Is the HCG value rising?Cancer experts remind: need to exclude malignant hydatidites

Ms. Li from Shimen, Hunan, has always felt that menstruation in the past six months has been much more menstruation than in the past. The "big aunt" who will be clean in the past three days will be dragged for a week or even half a month.There was also a bun.Ms. Li quickly accompanied by her family and came to the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province (Hunan Brain Hospital).After examination, Professor He Weifeng, Department of Hospital’s Oncology Department found that Ms. Li’s uterine cavity had a bunch of tumors-like tumors, and the uterus was larger than women of the same age.-HCG) reached more than 300000mu/ml!Through further pathological examination, it was found that Ms. Li was suffering from a malignant tumor that was originally available in the placenta nourishing cell -the "erosive hydatari" of the uterus!

(Figure above: Magnetic resonance examination found that the multi -vesicles in the inner surface of the uterus and the mass of the pads beside the palace)

So, what is the erosive hydatidifier of the uterus?Hydroplast is a type of pregnancy nourishing cell disease. The incidence in some areas of China and some parts of Asia is 2/1000 pregnancy. It has both benign lesions and malignant lesions.Betal lesions include complete hydatidal and partial hydatidia.The so -called malignant hydatidum is also known as corrosive hydatidus. The difference between it and benign hypotonia is that the benign hypotonia is limited to the uterine cavity and lurks.The uterine muscle layer invades nearby organs such as vagina; wearing the uterine wall, causing major bleeding in the abdominal cavity; can also invade the ligament next to the uterus to form the pads of the palace; more seriously, you can also "travele the mountains and water" and transfer it to blood circulation to to the blood circulation to to the blood circulation to to the transfer to the transfer to the blood circulation to the transfer to the blood circulation toThe lungs and heads, threatening patients’ lives!It is precisely because of this easy -to -extensive nature that it is a disease with benign hypotomypes that are completely different from the prognosis.

Professor He Weifeng pointed out that when the following situations occur after pregnancy, you must think of the possibility of hydatidal tires:

1. After menopause, vaginal bleeding is more common in pregnant women with 2 to 3 months of pregnancy;

2. The uterus is abnormally increased;

3. Severe pregnancy reactions, especially pregnancy vomiting, not only appear early, but also lasts longer than normal pregnancy;

4. Ovarian cysts appear.Some also have symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, hypertension, proteinuria, hyperthyroidism, etc. In a few cases of distant metastasis such as cough, headache, and epilepsy.

So how to check the hydatidiform tires?Professor He Weifeng reminded that the means of diagnosis of hydatidum is not complicated at all. The key is to increase vigilance and timely inspection.Specific means include: first, the uterine ultrasound examination; the other is that the blood testing the tumor marker, the β-HCG will increase significantly. This β-HCG increase is not only one of the signs of the diagnosis, but also the curative effect.A key indicator of monitoring!

(Above: The abnormal features found in ultrasound examination)

Porttal fetus has a good and malignant. Therefore, the treatment of hydatidic tires involves obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, pathology, etc., and requires close cooperation in multiple disciplines to conduct individualized diagnosis and treatment according to different situations.According to Professor He Weifeng, the first thing to do for the treatment of hydatidum is to clear the residual hydatidal tissue in the uterine cavity to minimize the tumor load. While the "Qing Palace", you can also obtain tissue and examination pathology to determineFinal diagnosis!The next thing to do is chemotherapy. Malignant hydatidum is a tumor highly sensitive to chemotherapy, and even the purpose of cure can be achieved through chemotherapy.The number of cycles.

Professor He Weifeng reminds that the menstrual cycle and quality of middle -aged women are abnormal. There are many reasons. According to the specific situation, it is necessary to analyze it according to the specific situation. Do not attribute it to the physiological reaction of the menstrual period. We must go to the hospital to improve the gynecological examination in time.Even if you have a malignant hydatidal, you don’t need to worry about it. Timely diagnosis and timely and regular chemotherapy can completely achieve the purpose of cure.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xia Sheng Correspondent Zhao Dan Ren Dou

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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