Is the lower limbs severely and swelling?The test results show that everything is normal and do you need treatment?

When it comes to life a few decades ago, everyone’s consistent consensus was very tired. After all, at that time, I couldn’t eat enough or warm!But people now look at the bright and beautiful, are they happy?Many people shook their head silently in their hearts.

why?It is mainly because the pace of life is fast and the work pressure is high. Most people are working overload, so that the body is prone to various problems, affecting the improvement of the quality of life.

Just like a female patient, in his forties this year, one day, he walked a long way to buy things. When he came back, he found that his legs were swollen.

The calf and ankle are the most obvious, and when you press a pit, you cannot recover for a long time. This is obviously a problem!

But what she and her family did not expect was that she had done a lot of examinations in the hospital, such as blood pressure, blood routine, routine urine, liver function, etc. No abnormal situations were not found, and the doctor said that there were no major problems.

As soon as they heard it, they felt outrageous, thinking that since the Western medicine could not be found, maybe Chinese medicine can have different opinions, so they decided to try Chinese medicine treatment.

I saw that the patient’s tongue was thin white, the pulse was fine, and the body was fatter.

I learned that the patient had a loss of appetite in the past six months and had little to eat, but the stomach was always swollen, full of weakness, and panting with a little exercise, and knew where the problem was.

So Kai Fang:

Sumging astragalus, angelica, Zexie, and bayspan.

As a result, on the third day, the patient came to me in a hurry. She said that the urine was particularly frequent on this day, probably more than three times the usual. She believed that this was unreasonable and thought it was the side effects of Chinese medicine after taking it.

I smiled and said, "Then you look at your legs now."

At first glance, the edema of the calf was obviously disappeared, and the patient took his heart down and said, "It is said that Chinese medicine is backward. According to me, this is too advanced Chinese medicine, and others cannot understand it."

Later, the effect was not more, the original prescription was taken three doses, the edema completely disappeared, the patient’s appetite was normal, and other problems disappeared.

Through this matter, we can truly feel the magic of traditional Chinese medicine. Although it is not as high -end equipment as Western medicine, it can find the key to the problem through some subtle changes in the body, and then ""Cure for the disease", solve his own troubles for patients.

As an example, from her symptoms and tongue coating, it is clear that there is a problem with the spleen of the five internal organs.

The spleen is mainly transported, and it is popular to metabolize, and it naturally includes metabolism for water and fluid.

Insufficient temper, water and fluids cannot be transported normally. After using the water and fluids, it cannot be discharged, and it is left in the body in the form of water and humidity.

The characteristics of water and humidity are downward, so the calf and ankle position is easy to edema.

It can be seen that the problem of patients is spleen deficiency, and water is not transported.

Therefore, in the treatment, the spleen and dampness should be based on the spleen. In the prescription, astragalus can replenish the qi, which is also beneficial to the effect of water and swelling, and the raw astragalus is more powerful;Coupled with the role of a bonito, play its role in passing the meridians and droolizing blood.

In this way, the use of various medicines can play the effect of nourishing qi and water, swelling and disease.

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