Is mutton "carcinogenic killer" or "nutritional product"?Don’t guess, doctors say the truth

I believe that in life, many people prefer lamb. Most people eat lamb without meat. It is also a common kind of meat in life. It has a certain nourishing effect and is conducive to personal health.

However, there are more and more controversy about lamb now. Some people think that eating too much lamb will cause cancer and affect the body. However, most people do not think so.Is mutton really carcinogenic?Can you still eat it?Let’s analyze it in detail below.

1. Keep the spleen and stomach.

Proper consumption of some mutton can achieve the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, help increase the heat in the human body, resist the cold, and can also help enhance the digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, effectively promote the repair of gastrointestinal mucosa, and help strengthen the spleen nourishment.The efficacy of the stomach can alleviate the occurrence of problems such as indigestion.

2. Anti -aging.

In fact, like some mutton is rich in oxygen free radical substances, it can achieve anti -aging effects to a certain extent, effectively maintain the skin, and keep you young, which is also helpful for women.

3. Tonic kidney.

According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", lamb also has the effect of supplementing qi, helping to enhance kidney qi, nourishing kidney function, alleviating kidney discomfort, and reducing the risk of kidney disease.

4. Enhance immunity.

Like the nutritional value of mutton, it is also relatively abundant, which can help effectively improve the human body’s immune function to a certain extent, can also promote the warmth of the body, improve the role of the ending cycle, effectively improve the immune function of the human body, reduce the risk of disease. For the risk of illness, for the risk of illness. ForHis health has great benefits.

As a red meat of red meat, mutton mainly refers to a series of mammals, including a series of mammals, which contains pork beef and mutton. It has released related reports to prove that the consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate prostateCancer and other cancers have a certain connection. Active red meat greater than 100 grams of daily intake will cause the body to increase the risk of cancer by 17%.

The reason why red meat is carcinogenic is also related to some nutrients in red meat. The inside of red meat is rich in saturated fatty acids and hemoglobin. Among them, saturated fatty acids will inhibit insulin secretion and stimulate gall acid to enter the duodenum.In the intestine, some substances that are easy to promote cancer will eventually generate.

And hemoglobin can also produce sub -iron hemorrhinars during cooking. The substance metabolized in the inside of the intestine into a liax substance, which will also increase the risk of cancer.

Red meat, including lamb, is also listed by the World Health Organization as 2A carcinogens, so most people are worried about it when they hear here. So is it really carcinogenic eating lamb?

In fact, the two types of carcinogens are mainly proved in animal experiments that have a carcinogenic effect, but the effect of the human body is not clear.

In addition, the carcinogenic grading and toxicity of the WHO are also completely different. Debt may increase the risk of cancer, but it does not mean that it will suffer from cancer, and the occurrence of cancer itself is relatively complicated.

Like lamb with rich vitamins and a variety of nutrients, proper eating some lamb is more nourishing effect for the body. However, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable intake of mutton in order to ensure the health of the human body.

1. Lamb+chestnut = not easy to digest

When eating mutton, you must pay attention. It is best not to eat it with chestnuts, because if these two foods are not easy to digest food, it will increase the burden on the stomach to a certain extent.

It affects normal digestion and absorption, causes indigestion, and can induce gastrointestinal diseases, and even accompanies problems such as nausea and vomiting, so it is necessary to pay attention not to eat together.

2. Lamb+watermelon = diarrhea

Lamb and watermelon are also not recommended to use at the same time. Although eating watermelon in summer can clear heat, but if they eat together, mutton is sweet and hot, and watermelon is cold. The combination of the two will not only reduce the nourishing effect of mutton.

And it will also damage the health of the spleen and stomach, which will affect the normal digestion and absorption, and it will accompany the abdominal pain and diarrhea, which will have a greater impact on the body, so the two also try not to eat the same.

3, mutton+red wine, be careful of fever sex disease

Like mutton containing small molecules, liquid protein substances belong to the human allergen, and red wine can promote human blood circulation. Although it is conducive to enhancing the transparency of blood vessels, it is also easy to induce allergies.

The two belong to the food that is also sweet and warm, so that in this case, it will also aggravate the humid and heat in the body, which will cause the body to be too hot in the body, and it will also increase the risk of thermal disease. In order to play its own health, it is still necessary to pay attention to it.Don’t eat together.

4, mutton+tea = constipation

Like mutton, it is not recommended to eat with tea, because tea contains more tannic acid substances. After eating lamb after eating lamb, if you drink tea immediately, the protein in the mutton will have a certain reaction with this thrombolysis, forming tannic acidprotein.

Not only will it affect the motility of the gastrointestinal and intestines, but it also has certain permeability, but it will also promote the infiltration and increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, induce constipation, and is not conducive to its own health.

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