Is it so expensive to have children?How much does it cost from pregnancy to giving birth?

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Throwing these quantitative expenses, more time and human costs have no way to estimate at all. Wow ~!

Life events, let us think twice ~

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Hello everyone, I am Ajia ~!

I know that many people are very entangled about having children. They don’t want to take the initiative to welcome them, nor dare to refuse.

For life, I am afraid that raising is too difficult, and I am afraid that I ca n’t afford it.

So I think a little bit talked to the problems I encountered in my fertility, hoping to help everyone make a more comprehensive judgment.

Today, I calculate how much money spent for half a year from pregnancy to giving birth to baby.


We first assume that the process of pregnancy is smooth, and there is no medical means to intervene.

So the first expenses facing after pregnancy are pregnancy checks.

There are two options for pregnancy checks.

Option 1: Public hospital

Cost: 6000 yuan (about 1,000 yuan after reimbursement)

The advantage is that the cost is relatively low, and the three hospitals have stronger ability to respond to emergencies and have more incurable diseases.

The disadvantage is: queuing, waiting, running between various floors and running for inspection.

In public hospitals, it is generally confirmed to have a check -up during pregnancy to see if there are dangerous situations such as ectopic pregnancy.

Then wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy, start a regular checkup, and generally check for a total of 12 times.

The cost of the whole process is about 6,000 yuan, but most of them can be reimbursed for medical insurance. In the end, their own costs may be about 1,000 yuan.

Option 2: Private hospital

Expense: About 2.5W (most of them cannot be reimbursed)

The advantage is: comfortable, no need to wait in line, no need to go back and forth in the hospital, no need to plan the production inspection items, it is very comfortable throughout the process.One of my favorite points is that B -ultrasound is also accompanied by family members. It is quite happy to see the baby growing up in the stomach together.

The disadvantage is: expensive.

For private hospitals, taking Beijing as an example, the total expenses of the pregnancy inspection in private hospitals are about 2.5W yuan, which is ten times that of public hospitals.

The first idea of most people after pregnancy is, "Um ~ I have to eat better."

It’s really important to eat well.

Because the baby is actually the resource in the mother’s body, he eats well to avoid being hollowed out by his body during pregnancy.

The cost of diet is mainly two parts.


Fee: The daily meal fee is 150 yuan, about 4 w.

In fact, I feel that it is not expensive to eat takeaway and snacks.

The main is to eat more meat egg milk seafood to ensure the intake of protein, eat more vegetables, and control the amount of fruits.

I calculated at a daily meal fee of 150 yuan.

The full dietary expenses of pregnancy are counted 4W, but even if you are not pregnant, you have to eat and spend money.

Nutritional supplement

Expense: 300-3000 yuan

In addition to dinner, it is inevitable to eat some nutritional supplements during pregnancy.

There are 2 options:

Options 1. The conventional version of ordinary folic acid+calcium, totaling about 300 yuan.

Options 2. Fine version of active folic acid+DHA+calcium. In case of anemia, you also need to eat iron. The total cost is about 3,000 yuan.

Let’s bill it on demand.

Expense: 5000-7000 yuan

There will be a lot of weight growth in the second trimester, and you must buy a few clothes and replace it.

There are also shoes, underwear, etc. in the later stages of pregnancy that are not suitable, and buy them.

If you don’t pay attention, you also need 4 underwear, a few underwear, 2 pairs of shoes, and 8 clothes.

I estimate a approximate amount, about 5,000 yuan.

Fees: 1W

Another part that is easy to be ignored is the increase in traffic costs. It is uncomfortable to squeeze the bus subway after pregnancy. No one wants to eat this suffering.

However, the difference between traffic costs is too much, I will simply calculate an integer 1W. Let’s look at the addition and subtract.

Roughly, at the stage of pregnancy, the basic expenses are about 6W. If you want to be more comfortable, it will cost about 8W.

The biggest expense is more than 40,000 diet, if not this.

In fact, the conventional expenses are more than 2W, and the more comfortable status overhead is more than 4W.

Next is the biggest difficulty: the production part.


Expense: 1.5W

There are many types of items that need to be prepared before giving birth. I have published a detailed list of delivery before, and I won’t talk about it this time.

Friends who watch first point the link below, ha ⬇️

Do you have to prepare so many things?Listing list

I prepared all the products to be produced by myself, which cost about 1.5W.

There is no hard work and no waste, which is a normal amount. You can refer to it.

