Is it safe to use rumors, pregnant women?There is already 19 weeks of pregnancy, my mother has been aborted after the openness is open

Yesterday, I saw a news at the Straits Consumption News. Ms. Chen’s Ms. Chen found that she was not comfortable when she was 19 weeks pregnant. She went to the hospital to go to the hospital. At that time, the doctor suggested that she was hospitalized and she had a hospitalization surgery.The condition of the fetus was better when admitted.

On the first day of the hospital, the doctor took the fetal needle, and the next day used some Chinese medicine. The situation of the fetus in the past two days was still better. At 5 o’clock in the morning on the third day, Ms. Chen felt that her belly felt her belly.It hurts and called the doctor. After the doctor checked, Ms. Chen’s stomach pain was caused by contractions, so she hit a magnesium sulfate.

As soon as he went to the toilet, the fetus was miscarriage.Ms. Chen said that she was aborted with Kaisu’s Kaisu.

The hospital decided to compensate Ms. Chen at 28,000 yuan, but Ms. Chen felt that she did not go to work after pregnancy. The expenditure was far more than the number.The main reason for Ms. Chen’s abortion was overwork, but it was really not good to use Kaisu when Ms. Chen appeared in contractions.

1. We must first understand the principle of Kaiser

There are two preparations in Kaisai dew: one is glycerin preparation, and the other is glycol, magnesium sulfate preparations.Using the high concentration of glycerin or sorbitol, that is, high septic effects, soften stools and lubricate, thereby stimulating the intestinal wall, reflectively caused the response to the adaptive, making the stool easier to discharge.

Cairo can be said to be a commonly used medicine for many constipation. Because of the small side effects, the elderly, pregnant women and children can use it.But it is not recommended to use it frequently.

Our intestine itself has the ability to adjust itself, so it is best to use ourselves to adjust, that is, do not use Kaisali, otherwise it will cause dependence.

2. These pregnant women are not recommended to use

If the mother has the pre -placenta that is prone to bleeding, or the twin, the mother of the twins, the mother with a risk of miscarriage, must pay attention to the use of Kaisalu carefully, because at this time, it may stimulate the intestine.It can lead to increased bleeding and increase the risk of premature or miscarriage.

3. Constipation to adjust the diet and life first

The constipation mothers must first adjust their lifestyle at home, such as eating more vegetables, eating more coarse grains, and often walking moved by walking, regular bowel movements, and using these incurable methods to alleviate constipation.Consult the doctor to see if you can use Kaiseru, and it is not recommended to take the medication by himself.

Most fetal abortion is the process of survival of the fittest in nature, that is, the fetus and chromosomal abnormalities. Of course, if the mother’s body is not suitable for breeding fetus, or endocrine problems, the mental nervousness during pregnancy, etc., will affect the health of the fetus.Causes abortion.

Prevent fetal treasure

Mother abortion must achieve the following five points:

1. Pre -pregnancy examination:

At least we can rule out some basic diseases of the mother, such as hypertension, diabetes, or abnormal reproductive organs, such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, etc.Treatment of children to regenerate children.

2. Prepare psychological preparation:

It is best not to get pregnant unexpectedly, but to be prepared to regenerate the child. In this way, the mother’s psychology will be more calm and avoid the mother swaying left and right when unexpected pregnancy.

Excessive nervousness, anxiety, and fear may lead to abortion of fetus.I saw a news before that a pregnant woman and courier quarrel were aborted, because the mood was too excited.

3. Time -up inspection

Only when the delivery check in time can we understand whether the fetus is healthy, and it can be solved in time in time to find problems in the birth check, such as whether the fetus is hypoxia or other problems.

4. Mom must develop health habits

Excessive smoking, alcoholism, and excessive drinking coffee may cause abortion, so moms have to develop good health habits, and to quit smoke and alcohol, and drink a small amount of coffee, but do not excess.

Eat less junk food in nutrition, eat as little meals as much as possible, and cook at home.

5. Mom should pay attention to protect herself

For less people, because it is easy to wrestle, it is best to put on non -slip flat shoes. At the same time, it must be prevented from being too sad, or it is hit by someone else.

When you are pregnant, your stomach is hit by external forces, or when you encounter your belly when you fall, you may cause miscarriage, or it is too tired.

Many mothers have such experiences. In the late pregnancy, they find that they will feel tight when they walk a few more steps, that is, contractions will occur.Therefore, we have a large amount of exercise and are prone to frequent contractions, causing abortion.If it is the third trimester, it will cause premature birth.

Mother Jing said: Pregnancy is a hard process, and it is also a process that requires mothers to go step by step, so mothers must pay attention to care carefully to the growth of the baby.

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