Is it normal for pregnant mothers to urinate frequently and urgency?Pregnant mothers in 2 cases, hurry to the hospital

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have pregnant vomiting, constipation, frequent urination, etc., especially frequent urination and urgency. They need to go to the toilet a dozen times a day.Symptoms.It is not difficult to imagine that from pregnancy to the baby’s successful birth, how easy is it so easy for the mother ~

So why are frequent urination and urgency during pregnancy?Is it normal?Don’t worry, I will take everyone to see it ~

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have frequent urination due to the enlarged uterus.

However, if you not only urinate frequently, there is always no urination, but there is also any of the following, it is likely that urinary tract infection is found to come to your door.

① Ureneal burning, dysuria, redness, and even hematuria

② fever, headache, low back pain, lower abdomen pain

How to distinguish it as soon as possible?The secret is in each checkup.

This scene is often seen in the hospital: pregnant women are holding a urinary cup, waiting in line in the toilet waiting to pick up urine.They are full of doubts: Why do you have to urinate every time?

The doctor explained that pregnant mothers are prone to urinary tract infection.

One is because women’s urethra is close to the vagina and anus. The secretions and excrement can easily pollute the urethra and cause infection.

The second is that during pregnancy, an increased uterus compresses the ureter and bladder, slows the urine flow rate, and bacteria are easy to take advantage of invasion and reproduction.

Urinary tract infection may initially show frequent urination and urgency, and the urine can be found in routine.

If you do not pay attention to the examination and do not treat it in time, the bacteria may hurt the ureter and the kidneys along the urethra, and it also increases the risk of premature fetal, deformity, and even death.Therefore, this is why the urine test is tested every time the checkup.

The urinary tract infection after taking medicine has improved, but after a while, frequent urination occurs, and the leucorrhea is still tofu -like.Vaginitis affects the urethra and cause repeated urinary tract infections.

In addition to gynecological diseases, kidney stones or ureteral stones, and gestational diabetes may cause repeated urinary tract infections.Through routine urine examination, you can find clues.

For example, glucose and ketone bodies can be detected and can be detected and preventing gestational diabetes early.

Another example is to find out the possibility of urinary blood positive.At this time, the B -ultrasound can be clearly diagnosed.

Therefore, the doctor reminded that the urine test of pregnant mothers cannot be missed.The urine test is simple and cheap, twenty yuan at a time.If there is a maternity insurance, this cost can be reimbursed.Small inspections, great benefits.

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