Is low back pain during ovulation?If these are the cases, there is no big deal

Generally speaking, women’s ovulation period is the same as the menstrual cycle, and there are several days a month, and the ovulation period and menstrual cycle are inseparable.14 days before women’s menstruation are ovulation time. Medical, the first 4 days and 5 days after ovulation day and 5 days after ovulation are referred to as the ovulation period. The ovulation period mainly refers to the entire process of maturity and excretion of ovulation.

In real life, many women have low back pain during ovulation.Most people think that low back pain is a common physiological response during ovulation, and women should not worry too much.But back pain every month or seriously affect life, you need to go to a regular hospital for examination in time.

Women usually have fewer secretions, sticky and opaque. As the ovulation period approaches, vaginal secretions gradually increase, and it is pale white.The secretions during ovulation are significantly increased, and they are clear water. Women will feel wet vagina. Wipe with hand paper will have egg white strip -like mucus.The increase in women’s vaginal secretions generally lasts for 2-3 days, which is the most likely time for women to conceive.Some women will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding during ovulation, and a few people will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding between two menstruation, less than menstrual flow, that is, "ovulation bleeding", which should be treated.

When ovulation, when the ovaries are discharged from mature eggs, lower abdomen pain or pain similar to menstruation can occur.Because everyone’s physical fitness is different, the quality of the follicles is also different when everyone’s follicles are ruptured.For women with more follicular fluids, after reaching the pelvic cavity, the follicular fluid will accumulate well on the bottom of the pelvis and stimulate the peritoneum to a certain extent.

In addition, some women have symptoms of abdominal pain.However, ovulation pain is a normal physiological phenomenon, which will not have any impact on physical health, nor will it affect fertility.Therefore, if this situation occasionally occurs, the pain is relatively mild, and there are no other discomfort, just pay attention to rest.

In addition, in addition to back pain during ovulation, there are some pathological causes that can cause back pain. Common causes are pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic tumor, upper ring stimulation, uterine isotonicity, nerve compression, etc.Secondly, the vertical ligament is relaxed, and the lumbar muscle trauma can increase the support and fatigue of the lumbar spine, causing low back pain.In addition, excessive fertility, large number of people, excessive sexual life, etc. can also cause back pain for women.

In short, when a woman’s body is in the ovulation period, mild low back pain is a normal physiological phenomenon.However, we need to distinguish back pain caused by physiological or pathological causes.If it is caused by physiological reasons, it can be improved through simple conditioning and care.If it is pathological, go to the hospital for treatment in time to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

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