Is there a mammary gland in pregnant women?Don’t take it lightly, be careful of tumor

Xiao Yang (pseudonym) 32 years old, a 6 -year -old daughter. As the family’s economic income gradually stabilized, the daughter became more and more sensible. The couple discussed that they would have a second child.

Preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy is quite smooth. When Xiao Yang was 6 months of pregnancy, she found that there was a small chestnut as big as a small chestnut in the right breast, and she felt a little bit hands to the touch."I thought that the breast hyperplasia became larger during pregnancy, and there would be some bumps in it, that is, breast hyperplasia, just after giving birth to a child to feed the milk." Xiao Yang said that his breasts gradually increased during pregnancy, and the mass seemed to be increasing quietly., But the joy of greeting a new life has long made the couple forget this so -called "hyperplasia."

One month after the birth and weaning, Xiao Yang’s breasts slowly returned to the size before pregnancy, but it was softer to the touch, and the pimple in the right breast seemed even more obvious.The couple came to the hospital for examination. At this time, it was almost a year since Xiao Yang found that the mass has passed.

Through a series of examinations such as color Doppler ultrasound and molybdenum target, puncture, Xiao Yang was diagnosed with infiltrated cancer.CT examination tips on the chest and upper abdomen: Bone -dissolving destruction of multiple ribs and vertebral bodies, considering bone metastasis of breast cancer.Fortunately, CT shows that the internal organs have not seen obvious metastases at present.

Doctors said that 65%to 75%of advanced breast cancer will cause bone metastasis, and bone metastases to the starting metastasis account for 27%to 50%.Solo -bone metastases are slow, and patients have a long survival period, but most of them are accompanied by bone -related incidents such as bone pain and pathological fractures, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients.Bone metastases will definitely affect the life of the patient, but the degree of impact is lower than internal organs, such as lung metastases, liver metastasis, and brain metastases.Because the prognosis of breast cancer is better than other malignant tumors, many patients can survive for a long time even after active treatment.

Dr. Liang Qi, Department of Breast Gland, Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital, said that breast cancer during pregnancy or pregnancy -related breast cancer is defined as a breast cancer diagnosed at any time during pregnancy, the first year after giving birth, or diagnosed at any time during lactation.Some literature shows that as more and more women postpone fertility, the incidence of breast cancer -related breast cancer seems to increase.Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women.Among women under 30, up to 20%of breast cancer are related to pregnancy, but among women under 50, breast cancer during pregnancy or postpartum is less than 5%.Although pregnancy has a long -term prevention effect on breast cancer, it may temporarily increase the risk of breast cancer.

Like non -pregnancy women, most breast cancer among pregnant women is infiltrated duct cancer.However, most of the pregnancy -related breast cancer is mostly different and the diagnosis is late, especially women who are diagnosed during breastfeeding.The physiological changes (such as swelling and hypertrophy) accompanied by pregnancy make physical examinations more challenging, interpretation of test results is more difficult, and may limit the effectiveness of breast X -ray molybdenum target photography.Therefore, women with breast cancer during pregnancy often delay diagnosis for two months or longer.This delay may adversely affect the ending, because even a month of diagnosis can increase the risk of lymph nodes by 1%-2%.

"Breast cancer currently does not have first -level prevention measures like cervical cancer vaccine. All we can do is the secondary prevention of early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment. Breast cancer is a good treatment effect in physical tumors.Early discovery can even achieve the effect of healing, "Liang Qi said.

Cover reporter Zhou Jiayi

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