Even to a certain extent, the risk of some diseases has been reduced.Therefore, regarding this suggestion, it may be updated after other evidence.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

InterpregNANCY Interval and Adverse Pregnancy Outcoms AMONGNANCIES FOLLOWING MISCARRIAGES Or Induced Abortions in Norway: A Cohort Study

2022-11-22, Doi: 10.1371/Journal.pMed.1004129

Bjog: An interiorJournal of obstetrics and gynaecology- [7.331]

① From October 2020 to October 2021, it was included in maternal data from 7 low -income countries and regions; ② During childbirth, 26%of women were positive for new crowns, 4 in the monitoring period, 4In the quarter, the positive rate showed an upward trend (13.8% VS 15.4% VS 21.0% VS 40.9%); ③ The positive rate of 7 regions also has differences; ④ After adjusting the mixed factorThere is no statistical correlation with the infection of the infection of the new crown virus infection with the premature birth; ⑤ The risk of bleeding after the production of new crown anti -body positive women has increased.

【Editor -in -chief】

This study was conducted in women of pregnant women and newborn health registers (MNHR) in the health network of global women and children.Guatemala conducted a look -based research on the crowd.From the analysis of these large samples, although the positive rate of new crown virus in the pregnant women is relatively high, it has not found the impact of the new crown positive on the endless pregnancy ending.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

COVID-19 Antibody Positivity Over Time and Pregnancy Outcomes in Seven Low-ACOME COUNTRIES: A Prospective, Observational OF the Global NE TWORK for Women’s and Children’s Health Research

2022-12-12, doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.17366

Ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology- [8.678]

① Incorporate 72 patients with eligible fetuses abnormal pregnant women, 48 of which are willing to accept the sequencing of the outer appende, and one -third of women refuse to invade the examination. Another 42%of pregnant women only agree to use chromosomal micro -array examination.And reject the sequencing of the external appendal group; ② the diagnosis of the pathogenic genetic genetic mutation of the outer sub -show group is 23%; ③ whether the proportion of women who determine the end -stage pregnancy termination is 25%, no difference;Compared with the information of no external appendage information, the proportion of late pregnancy terminals was significantly higher (63.6% VS 13.8%) after the lesion of the lesion genetic mutation was detected.

【Editor -in -chief】

The prenatal diagnosis center to carry out fetal outer outer sub -group sequencing (WES) is a clinical solution for genetic disease screening. It provides a detection method for rare cases or family spectrum cases.By summarizing the clinical cases, this study discovered some characteristics of the pregnant women who agreed to carry out the sequencing of the outer show group, and provided data support for further promotion of screening.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Prenatal Exome Sequencing and IMPACT on Perinatal Outcome: Cohort Study

2022-12-12, Doi: 10.1002/UOG.26141

Jama network open- [13.353]

① Incorporate 7798 pregnant women’s data, 9.7%of which are elderly maternal (≥35 years), and 19.5%suffer from obesity at the baseline; ② Calculate the Mediterranean Diet Scores (AMED) based on diet data within 3 months before conception; ③The higher the AMED score, the decrease in the risk of adverse pregnancy ending. Among them, the probability of signs of eclampsida/eclampia is reduced by 21%, and the risk of gestational diabetes is 37%; ④ This association is among people with different races, ethnic and pre -pregnancy women’s weight indexes.There is no statistical difference, but the relationship between the elderly maternal is more significant; ⑤ AMED scores are risky and the risk of adverse pregnancy ending presents the dose reaction relationship.

【Editor -in -chief】

In this study, the data analysis of the crowd queue found that the Mediterranean diet ratings are higher (that is, those closer to the Mediterranean diet model), and the risk of adverse pregnancy ending (including signs of eclampsion, gestational diabetes, etc.) occurs.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Association of a Mediterranean Diet Pattern with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among us WOMEN

2022-12-22, doi: 10.1001/jamnetworkOpen.2022.48165

Journal of Exposition Science and Environmental EpIDemiology- [6.371]

① Including 405 pregnant women, carrying PM2.5 personal dosage meter for a week or two weeks, and using sulfur sulfur glycol (DTT) and ascorbic acid (AA) to determine the oxidation potential (OP) value of PM2.5 in the filter; ② PM2The correlation between the exposure concentration and OP (DTT) is large, 0.7; ③ PM2.5 exposure concentration, OP (DTT) value is larger, the average birth weight and height of the newborn are reduced;There is a connection with the indicators of PM2.5, OP (DTT) or OP (AA); ⑤ There is no evidence that the OP (AA) indicators are related to any fetal growth parameters.

【Editor -in -chief】

The Oxidative Potential (OP) is the ability to directly generate a particle or particulate component that directly generates activity oxygen free radicals or oxidation reduction substrates.The biggest innovation point in this study is to collect the exposure of PM2.5 with the help of personal PM2.5 detection measures, and calculate the oxidation potential based on certain testing methods.It was found that PM2.5 oxidation potential based on sulfulse alcohol -based was more impact on the health of the fetus.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Personal Exposure TO PM2.5 Oxidative Potential and ITS Association to Birth Outcomes

2022-11-11, Doi: 10.1038/S41370-022-00487-W

Internetal journal of obesity- [5.551]

① detect the follicular fluid and various fatty acids in serum in 88 Mexican women who receive in vitro fertilization, and analyze the correlation with the relevant parameters of reproductive capabilities; ② fatty acids in follicles (C16: 1. C18: 0, C20:2. C20: 3. Peanutic acid) Only negatively related to the number of oval cells that have been retrieved; ③ The content of fatty acids in women’s BMI and follicular fluids is very complicated, of which oleic acid is directly related to BMI; ④ clinical pregnancyThe ending is directly related to the oleic acid in serum, but it is negatively related to the anticoigosic acid and BMI; ⑤ BMI, serum transitic acid, and oleic acid content can predict the clinical pregnancy ending.