The cost of hospitalization is still two options.

Option 1. Public hospital

Cost: 6000 yuan to 10,000 yuan

Advantages: The ability to deal with emergencies is stronger. If you really encounter accidents during production, the ability to treat public hospitals far exceeds private hospitals. In addition, public hospitals have more experience in nursing premature babies.

Disadvantages: The family cannot be accompanied by the whole process. It is usually not an independent delivery room. It is not painful in time, and the inpatient environment is not comfortable enough.

The delivery is usually hospitalized for 3 days, and the cost is generally 6000-8000 yuan.

Caesarean section should be hospitalized for 5 days, and the cost is about 1w yuan.

Most of them can be reimbursed by medical insurance.

Some public hospitals can also choose VIP independent delivery rooms, but there are too many differences in cities, so I will not calculate.

Options 2. Private hospitals

Expense: 6W-8W

Advantages: 99% can be painless, and generally you can play with 2 fingers, and the pain index is low.The independent delivery room, the family accompanies the whole process, the degree of freedom is high, and you can eat takeaway variety shows in the middle. Various monitoring is in place.

: Expert, may not be very strong for high -risk mothers and dangerous treatment.

The price is to take Beijing as an example: 3 days of delivery, about 6W; 5 days of cesarean section, cost around 8W.

Fees: 1W

In addition, there is a very important expenses. I feel that if you want to be comfortable and happy during the confinement, don’t expect the elderly at home, and ask the moon to take care of the mother and baby carefully.

The prices of the first-tier cities are about 1.5W and 26 days, and the 2nd and 3th tier cities will be much cheaper, about 7-8,000 yuan 26 days.

If you have conditions, it is recommended to invite the monthly 嫂 for 2 months to spend the cycle of the babies of the baby’s stomach. The baby will bring a lot in the back.

The expected expected expenses are almost 3W. If you want to be comfortable, it costs about 10W.

Everyone said that the child was swallowing the golden beast, but how did this money swallowed by him?

Calculate it for everyone.

Option 1. Breastfeeding

Expense: 5000 yuan

Breastfeeding is actually higher than milk powder in the early stage.

Because the milk is almost unavoidable in the early stage, please come to the door, about 500 yuan each time. In case of inflammation hospitalization, there is still medical expenses, which usually costs 3 to 4,000 yuan.

Then there are breast pumps and milk storage bags.

Options 2. Formula milk feeding

Expense: 9600 yuan

Generally speaking, the baby has to drink 4 cans of 800g of milk powder every month, and it is 1600 per month according to 400 per can.

Half a year 9600 yuan.

Options three, mixed feeding

Expense: 8000 yuan

Mixed feeding expenses are the largest. It is necessary to not only have the early stages of milk massage, but also a variety of things such as breast pumps, and buy milk powder to supplement.

Nutritional supplement fee: 600 yuan

The hard requirement is only AD or simple vitamin D.

If you want, you can also give your baby some DHA. Anyway, it is high -quality fat, and there is no harm after eating.

Expense: 2400 yuan

Babies also consume at least 7 diapers every day. A pack of small diapers is generally more than 50 pieces, and the large one is forty pieces.

I calculate the 100 yuan per week’s diapers, about 2,400 yuan in 6 months.

Expense: 2000 yuan

The baby grows very fast in the first three months. It grows almost 1 kg every month. Generally, it has doubled the weight in 6 months.

Therefore, clothes are consumables. According to the most basic amount of 4 pieces per month, the expenses on the baby’s clothes in the first half of the year are 2,000.

Expense: 7000 yuan

Basically, the baby will be vaccinated every half of the year after birth, which is also a lot of expenses.

I put the self -funded vaccine of 13 -valent pneumonia, AC, five rounds, etc.

After half a year after giving birth, the baby’s personal expenses need about 3.2W.


The accounts are all over. To sum up, from pregnancy to the baby for 6 months, the normal expenses take about 12W.

If you want to be more comfortable, at least 20 W.

How about it?

Are you trembling? Friends?

But this is just a beginning. After 6 months, the baby’s growth has reached a new level, and many large pieces are added, such as fences, new strollers, new puzzle toys, picture books, supplementary food tools, etc.Essence

If you are interested, I can also talk to you for a special period. If you have only one fixed budget, how can it be more comfortable to make it more comfortable during pregnancy and half a year after giving birth.

Alright, this is what today.Bye-Bye!

I wish you all a healthy and peaceful.(● ” ●) ノ ♥

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