Is there a scientific basis for fetal dreams?It is said that the great people’s mother has made these dreams

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy.Since ancient times, it has paid attention to fetal dreams regardless of oriental countries or western countries.Parents who are looking forward to and looking forward to their children are of great significance.

I believe that most Baoma or expectant mothers have had such experience, that is, the dream of fetal dreams. The baby dream is different from before pregnancy.After coming, I couldn’t remember what was in the dream.Most of the Baomao will feel this way, that is, I feel that the baby dream is the baby and I am communicating. Let’s take a look at the baby’s mother’s dream explanation.

@:: I made a strange dream when I was pregnant with Dabao. I dreamed that a colorful spider web was settled in the bedside of my family. It was very large. There was a big spider on it.A baby daughter, implying the pearl on the palm of the palm, I believe in the dream of the fetus anyway.

@ @: I should be a nightmare. I dreamed that a big python was chasing me and reluctantly, but I scared me to death, but I couldn’t shout, I want to shout, you, this ugly snakeWhy don’t you chase others? When I brick, I found that there was a rabbit on my head. It turned out to be a rabbit. After waking up, I suddenly thought of my child and his father was a rabbit. As a result, it was obvious.My baby and her father are the most dear.

@: The seller of the dream is the Yin Yang division, which is very superstitious.They will use a spell to implant some people’s fetal dreams into amulets made of special materials (red bamboo stones and fate).Can increase the storage time of fetal dreams.The buyer should use something to exchange for the runes in the hands of the Yin and Yang division, and the equivalent object is required by money or the seller.In this way, the dream -buyer can use this to ask for children, and pray for blessings for babies after birth.

@风: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that when I was bathing in the bathroom, I suddenly ran in a white tiger in the room. The child’s father didn’t care about me, and it scared away. I had no way to lie on the ground.As a result, she licked my whole body and left. After waking up, I was still angry. I hit the child and his father and said that she abandoned me. As a result, I gave birth to a white fat fat.The big boy is quite funny now.

It is said that when our great man’s mother was pregnant, we dreamed that a real dragon tangled him up and rolled up in the sky. As a result, the great man was born and flashed. Therefore, there is a certain basis for the birth dream.Let’s discuss your baby dreams together, welcome everyone to leave a message to discuss

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