【Editor -in -chief】

This study was found to be associated with parameters such as BMI, the number of oval cells, and clinical pregnancy ending through the test of various fatty acids in the serum and follicular fluids in the body.Future research may further look for the key molecules of women’s fertility.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Associations of Fertility Parameters with Fatty Acids and DNA METHYLATION in Mexican WOMEN UNDERGOING in Vitro Fertility

2022-11-30, Doi: 10.1038/S41366-022-01243-8

Antiviral Research- [10.103]

① Some studies have found that infection with Zika virus (ZIKV) in the palace, but children who do not have congenital defects at the age of birth show the defects of sports skills at the age of 3, suggesting the development of the development of animal models transmitted by Zikv; ②The current model depends mainly on IFNAR1 defective mice, but such models may confuse the development results of some fetuses; ③ In addition, the HSTAT2 model, hsting/hstat2 dual Ki mouse model, etc. are expected to make progress in such studies; ④ CurrentlyThere are still many key issues that need to be solved, such as when the placenta provides protection for ZIKV infection during pregnancy, how the mother infection pathway affects vertical dissemination.

【Editor -in -chief】

This review summarizes the current research progress of Zika virus on mother tires, pointing out the important role of animal models in it, and summarizing the challenges facing the current research of animal models, providing cornerstone for further developing advanced animal models.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

MOUSE MODELS of Zika Virus Transplacental Transmission

2022-12-22, doi: 10.1016/j.antivirral.2022.105500

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice- [8.18]

① Incident 551 gestational diabetes in 8 random control trials; ② The results of accuracy analysis suggest that the use of probiotics for gestational diabetes can significantly reduce the level of fasting blood glucose and serum insulin;The connection between hemoglobin (HBA1C) and insulin sensitivity index (Quicki); ④ The use of probiotic or seizures can reduce the insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR) of women in gestational diabetes;It is expected to become a potential therapy for gestational diabetes.

【Editor -in -chief】

This system summarizes the current evidence of the role of probiotic/Hebangyuan in the treatment of diabetes during pregnancy, and finds its potential role in reducing blood glucose and serum insulin levels.However, the current evidence is relatively small, and it has to be further compared with the test of the multi -center random control test.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

The Effect of Probiotic and Synbiotic Use on GlyCemic Control in WOMEN With Gestational Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

2022-11-17, doi: 10.1016/j.diabres.2022.110162

Jama network open- [13.353]

① Incident more than 1.51 million maternal and infants in the Taiwan Health Insurance Database, about 5%of children have come into contact with benzodiazoic drugs during pregnancy; ② whether in the early pregnancy, mid -term or late stageChildren of Zhuochian drugs have increased the risk of autism spectrum dysfunction, attention defects/multi -dysfunction in the future; ③ but the above -mentioned associations are not statistically significant in the data of siblings;The correlation between the benzodzodiazolic drugs and children’s nerve development during pregnancy may be caused by the mother’s genetic mixed factors.

【Editor -in -chief】

The most difficult to control in the study of population epidemiology is the mixed factor.In the past, when discussing the exposure of benzodyzodiac drugs during pregnancy, positive correlations can often be seen.However, it is noticed that the mother who takes benzodiamia during pregnancy may be accompanied by mental problems, so whether this association is not clear due to genetic factors.This study used the analysis of brothers and sisters to find that this association was negative.This study suggests that this association may be caused by mixed factor.In the future, the mother’s condition should be considered when guiding clinical practice, not the impact on children.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Association of Prenatal Exposure to Benzodiazepines with Development

2022-11-01, doi: 10.1001/jamnetworkOpen.2022.43282

Ebiomedicine- [11.205]

① Integrated in the vaginal swabs from 125 women for 2 consecutive years, with a total of 4255 copies, of which 63 people (exposure groups) were taken with oral contraceptives;The flora structure, and the flora structure is more stable; ③ this change starts in the fourth week after oral contraceptive pills, and quickly becomes stable; ④ The connection between oral contraceptives and vaginal flora structure stability is in white menWomen are statistically significant, and it is meaningless to African -American women; ⑤ After excluding samples collected during menstruation, the above -mentioned associations still exist stable.

【Editor -in -chief】

In the past, women with menopause, or women with sexual hormone -level disorders, such as the vaginal flora structure of women with polycystic ovary syndrome.It is unclear whether this disorder can be improved with the regulation of oral estrogen.This research innovatively constructed a two -year vertical queue. It is found that oral contraceptives can indeed improve the structure of vaginal flora and maintain the stability of the bacterial flora structure.This study has great clinical significance.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Lactobacillus-Dominance and Rapid Stabilization of Vaginal Microbiota in Combined OSMINED THROUDINAL COHORT Stu Dy with Frequent Vaginal Sampling Over Two Years

2022-12-16, doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2022.104407

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