Is the pregnant woman "stomach pain" to give birth?intestinal obstruction

"Oh, my stomach is so painful." "It’s definitely going to be born! Go, go to the hospital!" Ms. Song, Ms. Song, has been pregnant for 30 weeks. After a few days ago, she had a stomachache after eating the nutritional dinner prepared by her family.The family thought she was going to give birth or a fetus, so she hurriedly sent her to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Qingdao.Unexpectedly, after inspection, Ms. Song had severe intestinal obstruction, and she was likely to endanger fetal health.

Steeling must be fast

"Before pregnant women came to the hospital, the lower abdominal pain and low back pain have been continued. There are also symptoms of nausea and vomiting. We immediately realized the severity and complexity of the disease."Knowing that pregnant women have undergone purulent appendicitis in 2006, and in 2018, they have undergone external maternity laparoscopic surgery. These medical history may cause intestinal obstruction.It turned out that since July this year, Ms. Song has symptoms such as abdominal pain, back pain, nausea, and vomiting every time she eats. The family also thought that she had a strong response during pregnancy."After a preliminary judgment, I considers pregnant women for a complete intestinal obstruction, and then after consultation with general surgeons, after nuclear magnetic resonance examination, pregnant women were diagnosed with severe intestinal obstruction." Zhao Xiaohua said.

Zhao Xiaohua told reporters that the situation of this pregnant woman has a special situation and has a history of the past. If urgent measures are not taken immediately, it will lead to the consequences of intestinal necrosis, infection, and shock of pregnant women.Zhao Xiaohua and the team told pregnant women and their families in time to ensure that pregnant women are banned, giving gastrointestinal decompression and enema, and strictly monitoring various electrolyte indicators.With the close cooperation of general surgery, after 6 days of gastrointestinal pressure decompression and fluid, the symptomatic treatment of Ms. Song, the expansion of the intestinal tube expansion of the intestines, and the rectum of Ms. Song was significantly relieved, the obstruction was completely lifted, and everything was normal for the mother and infant life.Essence

It is a serious complication for maternal and infants

Clinically, it is found that women are very prone to intestinal obstruction from 16 to 20 weeks, 32 to 36 weeks or after delivery.The reason is that pregnancy itself does not cause intestinal obstruction, but the level of progesterone after pregnancy increases the level of progesterone, which reduces the smooth tension of the intestinal tube, slows intestinal peristalsis, and it is easy to cause constipation after pregnancy., Can be an auxiliary factor for intestinal obstruction.

Zhao Xiaohua reminded that intestinal obstruction stabilizes the safety of pregnant women and fetuses. It should be diagnosed early and treated early."Generally, intestinal obstruction during pregnancy is conservative therapy and surgical therapy, which should not be treated with drugs. Conservative therapy is mainly fasting, gastrointestinal pressure decompression, and reasonable infusion.It has not been relieved, and the obstruction is not lifted. Surgical treatment must be performed to prevent the collar narrow intestinal obstruction error. It is considered to be simple intestinal obstruction and delay the timing of treatment. "Zhao Xiaohua suggested.

Eat more easy to digest food

Due to more bed in bed and less activity, it will increase the opportunity of food intestinal obstruction. Experts suggest that expectant mothers exercise appropriately during pregnancy, such as walking."It is best to eat more plant foods that are easy to digest and rich in cellulose, such as fruits, vegetables, etc., and eat less animal foods, especially don’t eat too much high protein and are not easy to digest and absorb." Zhao Xiaohua said that it is not easy to some are not easyFoods that are chewing and easy to form group blocks, such as glutinous rice, rice cakes, rice dumplings, dumplings, fascia, tendon, etc., pregnant women should eat as little as possible.Frequent constipation should usually move more, drink more water, and eat less spicy food. If necessary, you can take some drugs under the guidance of a doctor.Actively preventing complications during pregnancy is also one of the important measures to prevent food intestinal obstruction.

Guanhai News/Qingdao Morning Post reporter Yang Jian and Xu Xiaoqin

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