Is low back pain due to calcium deficiency?Relieve low back pain during pregnancy

After women are pregnant, their bodies will change a lot. Some of them have brought great trouble and pain to pregnant women, such as back pain symptoms during pregnancy.So, what is back pain during pregnancy?How to avoid lumbar pain during pregnancy as much as possible?

Pregnant women often have symptoms of low back pain after the middle of pregnancy. This is mainly due to the growing period of pregnancy. As the fetus gradually grows, the joint ligaments of the pregnant woman’s lumbosacral and pelvic cavity have become loose.Increase, the body’s center of gravity moves forward.In order to maintain a balanced body, the waist of pregnant women will raise up forward. If there is no rest, it will easily cause back pain.In addition, during pregnancy, fetal development requires sufficient nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. If the amount of insufficient intake from the diet will cause the bone softening of the pregnant woman to soften calcium and dehydration, which will cause low back pain.

How should pregnant women try to avoid or relieve back pain during pregnancy?First of all, pregnant women have to maintain a good posture since pregnancy.When sitting, the waist is as straight as possible, and you can put a soft cushion after the waist; when you sleep, you can take the left lying position and place the pillow on the back or clip between the legs.After 5 months of pregnancy, the baby’s weight will put a lot of pressure on the spine of the pregnant woman. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid doing as much as possible to prevent the lumbar spine from being too heavy.If pregnant women need to pick up things from the ground, they should first bend their knees and distribute the weight of the whole body to the knees, and then squat down to pick up the items instead of leaving and bent directly to pick up.Secondly, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, do not cause excessive fatigue, often standing for a long time, long squatting, sedentary, etc., can cause lumbar muscle strain and induce low back pain.Third, pregnant women can do some exercise appropriately, but the intensity should not be too large. You can choose to take a walk for 30 minutes a day. You can also choose a gymnastics suitable for pregnant women. After getting up every morning, you can insist on doing early exercises.These exercises can help pregnant women soothe the pressure of the waist, thereby alleviating the symptoms of low back pain during pregnancy.

In addition, many pregnant women like to let the prospective dad help massage to relieve back pain, which is feasible.Gently massage is helpful to relieve pain, but avoid point massage and try not to use essential oils, because many essential oils may cause abortion of pregnant women.

Finally, remind everyone that if pregnant women have symptoms of low back pain, pay attention to the following three matters:

1. Lumbar pain is not necessarily caused by calcium deficiency. Under pregnancy, low back pain is normal and caused by multiple reasons.Therefore, pregnant women should not rush calcium because of low back pain.

2. It is best not to take medicine on your own back pain during pregnancy. You should take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

3. If pregnant women have slight back pain, they can take a method to relieve themselves. If the situation is severe and accompanied by other symptoms, she should seek medical treatment in time.

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