Is the stomach pain during pregnancy, will it affect pregnancy?

What is the ovulation during pregnancy is actually the ovulation period, because only women can combine fertilization with sperm, and women are more likely to get pregnant.There will be some symptoms during ovulation, such as rising temperature, increased secretions, and ovulation and bleeding. Once these situations are found in the ovulation period, it means that ovulation will be ovulated.However, some women have stomach pain during ovulation, and they will worry about this situation that affects pregnancy. Will it affect it? Please continue to watch!

During pregnancy, stomach pain is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is related to the changes in hormone levels in the body, follicle changes, and a small amount of pelvic effusion.

1. Change hormone level changes

The estrogen in women will rise to the highest level before ovulation, and it will fall in a short time after the follicles are discharged, and then slowly rise, and progesterone is at a lower level before ovulation, and it will rise slowly after the follicles are discharged.In this process, more sensitive women will be affected, and some related symptoms will occur, such as increased leucorrhea and abdominal pain, manifested as stomach pain during pregnancy, and some women will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding;

2. Folk mask changes

Before ovulation, women’s follicles will increase rapidly. The follicles are large and protruding from the surface of the ovaries. When the follicles are ruptured, they will enter the pelvic cavity, causing a certain stimulation to the blood vessels in the pelvic cavity, which will cause abdominal pain to cause abdominal painSymptoms, manifestations of stomach pain during pregnancy.Some women also have breast tenderness. Generally, after ovulation, the symptoms will slowly disappear;

3. A small amount of pelvic effusion

Because there is a certain prostaglandin in the follicular fluid, after the female ovulation, some follicles will flow out and may enter the pelvic cavity, which can cause irritation and cause pain in the abdomen.treat.

1. Calculate the menstrual cycle

The ovulation cycle of general women is about 28 days.If her menstruation is regular, the ovulation period is about 14 days before the tide of menstruation.During this period, the husband and wife can appropriately increase the number of times in the same room.If the menstrual cycle is irregular, this method is not applicable.

2. Ovulation test strip measurement method

According to the principle of ovulation test strip, find out the most suitable method of detecting ovulation test strips. If you find that the ovulation test strip is gradually enhanced, it is necessary to strengthen the frequency of detection. It is best to test it every 4 hours.Testing the same room within 24 hours after the LH reaches its peak level can greatly increase the chance of conception.

3. B -ultrasound

The vaginal B -ultrasound is the most intuitive method. It can see that there are several follicles in the ovaries that are developing, what is the size and the quality of the follicles, whether the thickness of the uterine endometrium is close to the ovulation period, and so on.This test is the most accurate and most direct method, but it is relatively troublesome to go to the hospital for examination.

The above content is about the introduction of stomach pain during ovulation. I believe that the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy have understood it. If the above situations occur during ovulation, and the ovulation test strips also measure the double bars, then it means that ovulation is about to be ovulation.You can have the same room on the day before and after the ovulation, so that the chance of pregnancy will be greater. Remember to frequent the same room, which will affect the sperm quality and not be easy to get pregnant.

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