Is pregnancy bleeding signal?Know the cause of bleeding before, middle and late pregnancy

Abnormal bleeding during pregnancy does cause many pregnant mothers to mess with their feet. Don’t be nervous first. Pregnancy bleeding is not equal to abortion, and the cause of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is not necessarily the same.Do you know how to judge whether it is immediately dangerous?

Pregnancy bleeding signals are very different!Divide in three categories according to pregnancy time.

1. Early pregnancy bleeding: Discover pregnancy ~ 14 weeks of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy is the most unstable period. The reason may be lutein, polyps or bed bleeding. As long as you find a doctor in time, you don’t have to worry about miscarriage!

1. Insufficient lutein

Insufficient lutein secretion of the ovaries will affect the unstable and bleeding of the embryo bed. Generally, the bleeding can be improved after complement the lutein.

2. Normal bed bleeding

During the process of drilling the embryo into the uterus, bleeding is caused, just like drilling to the groundwater pipe will spray water. In this case, it will be reasonable to stop bleeding by itself without serious impact.It is recommended that you distinguish between bed bleeding or menstruation from the timing of bleeding, bleeding, and abdominal colic.

3. Cervical meat

The increased hormone concentration during pregnancy has increased the abnormal hyperplasia of the cervical endometrium into polyps and leads to abnormal bleeding. It usually determines whether surgery is required according to severe nature.If polyps bleeding usually does not affect the fetus; but if the polyps are too large and affect the birth canal, you will consider pregnancy surgery.But usually avoid stimulation and reduce sexual behavior.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

Normally, embryos are implanted in the endometrium of the uterine cavity. Other places outside the uterine cavity are ectopic pregnancy, also known as abnormalities.Generally speaking, two of each of the 100 pregnant mothers will occur in ectopic pregnancy, and most of the ectopic pregnancy will be in the fallopian tubes. Others include abdominal pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, and cervical pregnancy.

5. Chuerkear abortion

In the early stages of pregnancy (the first three months), the embryo is still implanting in the uterus, and the condition is not very stable. The embryo and the uterus will be separated to varying degrees. Once the blood vessels that are separated from the surface will cause vaginal hemorrhage symptoms.

6. Natural elimination with abnormal embryo

Regardless of the atrophic embryo or embryo, there was no heartbeat, which caused abnormalities due to abnormalities of fertilized egg chromosomes or fertilized eggs, which caused abortion. These were the result of natural elimination.

2. Medium -term bleeding: 14 to 28 weeks of pregnancy

Generally speaking, the middle of pregnancy is the most comfortable stage of pregnant women and the stable development of the fetus. There is no very bleeding status. Therefore, if there is bleeding, it may be serious problems, and you must pay special attention.

1. Uterine -locking incomplete

Most of them appear at 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, referring to the cervical length of the pregnant woman is less than 2 cm or there is expansion in the inner mouth of the uterus. As long as a slight contraction, it will not support micro -bleeding and form coffee secretions.

3. Later bleeding: 28 weeks of pregnancy ~ before childbirth

Bleeding in the late pregnancy usually presents a large amount and dark red. Common causes include pre -placenta, early placental peeling, etc. Once the bleeding should be medical, a cesarean section must be urgent if necessary.

1. Pre -placent

The front placenta means that the placenta position is very low, and it may even cover the cervix mouth, which makes it impossible to produce naturally. It is easy to bleed during pregnancy.

2. Placental stripping

The placental stripping refers to the phenomenon that the fetus has not been delivered, and the placenta is separated from the wall of the uterine in the bed.If the abdomen in the middle of pregnancy has a sudden pain, the uterus hard, and it feels painful when you touch it. Even if you change your posture, you can’t soothe, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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