Isn’t the aunt who is pregnant as the first signal of pregnancy?Maybe these 3 signals will be earlier!

Although pregnancy is very hard for women, it is also a happy thing. Many women are preparing for the arrival of the fetus early.For women during pregnancy, I hope to understand more early pregnancy reactions, so that preparation can also be prepared in advance, so as not to accidentally hurt the fetus.However, in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers could not feel the existence of the fetus, especially the pregnant mothers without experience.They will test whether they are pregnant through the pregnancy test, or if they do n’t come, they can be pregnant, so many pregnant mothers have found that they are pregnant for many days.Many women in the pregnancy period of pregnancy almost use their aunt as the first signal of pregnancy. What is the fact?Let’s take a look at, how long does it take from ovulation to pregnancy?

1. The time for ovulation to pregnancy process

During pregnancy, if you want to increase your surrogacy, women need to find their own ovulation day. On the day of ovulation day, the vitality of eggs and sperm is very good. In this wayNext, fertilized eggs need to be imposed in the uterus. From ovulation to pregnancy, the entire process is about 7-10.

Second, isn’t the aunt’s first signal of pregnancy?

Many women are accustomed to signing their pregnancy after menstruation retreat. On the top, we talked about 7-10 days from ovulation to pregnancy, but the time from women’s ovulation day to next menstruation is about 14 days.So in this way, it is not the first signal to not come to the elderly.

3. These 3 signals may be more accurate earlier

1. The base temperature rises and there is no decline

Women’s base temperature will change slightly with the physiological cycle, so they usually measure their body temperature to find their own ovulation day, and the basal body temperature will rise by about 0.5 degrees Celsius during ovulation.EssenceIf a woman is in the same room on ovulation day, if she succeeds in conceived, then the basic body temperature of women will always be high. Even if it is about to come to menstruation at this temperature, congratulations, this is the signal of successful conception.Many women think that they have a cold and fever, and they will take some cold medicine, so be sure to pay more attention to their basic body temperature and don’t take medicine blindly.

2. Change breast changes

After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, in order to make it more stable and comfortable, the hormones in women will also change greatly. The changes in these hormones will stimulate women’s breasts and promote secondary development of breasts.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, women will feel that their breasts will swell and sting, and they are very soft to touch with their hands. This situation appears earlier and usually appears in a week. Women during pregnancy should pay more attention to themselves.The body changes.

3. Feeling fatigue

After women are pregnant, a large amount of lutein is secreted in the body, which can make women feel tired.About 10 days after the ovulation day, if women feel particularly tired, they have no strength to do anything. They like to sleep. Most of them may be successful.

Isn’t the aunt who is pregnant as the first signal of pregnancy?Maybe these 3 signals will be earlier!It is hoped that female friends can learn more during pregnancy, so that they can avoid hurting the fertilized eggs just in bed without knowing it.

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