Is my husband a divorce when his wife is pregnant?

We often say that watching a man loves you or not, you can know it once.

So many netizens took various ways to test, pretending to be pregnant to deceive their boyfriend or husband, and wanted to see what his first reaction would be.

The test method is full of pattern, and the reaction of boyfriends and husbands is also intriguing.I have to confirm whether I really want to be a father several times, and I know that after pregnancy, let the girls be killed.

The most typical of these is a couple who has already been married. In everyone’s cognition, generally getting married is to confirm that they are accompanied by themselves and have children.However, when the man heard his wife said that when he was pregnant, he chose to let his wife kill the child, saying that his career was not done, and he was not ready to be a father.

The woman must react to this, and her heart was a lot cold.I was unwilling to kill the child anymore. In the end, the thing extended more seriously, and the man even proposed to divorce.

But when the wife is pregnant, can the husband be divorced?

Article 34 of my country’s "Marriage Law" stipulates that the man shall not be divorced during the woman’s pregnancy, within one year after childbirth, and the suspension of pregnancy.This is a special rule for protecting the physical and mental health of women and children. It under certain conditions

The man’s right to ask for divorce is limited.

The subject limited by this regulation is the man, not the woman restricted by the man’s right to divorce the prosecution within a certain period of time, rather than denying and depriving the man’s right to divorce. It just delays the time of the man’s divorce and does not involve the divorce.A physical issue that is not allowed to be divorced.In addition, the subject limited by this regulation does not include the woman. If the woman proposes to divorce at this time, it is unlimited.

However, it is not absolutely not absolute that the man’s right to divorce during this period. There are exceptions to the law, that is, the people’s court believes that it is "necessary", and the man’s divorce request can be accepted according to the specific circumstances.

The so -called "really necessary" generally refers to the situation where the interests that specially protect the benefits need attention.According to the judicial interpretation and trial practice, the two situations mainly refer to the two situations:

(1) Babies who are pregnant or childbirth are caused by adultery with others;

(2) During this period, the two sides did have a significant and urgent reason that could not continue to live together. It has possibility of life and personal safety.

This incident tells us that marriage must be accurate to the right person, and some tests will bring possible unbearable results, so before testing, make good psychological preparations.

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