Is there "radiation" in bananas and kelp?Can pregnant women not eat?Reminder: These two kinds of food need to be taboo

Ms. Li, 29 years old, found pregnant during the medical examination in March, and is now at home with peace of mind.After all, the daughter’s first child, whether it was mother or husband, took meticulous care for Ms. Li.

On this day, Ms. Li suddenly wanted to eat bananas, so she reminded her husband to buy some back from work. As soon as they were going to the entrance, the mother hurried down and blamed Ms. Li: "Do you know that the foods such as bananas and kelp are radiated, and eat it.What does it affect the child? "Ms. Li, who said, is in the mist in the clouds, wondering and helpless.

Is there really radiation in bananas and kelp?

Speaking of radiation, most friends think of electronic products such as nuclear power stations, computers, and mobile phones.If there is radiation in the food, there are very little understanding.

But in fact, there are indeed radiation in bananas and kelp, and they are still threatened "ionizing radiation".

The Global Times has announced a study showing that the ionizing radiation content in bananas is about 0.078 μsV; the radiation content in the kelp is about 1,200 Beclerel.Although both contain ionizing radiation, the content is very small and does not threaten health.

Not only that, the radiation in bananas mainly comes from potassium, and the radiation in kelp mainly comes from iodine. Whether it is potassium or iodine, it is a nutrients that the human body must take.Select a favorable choice to the balance of nutrients in the body.

However, after all, pregnant women are special groups, and their constitution and endocrine are different.So many people are worried that even a small amount of radiation can cause damage to pregnant women.

Can pregnant women at the delivery period eat banana and kelp?

In fact, pregnant women are not as fragile as we think. The radiation content that the human body can withstand is about 1000 μsV.Hua Zhenghui, director of the radiology department of the second hospital of Chaoyang City, said: The amount of radiation that pregnant women and fetuses can bear are low, but they are also above 500 μSV.

In converting, if you want to eat bananas and kelp to cause radiation to cause damage to the body, pregnant women must eat about 100 bananas or kelp of the same quality at one time.This is obviously unlikely.Therefore, pregnant women can eat bananas and kelp.

However, it should be noted that although pregnant women can eat bananas and kelp, the intake still needs to be controlled:

There are more sugar in bananas. If you eat too much banana, you may cause symptoms such as gestational diabetes, acute pancreatitis;

Excessive iodine intake may cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and endocrine imbalances are likely to threaten fetal health.For the safety and health of pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women eat 1 or 2 bananas a day, and about 20 to 40g of kelp.Although ingesting a variety of nutrients is good, it is still important.

Compared with bananas and kelp, pregnant women must be carefully arranged in daily life, while paying attention to the food, which indeed need to be "taboo" foods, and have some choices to further ensure health and safety.

Not bananas and kelp! Pregnant women need to avoid these two foods

① alcoholic drink

Even women without pregnancy will cause burden on blood vessels, liver and kidney organs for long -term intake.Not to mention women after pregnancy.

After the metabolism, alcohol forms toxic acetaldehyde flowing in the blood vessels, and it is easy to come to the position of the fetus, and then cause damage to the child.Clinical studies have shown that drinking during pregnancy will increase the possibility of baby’s intellectual obstacles and physical malformations.At the same time, it will also cause damage to the body of the pregnant woman, and please do not drink alcohol.

② Drinks containing caffeine

The so -called caffeine is actually caffeine and other substances. The American Association of ACOG Gynecology suggested that pregnant women consume more than 100 mg of caffeine daily, which may affect nerves and endocrine.risk.

Not only that, pregnant women need to adjust their body reasonably and sufficient sleep. Drinking more drinks such as coffee is easy to sleep, it is also unfavorable for the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

But having said that, "radiation" is a point that many pregnant women and family members are worried. In addition to kelp and bananas, there are many items that are mistaken for radiation. You may wish to learn about it and avoid misunderstanding.

There are two "radiation misunderstandings", pregnant women and family members don’t need to worry too much

Misunderstanding 1: "Is pregnant women playing with mobile phones?"

This rumor has also had a long time, especially many older generations believe that the signal devices in the mobile phone can generate ionizing radiation, which will hurt the body of the pregnant woman.

But in fact, electronic products such as mobile phones do have ionizing radiation, but they are very weak as bananas, kelp, etc., which is not enough to damage the body.Often, only the radiation of high -power factory electrical appliances is heavier, and general families will not have similar concerns.

Not only that, except for mobile phones, rice cookers, microwave ovens, routers, etc. will not cause radiation damage to pregnant women, please do not do too much.

Misunderstanding 2: "Pregnant women cannot do a birth check, are radiation?"

Compared with daily electrical appliances, such as B -ultrasound, the radiation of production inspection instruments such as MRI, such as B -ultrasound, may not reach the level of harming the body for a short time.

In other words, as long as you do not go to the production inspection every day, according to the normal inspection frequency, there will be no problem.And it is still necessary to help pregnant women understand the body and fetus in advance.

Although the life of pregnant women is more cautious than ordinary people, in terms of radiation -related issues, many people’s nerves are still too tight.The quality of quality decreases.It is the right choice and practice to arrange life reasonably and scientifically.

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