Is the boy or a baby dream?You know after watching it

Many pregnant mothers who have given birth to babies say that they have dreamed of fetal dreams before having a baby.Fetal dreams are linked with boys and girls.

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This is the case. If you dream of a snake, it may be a boy. If you dream of a carp, you may be a girl, but there is no scientific basis for such a statement, but it is the experience of the baby who has given birth to the baby.Evidence can prove that it can still be regarded as a beautiful blessing.

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Who will have a baby dream?

The baby dream is generally in the early pregnancy, middle or late pregnancy, and the pregnant woman or the husband, grandparents, and family relatives of the pregnant woman may dream.

There is still a difference between fetal dreams and ordinary dreams. After the dream of fetal dreams, it is generally clear that it is clearly clear, not like the usual dreams. It is not very clear.

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Tire dream about plants

Ordinary chili radish, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, snakes, turtles, chestnuts, etc. may be boys; red pepper, precious metals, sweet potatoes, fruits, flowers, etc. It may be girls.

About the dream of animals

Such as dragons, pythons, big snakes, cattle, pigs, turtles, tigers, etc., may also be a boy.

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Like this Bao Ma dreaming:

I dreamed of a big python that night, and I told my husband the boy the boy early the next morning. My husband did not believe it. As a result, I gave birth to a boy. I gave it to the boy. I attributed it to the baby dream.I’m going, I don’t know if this is the case!IntersectionSeveral my sisters have dreamed of flowers and butterflies, and they are all girls.

Of course, in addition to dreaming of various animals or plants, there are various strange dreams.

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Just like what this mother dreamed at the time:

Amazing, when I was pregnant, I thought I was pregnant with a girl, because I especially wanted to eat spicy food at that time, and then I had a magical dream about six months. In the dream, my uncle who had been died for a long time hugged a child. The child was right.I said, mother, people are not girls, they are boys!Then after a while, I gave birth to a son.

How can the "magic" fetal dream be accurate?Have you encountered it as a mother of Bao?

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