Is the baby dream be entrusted to my mother dream?Psychological research: indeed something, but not what you want

Psychoanor Freud once said: Dreams are a psychological phenomenon. It is not an absurd fantasy, but a meaningful phenomenon.

And fetal dreams are also a kind of dream. It refers to a woman dreaming about the fetus during pregnancy, but the difference from other dreams is that pregnant women have a deep memory of the baby dream.Unforgettable.

Women who have been Bao Ma clearly know that the content of fetal dreams is very extensive and diverse, so many mothers think that this is the baby’s dream.

For example, some netizens said that during pregnancy, if you dream of a snake, you dream of flowers as a girl; and some Baoma said that he dreams very frequently, as long as you sleep, you will dream of many things.

There is also a mother that the baby dream is really accurate. When I was pregnant, I dreamed of holding the little girl’s hand, and finally gave birth to a little girl.

Seeing all kinds of comments makes people think about it, is the dream of fetal dreams so amazing?Why are pregnant women so easy to have fetal dreams?The explanation given by psychological research may make you shine.

Many netizens believe that "fetal dreams" are a way for babies to support dreams. To study the authenticity of this phenomenon, some hospitals have made a survey on the psychology of obstetrics before gynecology.

The survey results show that among the 1,240 women, the number of psychological burdens accounts for 87.8%, and psychologists also pointed out that women in pregnancy have changed rapidly during pregnancy, sometimes happy, sometimes lost, sometimes excited, and sometimes depression.

When women reach the later pregnancy, the psychological burden may increase, and even the phenomenon of shortness of breath; by eight months of pregnancy, whether it is physical burden or psychological burden, it usually reaches the heaviest stage.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis, when the pressure is too large, people will relieve emotions through dreams. ThereforeFrequent, and those dreams about fetuses are called "fetal dreams."

From the above psychology research, we can know that dreams are actually a feedback of physical and psychological. It is not meaningless, so it can also pass some signals for the situation of "fetal dreams".

But these signals do not tell mothers to have boys and women, or whether they look good, but a prompt to the body of pregnant women, so women still need to know.

Professor psychology pointed out that "fetal dream" is actually a continuation of pregnant women’s minds, indicating that they want some expectations in their hearts, such as what kind of baby they want to have, and hope that the baby is a boy or a girl.

However, the professor reminds Bao moms not to see the baby dream too much. The baby is a blessing for the past life. As long as health is the greatest happiness, and it is difficult to judge just through one dream.But "fetal dream" can indeed pass on some information.

1) Help Bao Ma understand self -psychology and decompress time in time

A large part of "fetal dream" shows that the mood of pregnant women fluctuates. If you dream frequently, it means that the psychological pressure is relatively large. At this time, Baoma will make appropriate psychological adjustments.

For example, talk to your family about the current feelings, talk about your own thoughts, express your emotions, talk about your dreams, instead of believing too much about the things in the dream, catching the wind and catching the wind, and thinking.

You can also walk outdoors, disperse your mind, relax your mood, and divert your attention. This will not only ensure the health of the fetus, but also stabilize the emotions of pregnant women.

2) See dreams as an interesting experience

The greatest charm of dream lies in the distance between it and reality. Many things that cannot be achieved in reality can be completed through dreams.

Therefore, pregnant women can also see the dream of fetal dreams as an interesting experience, and treat it as a meeting with their baby, but this meeting is full of fantasy, leaving you moved with each other.

All in all, "fetal dreams" are a normal phenomenon during the pregnancy of women. It is telling mothers that the current emotional fluctuations are large and need to be adjusted. Therefore, no matter what information of the babies, the mothers treat them with their normal heart.good.

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