Is it really difficult to get pregnant for premature ovarian failure?That’s it. I only succeeded in giving birth to my baby in the test tube!

Today, many people say that after pregnancy, I find that it is so difficult to be so difficult. How can I not be pregnant and find that it is their own problem and infertility.

Ms. Li said: Whenever I see the cute baby of someone else’s family, I will have the urge to rush up and hold the madness. Really, watching the cute movements of other people’s family, sweet children’s sound, I look more than once.When I was obsessed, I even fantasized that if the baby would be born with the wishes of people, it would be fine.

After more than 3 years of marriage, I have never been pregnant.Several times my regular holiday is postponed, I am a little ecstatic, am I winning?

But the dream is always crushed by ruthlessly.Many times I even dreamed that I was pregnant, and I woke up to know that reality was so cruel.There is no chance at all.

In fact, my situation is premature ovarian failure. Now I have n’t been pregnant for so long. We are going to do test tubes.

My husband and I are an ordinary working class. We have to prepare the cost of test tubes first.And the work of both sides is very busy, and time is a headache.Due to economic reasons, I did not allow me to resign and let my husband go to work alone.Children have become the pain in our hearts.

When someone asks why we do n’t want children, I always say that I work busy and wait for a while.In mid -February 2007, my husband and I finally drummed the courage to do test tubes.

I started my first test tube. The doctor gave me a plan. I was a long plan and started to promote the arrangement. However, the first test tube failed, and there was no transplant embryo.Essence

I am a full optimist.Although there are a lot of miss for the baby, as long as I go to work, my busy work always makes me sorrow in missing.My husband’s work is even busy. I think that the bad -speaking husband usually does not love to speak. In fact, he must also press his strong thoughts in his heart.

After about half a year of conditioning, I started the second test tube again. The final scheme was the same as the long solution. I don’t know if it was because of my conditioning.In this case, I am very happy.

I hope that my luck can always be lucky this time, and finally waited for the transplantation news, and after the arrangement of time transplantation was arranged, I went home.

After all, I was very careful when I went home. I asked my husband to buy a pregnancy test stick early. My husband also laughed at me, so anxious.

It was time for 14 days to test pregnancy. Two bars are really pregnant.A male baby was born later.

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