Is it normal to secrete milk during pregnancy?

We generally think that the mother will secrete milk after the baby is delivered, but some pregnant mothers may find that they have milk secreted during pregnancy. Is this phenomenon normal?

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon.

Because the hormones in women after pregnancy will change some changes, the changes of these hormones will promote the development of the breast. During the third trimester, under the action of hormones, the gland and blisters of the breast will gradually become larger. In additionThe brain is constantly secreting prolactin, which in turn stimulates the breasts and secrete milk.If pregnant mothers have a large amount of prolactin, or if the body is more sensitive to hormones, a small amount of lactation will occur during pregnancy.

However, this does not mean that the milk must be sufficient after delivery. The pregnant mother wants the baby’s granary to be "rich". It still needs to be allowed to suck the baby in time after delivery. The nutrition is balanced. Drink more soup to promote the secretion of milk.

What should I do with milk during pregnancy?

Because the overflowing milk contains rich protein and sugar substances, if it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to breed bacteria when the temperature is high, causing skin or breast infections.

When the amount of milk overflow is less: there is no special treatment, just wash the nipples with warm water every day to keep the nipple dry.It is recommended to wear more loose underwear. Do not pinch your nipples and knead your breasts to prevent contractions.

When the amount of milk overflow is more or long, the pregnant mother may consciously reduce the intake of some liquid foods, such as soup, water, porridge, etc. This can effectively reduce the degree of milk overflow to a certain extent.

In terms of daily care, in addition to cleaning and nursing breasts every day, it is recommended to change the bras every day. It is best to choose a lactating bras without steel rings.If you feel that the overflowing milk will wet clothes, you can use anti -milk pads and replace it in time.

Pay attention to these abnormal situations

Severe milk

If you have severe milk during pregnancy and continue to increase the amount of lactation in the gestational week, you need to go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time to be alert to hyperloflin ledis.

Abnormal secretion character

Milk milk during pregnancy is mostly colorless transparent or pale yellow thin liquid. When the secretions of the breast presenting abnormal colors or state, such as blood -based secretions, purulent secretions or other forms, you need to seek medical treatment in time to improve the relevant examination.

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