Is it normal for menstruation to be delayed?Is it possible to get pregnant in a few days?

Auntie is the number one natural enemy for girls.

Many girls during menstruation

Often troubled by some problems,

Such as dysmenorrhea, delayed menstruation, advanced menstruation, etc.

These problems are like "timing bombs",

Let women feel tormented.

Do I get pregnant?

Many women have encountered problems with delayed menstruation. From a medical perspective, the reasons for delayed menstruation include multiple aspects. If you have sexual life, you must first consider whether it is pregnancy.Generally speaking, the normal menstrual cycle is 28-35 days, and it is still a normal range for about 7 days. If the menstruation is not available for more than 14 days, women can use test strips to test whether they are pregnant.If the detection is not pregnant, the women will pay attention at this time.

The cause of menstruation delayed women and girls are very different

Reasons for the delay of adult women’s menstruation

The most common cause of menstrual delays is the ovulation -free menstrual disorders caused by the hypothalamus -pituitary -ovarian axis regulation function.It is characterized by scarcity of menstruation. After short -term discontinuation, irregular menstruation and extension of menstrual periods are extended. Symptoms will gradually alleviate with the maturity of the age of the ages, but severe symptoms still need to be treated.

The delay of the menstrual period of the surrounding period may be due to the decline of the ovarian and the disorders of hormone secretion, which causes the menstrual cycle disorders, mostly normal phenomena.If it is manifested as short -term menstrual latency, the endometrium is over -hyperplasia, and the menstruation is too much.

The reason for the delay of girlish menstruation

There are several reasons for the delayed menstruation of girls: the following are the following:

1. Polycystic ovary syndrome.Multi -menstrual periods are long overdue, with amenorrhea in severe cases, often accompanied by symptoms such as obesity, infertility, and gross. You should go to the hospital to check the B -ultrasound and hormone measurement. After the diagnosis is clear, it is necessary to adjust or surgical treatment with drugs.

2. Factors such as malnutrition, excessive labor, mental tension, and mood depression can cause endocrine disorders to affect menstruation. Through rest, strengthen nutrition, psychological guidance, self -relaxation and other diagnosis and treatment, menstruation gradually returns to normal.

3. Drug impact: Some central inhibitors and hormone drugs commonly used clinically may also make menstruation delayed. Pay attention to properly discontinued drugs.

4. Long -term acceptance of harmful rays and chemotherapy drugs may also cause premature ovarian failure and delay menstruation.

How to avoid advance/delay menstruation

Experts say: Some women’s menstruation is early/delayed due to endocrine disorders.At this time, patients remember not to blindly take medicine. Some medicines only take care of the effect, and do not say the impact on all aspects of the body. It is also a disturbing process for endocrine that has not been found.of.Patients with early menstruation/postponement should pay attention to the following four points in daily life:

1 Keep a pleasant spirit

Contraceptives fluctuate, and some have lower abdomen swelling, backache, breast pain, mild diarrhea, prone to fatigue, drowsiness, emotional instability, irritability or depression during menstruation during menstrual periods., Breast pain, mild diarrhea, prone to fatigue, drowsiness, emotional instability, irritability or vulnerability.Especially when there is a week before the menstruation is about to come, pay attention to the adjustment of emotion. Before the menstruation, there is a good mood. You can come to the aunt more smoothly and spend the menstrual period.

2 It is not advisable to eat spicy food

Women who cause irregular menstruation due to blood fever, usually pay special attention to eating less spicy foods, such as pepper, curry, ginger, garlic, etc. to avoid aggravating blood and heat.There will be less, you can eat more lotus root, black fungus, etc., and so on. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to improve menstruation early.

3 Guaranteed rest

People who have lost their diet or overworked the most easily damage their temper. After the spleen deficiency, they cannot manage blood exercise normally. They can easily cause menstruation early, three meals, eat less cold, greasy, etc.Combine.Those with qi and blood deficiency must usually increase nutrition, such as milk, eggs, soy milk, pork liver, spinach, pork, and so on.

4 Specific treatment

If only one-2 times of menstrual delay and no other symptoms, it is not in the category of menstrual disease.Those who have a length of more than 35 days during the menstrual week call menstruation scarce and menstrual periods of more than 3 menstrual periods are called amenorrhea.Do not ovulate after amenorrhea, which can also cause problems such as osteoporosis and endometrial hyperplasia, which must be paid attention to.have a thorough checkup in hospital immediately.

Examination on holidays teach you a dietary therapy

250 grams of fresh lamb, 100 grams of rice, onion, ginger, and salt each in moderation.Wash and sliced lamb, slices, and cook with rice, green onions, ginger, and salt, and boil porridge in conventional methods until the mutton is rotten.

Efficacy: nourish qi, nourish blood, relieve pain.Suitable for women with delayed menstruation.

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