Is the delay of menstruation after the same room?Three possibilities, hope it is the kind you expect

Although the menstruation of children’s age is relatively regular, the delay of menstruation will think about whether it is caused by pregnancy as soon as possible.

However, menstruation is affected by a lot of factors, such as environmental, pressure, emotions, drugs, diseases, etc., sometimes irregular menstruation, which causes delayed menstruation.

Therefore, for women of childbearing age, when they find that menstruation is delayed, there are always people who are happy and worry.

Menstruation is delayed after the same room, 3 possibilities, is it the one you expect?

1. Pregnancy

When you find that menstruation is delayed, it is detected with early pregnancy test strips. If there are two bars, it means that you are pregnant. This is undoubtedly a joy for people who want to get pregnant.

Generally speaking, if it is a man of menstruation, especially the people who have sex during ovulation, if you are healthy and have no disease, the chance of pregnancy is very high, and when the menstrual period delaysThe detection is also likely to be detected.

Because normally, in the same room for about 14 days, you can use the early pregnancy test strip to detect whether you are pregnant.

2. No pregnancy

It is found that menstruation is delayed and detected in early pregnancy test strips. If it is only a bar, most of these people are not pregnant.

(1) With the same room

For many women who are not prepared to get pregnant, especially unmarried women, even if they have the same room in the same room, they are worried that they are worried about pregnancy.

But in fact, the chance of pregnancy in the same room is very low. Generally, it is rarely possible to get pregnant, and you don’t need to worry too much.

(2) Endogenic ejaculation

Some people are not ready to get pregnant, but they do not want to use condoms, they will think about the method of ejaculation in the body for contraception, but this situation may also be pregnant, so I am worried when menstruation delayed.

In fact, if there is no pregnancy testing early pregnancy test strip, the possibility of general pregnancy is also very low. Delay of menstruation is more due to psychological pressure and environmental changes.

Of course, because there may also be sperm in prostate fluid, there is also a possibility of pregnancy. If two bars are found in early pregnancy test strips, it is also pregnant.

(3) Taking contraceptives

Because some people have tried to take contraceptives, they are still pregnant, so some people are also worried about the possibility of pregnancy.

But in fact, if you take contraceptives within 72 hours after the incident, the possibility of pregnancy is very low, and you don’t need to worry too much, especially if there is retreating bleeding after taking the medicine.Worry.

3. Not sure

Some crowds can be determined whether they are pregnant after the detection of early pregnancy test strips after the menstrual period is delayed, because everyone’s ovulation time is uncertain, some people may be late ovulation time, so the time of pregnancy is still very very time still very time is still very very time to get pregnant.Short, so you can’t determine whether you are pregnant.

Especially for people with irregular menstruation, even if menstruation is delayed 7 days early pregnancy test strip is negative, it cannot be determined whether she is pregnant.

For people with irregular menstruation, it is best to detect after menstruation delayed 10 days or after 14 days in the same room.Of course, it was the earliest and most accurate to know whether to get pregnant at the hospital.

Whether menstruation is delayed, these three possible chances are very high. I don’t know which one do you want when your menstruation is delayed?I hope everyone can come true!


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